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BERTRAND Guillaume

Associate Professor
Université de Franche-Comté

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Article Barbosa Luís Romero, Coelho Victor Hugo R., Gusmão Ana Claudia V. EL., Fernandes Lucila, Da Silva Bernardo, De O. Galvão Carlos, Caicedo Nelson O.L., Da Paz Adriano, Xuan Yunqing, BERTRAND Guillaume, De C. D. Melo Davi, Montenegro Suzana M.G.L., Oswald Sascha, Das N. Almeida Cristiano - 2022 - A satellite-based approach to estimating spatially distributed groundwater recharge rates in a tropical wet sedimentary region despite cloudy conditions. - Journal of Hydrology

Communication LHOSMOT Alexandre, Louis Collin, Geneviève Magnon, STEINMANN Marc, BERTRAND Catherine, STEFANI Vanessa, TOUSSAINT Marie-Laure, BERTRAND Guillaume - 2021 - Ecological role of karstic groundwater in peatlands in the context of climate change. The case study of the Frasne peatland (Jura Mountains, France). - Réunion des Sciences de la Terre (Lyon, FR)

Communication Gogo Sébastien, GILBERT Daniel, Magnon Geneviève, André Laurent, BERTRAND Guillaume, Jacotot Adrien, Laggoun-Défarge Fatima - 2021 - Restoration peatland and eLTER, case of France. - 12th European Conference on Ecological Restoration (SERE) (Online, FR)

Article BERTRAND GuillaumeCorresp., Paiva Anderson, Freitas Jonathas, Cabral Jaime, Veras Albuquerque Tatiane, Carvalho Filho J. - 2021 - River bank filtration in tropical metropoles: integrated evaluation of physical, geochemical and biochemical interactions in Recife, NE Brazil. - International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology

Article Gogo Sébastien, Paroissien Jean‐Baptiste, Laggoun-Défarge Fatima, Antoine Jean‐Marc, Bernard‐Jannin Léonard, BERTRAND Guillaume, BINET Philippe, Binet Stéphane, Bouger Guillaume, Brossard Yohann, Camboulive Thierry, Caudal Jean‐pierre, Chevrier Stéphane, D’Angelo Benoît, Durantez Pilar, Flechard Chris, Francez André‐Jean, Galop Didier, Gandois Laure, GILBERT Daniel, Guimbaud Christophe, Hinault Louis, Jacotot Adrien, Le Moing Franck, Lerigoleur Emilie, Le Roux Gaël, Leroy Fabien, LHOSMOT Alexandre, Li Qian, Machado Da Silva Elodie - 2021 - The information system of the French Peatland Observation Service: Service National d’Observation Tourbières – a valuable tool to assess the impact of global changes on the hydrology and biogeochemistry of temperate peatlands through long term monitoring. - Hydrological Processes

Article LHOSMOT AlexandreCorresp., Collin Louis, Magnon Geneviève, STEINMANN Marc, BERTRAND Catherine, STEFANI Vanessa, TOUSSAINT Marie-Laure, BERTRAND Guillaume - 2021 - Restoration and meteorological variability highlight nestedwater supplies in middle altitude/latitude peatlands: Towards ahydrological conceptual model of the Frasne peatland, JuraMountains, France. - Ecohydrology

Communication LHOSMOT Alexandre, Collin Louis, Magnon Geneviève, STEINMANN Marc, BERTRAND Catherine, STEFANI Vanessa, BINET Philippe, TOUSSAINT Marie-Laure, BOETSCH Anne, BERTRAND Guillaume - 2021 - Characterization of nested water supplies in a mid latitude/altitude peatland using long-term monitoring data before and after restoration. The case study of the Frasne peatland (Jura Mountains, France). - EGU21 (virtual, AT)

Communication LHOSMOT Alexandre, STEINMANN Marc, Moquet Jean-Sébastien, Gandois Laure, BINET Philippe, STEFANI Vanessa, Boetch Anne, TOUSSAINT Marie-Laure, BERTRAND Guillaume - 2021 - Peatlands as patchworks of water-rock and water-peat interactions: The case study of the Frasne peatland, Jura Mountains, France. - Goldschmidt2021 (Virtual, FR)

Communication LHOSMOT Alexandre, BERTRAND Guillaume, STEINMANN Marc, TOUSSAINT Marie-Laure, BERTRAND Catherine, Collin L., Ponçot A., Magnon G., Jeanton H., WALTER-SIMONNET Anne-Véronique, BICHET Vincent, DENIMAL Sophie, GILBERT Daniel, BINET Philippe, STEFANI Vanessa, LOUP Christophe, CRINI Nadia, Bertus V., Paran Frédéric, Graillot Didier, Lavastre V., Pinel S., Caldirak Huseyin, Gogo Sébastien, Laggoun-Défarge Fatima, Jacotot Adrien, Moquet Jean-Sébastien, Binet Stéphane, Gandois L., Winiarski T. - 2019 - CRITICAL PEAT project : The importance of hydrology for Carbon Reactivity along with atmosphere - peatland interactions. Preliminary results from the Frasne peatland monitoring (Jura Mountains, France). - AGU Fall Meeting 2019 (San Francisco, US)

Communication Ros L., Villesseche D., Baillieux A., Celle-Jeanton H., Bertrand G., Seraphin P., DUSSOUILLEZ Philippe, Lombardini K., Alcazar C., STEINMANN Marc - 2016 - Groundwater-surface water interaction and related groundwater dependant ecosystems: case study of the Natura 2000 wetlands of the Crau plain (SE France). - 43rd IAH Congress (Montpellier, FR)

Communication Odeloui D., CELLE Hélène, Huneau F., Boukari M., Alassane A., Garel E., Lavastre V., Bertrand G. - 2016 - Groundwater contamination in relation with the increasing urbanization rate in Africa. Case of Cotonou and Porto Novo (Benin). - EGU General Assembly (Vienna, AT)

Communication CELLE Hélène, Devidal Jean-Luc, Bertrand Guillaume, Lavastre Veronique, Huneau Frederic, Garel Emilie, Clauzel M L - 2015 - AUVER-WATCH (Auvergne-Water-Chemistry), an experimental site for researcher and water managers. First years results of the chemical, isotopic and contaminant long term monitoring. - 42nd IAH International Congress "Hydrogeology: back to the Future!", 13-18 September 2015, Rome, Italy (Rome, IT)

Article Bertrand G., CELLE Hélène, Huneau F., Bailleux A., Mauri G., Lavastre V., Undereiner G., Girolami L., Moquet J.S. - 2015 - Contaminant transfer and hydrodispersive parameters in basaltic lava flows : artificial tracer test and implications for long-term management. - Central European Journal of Geosciences