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Location: La Bouloie Office number: 114L

Professeur des Universités, rattaché à l'UMR 6249 Chronoenvironnement. Stage post-doctoral, 2001 – 2002. The Queen's University Belfast 2001 - Doctorat de l’Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1

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Article MEYER NicolasCorresp., BOLLACHE Loïc, Galipaud Matthias, Moreau Jérôme, Dechaume-Moncharmont François-Xavier, AFONSO Eve, Angerbjörn Anders, Bêty Joël, Brown Glen, Ehrich Dorothée, Gilg Vladimir, Giroux Marie-Andrée, Hansen Jannik, Lanctot Richard, Lang Johannes, Latty Christopher, Lecomte Nicolas, McKinnon Laura, Kennedy Lisa, Reneerkens Jeroen, Saalfeld Sarah, Schmidt Niels M., Sittler Benoît, Smith Paul, Sokolov Aleksander, Sokolov Vasiliy, Sokolova Natalia, Van Bemmelen Rob, Varpe Øystein, GILG Olivier - 2021 - Behavioural responses of breeding arctic sandpipers to ground-surface temperature and primary productivity. - Science of the Total Environment

Book BOLLACHE Loïc - 2020 - Comment pensent les animaux. Humensciences Editions . 228 pages.

Book Galipaud Matthias, BOLLACHE Loïc, Lagrue Clément - 2020 - Cryptic diversity and sexual selection PP 447-471. - Reproductive Biology. edited by R D Cothran & M Thiel. Oxford University Press

Article REVEILLION Florian-Alain, Wattier Rémi, Montuire Sophie, Sousa Carvalho Leonardo, BOLLACHE LoïcCorresp. - 2020 - Cryptic diversity within three South American whip spider species (Arachnida, Amblypygi). - Zoological Research

Article Perrot-Minnot Marie-Jeanne, BOLLACHE Loïc, Lagrue Clément - 2020 - Distribution of Pomphorhynchus laevis s.l. (Acanthocephala) among fish species at a local scale: importance of fish biomass density. - Journal of Helminthology

Article BOLLACHE Loïc - 2020 - Interspecific interactions between Acanthocephalan species in the intestine of stone loach and minnow. - Journal of Helminthology

Article Gilg Olivier, BOLLACHE Loïc, AFONSO Eve, Yannic Glenn, Schmidt Niels Martin, Hansen Lars Holst, Hansen Jannik, Sittler Benoît, Lang Johannes, MEYER Nicolas, Sabard Brigitte, Gilg Vladimir, Lang Anita, Lebbar Mathilde, Haukisalmi Voitto, Henttonen Heikki, Moreau Jérôme - 2019 - Are gastrointestinal parasites associated with the cyclic population dynamics of their arctic lemming hosts?. - International Journal for Parasitology Parasites and Wildlife

Article Galipaud Matthias, BOLLACHE Loïc, Lagrue Clément - 2019 - Acanthocephalan infection patterns in amphipods: a reappraisal in the light of recently discovered host cryptic diversity. - Diseases of Aquatic Organisms

Communication Lagrue Clément, Galipaud Matthias, BOLLACHE Loïc - 2019 - Cryptic diversity, mate discrimination and cannibalism among amphipod lineages: if you can’t mate with them, eat them!. - International Colloqium of Amphipoda (Dijon, FR)

Article Bulla Martin, Reneerkens Jeroen, Weiser Emily, Sokolov Aleksandr, Taylor Audrey, Sittler Benoît, McCaffery Brian, Catlin Daniel, Payer David, Ward David, Solovyeva Diana, Santos Eduardo, Rakhimberdiev Eldar, Nol Erica, Kwon Eunbi, Brown Glen, Hevia Glenda, Gates H. River, Johnson James, Van Gils Jan, Hansen Jannik, Lamarre Jean-Francois, Rausch Jennie, CONKLIN JESSE, Liebezeit Joe, Bêty Joël, Lang Johannes, BOLLACHE Loïc, MEYER Nicolas, GILG Olivier - 2019 - Comment on “Global pattern of nest predation is disrupted by climate change in shorebirds”. - Science

Communication Meyers Nicolas, Gilg Olivier, AFONSO Eve, Moreaux Jerome, BOLLACHE Loïc - 2019 - Parental Investment in Nest Attentiveness Reduces Nest Predation in Arctic Sandpipers. - 14th Ecology And Behaviour Conference (Toulouse, FR)

Article Van Bemmelen Rob, Kolbeinsson Yann, Ramos Raül, Gilg Olivier, Alves José, Smith Malcolm, Schekkerman Hans, Lehikoinen Aleksi, Petersen Ib Krag, Þórisson Böðvar, Sokolov Aleksandr, Välimäki Kaisa, Van Der Meer Tim, Okill J. David, Bolton Mark, Moe Borge, Hanssen Sveinn Are, BOLLACHE Loïc, Petersen Aevar, Thorstensen Sverrir, González-Solís Jacob, Klaassen Raymond, Tulp Ingrid - 2019 - A Migratory Divide Among Red-Necked Phalaropes in the Western Palearctic Reveals Contrasting Migration and Wintering Movement Strategies. - Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution

Article Perrot-Minnot Marie-Jeanne, Guyonnet Emilie, BOLLACHE Loïc, Lagrue Clément - 2019 - Differential patterns of definitive host use by two fish acanthocephalans occurring in sympatry: Pomphorhynchus laevis and Pomphorhynchus tereticollis. - International Journal for Parasitology Parasites and Wildlife

Article Couchoux Christelle, Dechaume-Moncharmont François-Xavier, Rigaud Thierry, BOLLACHE LoïcCorresp. - 2018 - Male Gammarus roeseli provide smaller ejaculates to females infected with vertically transmitted microsporidian parasites. - Animal Behaviour

Article Moreau Jérôme, Perroud Lucie, BOLLACHE Loïc, Yannic Glenn, Teixeira Maria, Schmidt Niels Martin, Reneerkens Jeroen, Gilg Olivier - 2018 - Discriminating uniparental and biparental breeding strategies by monitoring nest temperature. - Ibis

Article Galipaud Matthias, BOLLACHE Loïc, Lagrue Clément - 2017 - Variations in infection levels and parasite-induced mortality among sympatric cryptic lineages of native amphipods and a congeneric invasive species: Are native hosts always losing?. - International Journal for Parasitology Parasites and Wildlife

Communication Gilg Oliver, Sittler Benoit, Sabard Brigitte, BOLLACHE Loïc, Berteaux Dominique - 2017 - Space use of Arctic fox in Greenland. - 5th International Conference in Arctic Fox Biology (Rimouski, CA)

Article Van Bemmelen Rob, Moe Børge, Hanssen Sveinn Are, Schmidt Niels Martin, Hansen Jannik, Lang Johannes, Sittler Benoit, BOLLACHE Loïc, Tulp Ingrid, Klaassen Raymond H. G., Gilg Olivier - 2017 - Flexibility in otherwise consistent non-breeding movements of a long-distance migratory seabird, the long-tailed skua. - Marine Ecology Progress Series

Article Iltis Corentin, Dechaume-Moncharmont François-Xavier, Galipaud Matthias, Moreau Jérôme, BOLLACHE Loïc, Louâpre Philippe - 2017 - The curse of being single: both male and female Gammarus pulex benefit energetically from precopulatory mate guarding. - Animal Behaviour

Article BOLLACHE Loïc - 2016 - Effects of the cestode parasite, Cyathocephalus truncatus, on the fecundity and feeding rate of Gammarus pulex (Crustacea: Amphipoda). - Parasitology Research

Article Galipaud Matthias, Gauthey Zoé, Turlin Jérémie, BOLLACHE Loïc, Lagrue Clément - 2015 - Mate choice and male-male competition among morphologically cryptic but genetically divergent amphipod lineages. - Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology

Article Lagrue Clément, Kaldonski Nicolas, Motreuil Sébastien, Lefèvre Thierry, Blatter Olivier, Giraud Philippe, BOLLACHE Loïc - 2011 - Interspecific differences in drift behaviour between the native Gammarus pulex and the exotic Gammarus roeseli and possible implications for the invader’s success. - Biological Invasions

Article BOLLACHE Loïc, Devin Simon, Beisel Jean-Nicolas, Wattier R., Chovet M., Moreteau J.-C., Rigaud T. - 2004 - Rapid range extension of the Ponto-Caspian amphipod <I>Dikerogammarus villosus</I> in France: potential consequences. - Archiv fur Hydrobiologie

Article BOLLACHE Loïc, Rigaud T., Cézilly F. - 2002 - Effects of two acanthocephalan parasites on the fecundity and pairing status of female Gammarus pulex (Crustacea: Amphipoda). - Journal of Invertebrate Pathology

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MEYER Nicolas

GILG Olivier

REVEILLION Florian-Alain