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Article Bailly Benoit, Péré Helene, Veyer David, Berceanu Ana, Daguindau Etienne, Roux Pauline, Hermine Olivier, De Lamballerie Xavier, Bastard Paul, Lacombe Karine, Autran Brigitte, Angelot Delettre Fanny, Casanova Jean Laurent, Imbeaud Sandrine, Clairet Anne Laure, Kroemer Marie, Spehner Laurie, Robillard Nicolas, Puech Julien, Marty-Quinternet Solène, Lepiller Quentin, CHIROUZE Catherine, BOUILLER Kévin - 2021 - Persistent COVID-19 in an immunocompromised host treated by SARS-CoV-2-specific monoclonal antibodies. - Clinical Infectious Diseases

Article Bey E., BOUILLER Kévin, Pimpie R., Le Goux C., Tourret-Arnaud J., Lina G., Figueiredo S., Chauvin A., Gavazzi G., Malavaud S., Sotto A., Vallée M., Bruyère F. - 2021 - Recommendations of the AFU Infectious Diseases Committee on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of infections of endo-ureteral equipment. - Progrès en Urologie

Article Tissot Noémie, Brunel Anne-Sophie, Bozon Fabienne, Rosolen Béatrice, CHIROUZE Catherine, BOUILLER Kévin - 2021 - Patients with history of covid-19 had more side effects after the first dose of covid-19 vaccine. - Vaccine

Article Zayet Souheil, Zahra Hajer, Royer Pierre-Yves, Tipirdamaz Can, Mercier Julien, Gendrin Vincent, Lepiller Quentin, Marty-Quinternet Solène, Osman Molka, Belfeki Nabil, Toko Lynda, Garnier Pauline, Pierron Alix, Plantin Julie, Messin Louise, Villemain Marc, BOUILLER Kévin, Klopfenstein Timothée - 2021 - Post-COVID-19 Syndrome: Nine Months after SARS-CoV-2 Infection in a Cohort of 354 Patients: Data from the First Wave of COVID-19 in Nord Franche-Comté Hospital, France. - Microorganisms

Article Nguala Steve, Baux Elisabeth, Patrat-Delon Solène, Saunier Florian, Schemoul Julien, Tattevin Pierre, Cazorla Céline, Eldin Carole, BOUILLER Kévin, Raffetin Alice - 2021 - Methodological Quality Assessment with the AGREE II Scale and a Comparison of European and American Guidelines for the Treatment of Lyme Borreliosis: A Systematic Review. - Pathogens

Article Putot Alain, BOUILLER Kévin, Laborde Caroline, Gilis Marine, Fèvre Amélie, Hacquin Arthur, Manckoundia Patrick, Hoefler Florence, Bermejo Messaline, Mendes Aline, Serratrice Christine, Prendki Virginie, Sanchez Stéphane - 2021 - Association Between Early Antibiotic Therapy and In-Hospital Mortality Among Older Patients With SARS-CoV-2 Pneumonia. - Journals of Gerontology, Series A

Article Abdukahil Sheryl, Hssain Ali, Tamlihat Younes, Alidjnou Kazali, De Brito Carlos, Assie Jean, Rincon Diego, Humaid Felwa, Bosse Hans, Calvache Jose, Carrier François, Cavalli Giulio, Cheng Matthew, Cho Hwa, Cho Sung, Cidade Jose, Herreros Jose, Citarella Barbara, Colombo Sebastiano, Corpuz Arianne, D’orleans Charles, De Oliveira França Rafael, Dewayanti Santi, Abel Laurent, Acker Andrew, Hssain Ali Ait, BOUILLER Kévin, CHIROUZE Catherine, Rossignol Bénédicte, Rossignol Patrick - 2021 - COVID-19 symptoms at hospital admission vary with age and sex: results from the ISARIC prospective multinational observational study. - Journal of Infection

Article Cuzin Lise, Allavena Clotilde, Cotte Laurent, Delpierre Cyrille, Huleux Thomas, Palich Romain, Delobel Pierre, Raffi François, Cabié André, Drobacheff-Thiébaut C, Foltzer A, BOUILLER Kévin, Hustache- Mathieu L, CHIROUZE Catherine, Lepiller Q, Bozon F, Babre O, Brunel L, Muret (Besançon) P, Laurichesse H, LESENS O, Vidal M, Mrozek N, Aumeran C, Baud O, Corbin V, Letertre-Gibert P, Casanova S, Prouteau J, Jacomet (Clermont Ferrand) C - 2021 - No barrier to care, yet disparities in the HIV care continuum in France: a nationwide population study. - Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy

Article Avouac Jérôme, Drumez Elodie, Hachulla Eric, Seror Raphaèle, Georgin-Lavialle Sophie, El Mahou Soumaya, Pertuiset Edouard, Pham Thao, Marotte Hubert, Servettaz Amélie, Domont Fanny, Chazerain Pascal, Devaux Mathilde, Claudepierre Pascal, Langlois Vincent, Mekinian Arsène, Maria Alexandre Thibault Jacques, Banneville Béatrice, Fautrel Bruno, Pouchot Jacques, Thomas Thierry, Flipo René-Marc, Richez Christophe, Aeschlimann Florence, Agard Christian, Ait-Abdallah Nassim, Albert Jean-David, Alcais Didier, Allain Jean-Sébastien, BOUILLER Kévin - 2021 - COVID-19 outcomes in patients with inflammatory rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases treated with rituximab: a cohort study. - The Lancet Rheumatology

Article Hecquet Sophie, Verhoeven Frank, Aubry Sébastien, Prati Clément, Wendling Daniel, CHIROUZE Catherine, BOUILLER Kévin - 2021 - Interest of Follow-Up Radiological Imaging in Patients with Pyogenic Vertebral Osteomyelitis. - Journal of Clinical Medicine Research

Article Mansi Laura, Spehner Laurie, Daguindau Etienne, BOUILLER Kévin, Almotlak Hamadi, Stein Ulrich, Bouard Adeline, Kim Stefano, Klajer Elodie, Jary Marine, Meynard Guillaume, Vienot Angélique, Nardin Charlée, Bazan Fernando, Lepiller Quentin, Westeel Virginie, Adotévi Olivier, Borg Christophe, Kroemer Marie - 2021 - Study of the SARS-CoV-2-specific immune T-cell responses in COVID-19-positive cancer patients. - European Journal of Cancer

Article Bailly Benoit, Guilpain Luc, BOUILLER Kévin, CHIROUZE Catherine, N'Debi Melissa, Soulier Alexandre, Demontant Vanessa, Pawlotsky Jean-Michel, Rodriguez Christophe, Fourati Slim - 2021 - BNT162b2 Messenger RNA Vaccination Did Not Prevent an Outbreak of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 Variant 501Y.V2 in an Elderly Nursing Home but Reduced Transmission and Disease Severity. - Clinical Infectious Diseases

Article Vallée Maxime, Bey Elsa, BOUILLER Kévin, Le Goux Constance, Pimpie Romain, Tourret-Arnaud Jérome, Lina Gérard, Figueiredo Samy, Chauvin Anthony, Gavazzi Gaetan, Malavaud Sandra, Sotto Albert, Bruyère Franck - 2021 - Epidemiology and risk factors for ureteral stent-associated urinary tract infections in non-transplanted renal patients: a systematic review of the literature. - World Journal of Urology

Article Ader Florence, Peiffer-Smadja Nathan, Poissy Julien, Belhadi Drifa, Diallo Alpha, Delmas Christelle, Saillard Juliette, Dechanet Aline, Mercier Noémie, Dupont Axelle, Alfaiate Toni, Lescure François-Xavier, Raffi François, Goehringer François, Kimmoun Antoine, Reignier Jean, Nseir Saad, Danion François, Clere-Jehl Raphael, BOUILLER Kévin, Navellou Jean-Christophe, Tolsma Violaine, Cabié André, Dubost Clément, Courjon Johan, Leroy Sylvie, Mootien Joy, Gaci Rostane, Mourvillier Bruno, Faure Emmanuel - 2021 - An open-label randomized controlled trial of the effect of lopinavir/ritonavir, lopinavir/ritonavir plus IFN-β-1a and hydroxychloroquine in hospitalized patients with COVID-19. - Clinical Microbiology and Infection

Article Gilis Marine, Chagrot Ninon, Koeberle Severine, Tannou Thomas, Brunel Anne-Sophie, CHIROUZE Catherine, BOUILLER Kévin - 2021 - Older adults with SARS‐CoV‐2 infection: Utility of the clinical frailty scale to predict mortality. - Journal of Medical Virology

Article BOUILLER Kévin, Catho Gaud, Le Maréchal Marion, Gras Julien, Hentzien Maxime, Peiffer-Smadja Nathan, Bessis Simon, Cabon Mathieu, Dubee Vincent, Lemaignen Adrien, Thy Michael, Martins Capucine, Thill Pauline, Osei Lindsay - 2021 - The role of infectious disease trainees during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic: A national survey. - Infectious Diseases Now

Article Néant Nadège, Lingas Guillaume, Le Hingrat Quentin, Engelmann Ilka, Lepiller Quentin, Gaymard Alexandre, Ferré Virginie, Hartard Cédric, Plantier Jean-Christophe, Thibault V., Marlet Julien, Montes Brigitte, BOUILLER Kévin, Timsit Jean-François, Faure Emmanuel, Poissy Julien, Chidiac Christian, Raffi François, Kimmoun Antoine, Etienne Manuel, Richard Jean-Christophe, Tattevin Pierre, Garot Denis, Le Moing Vincent, Duval Xavier, Yazdanpanah Yazdan, Mentré France, Laouénan Cédric, Visseaux Benoit, Guedj Jérémie - 2021 - Modeling SARS-CoV-2 viral kinetics and association with mortality in hospitalized patients from the French COVID cohort. - Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

Article Marty-Quinternet S., Puget L., Debernardi A., Aubry R., Magy-Bertrand N., Pretet J.L., CHIROUZE Catherine, BOUILLER Kévin, LEPILLER Q. - 2021 - Electrostatic wipes as simple and reliable methods for influenza virus airborne detection. - Journal of Hospital Infection

Article Gomez-Cadena Alejandra, Spehner Laurie, Kroemer Marie, Khelil Myriam Ben, BOUILLER Kévin, Verdeil Gregory, Trabanelli Sara, Borg Christophe, Loyon Romain, Jandus Camilla - 2020 - Severe COVID-19 patients exhibit an ILC2 NKG2D+ population in their impaired ILC compartment. - Cellular and molecular immunology

Article BOUILLER Kévin, HOCQUET Didier, SAUGET Marlene, BERTRAND Xavier, CHIROUZE Catherine - 2020 - Epidemiology and risk factors of Staphylococcus aureus CC398 bone and joint infections. - BMC Infectious Diseases

Article BOUILLER Kévin, Humbert Sébastien, Payet-Revest Camille, Brunel Anne-Sophie, Mareshal Adrien, Lepiller Quentin, Grillet Franck, CHIROUZE Catherine - 2020 - Utility of CT scan in patients with initial negative PCR for SARS-CoV2: a report of three cases. - Journal of Infection

Article Ursenbach Axel, Max Vincent, Maurel Marine, Drobacheff-Thiébaut C, Foltzer A, BOUILLER Kévin, Hustache-Mathieu L, CHIROUZE Catherine, Lepiller Q, Bozon F, Babre O, Brunel A, Muret P, Laurichesse H, Lesens O, Vidal M, Mrozek N, Aumeran C, Baud O, Corbin V, Letertre-Gibert P, Casanova S, Prouteau J, Jacomet C, Lamaury I, Fabre I, Curlier E, Ouissa R, Herrmann-Storck C, CLAVEL C - 2020 - Incidence of diabetes in HIV-infected patients treated with first-line integrase strand transfer inhibitors: a French multicentre retrospective study. - Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy

Article Gousseff Marie, Penot Pauline, Gallay Laure, Batisse Dominique, Benech Nicolas, BOUILLER Kévin, Collarino Rocco, Conrad Anne, Slama Dorsaf, Joseph Cédric, Lemaignen Adrien, Lescure François-Xavier, Lévy Bruno, Mahevas Matthieu, Pozzetto Bruno, Vignier Nicolas, Wyplosz Benjamin, Salmon Dominique, Goehringer Francois, Botelho-Nevers Elisabeth - 2020 - Clinical recurrences of COVID-19 symptoms after recovery: Viral relapse, reinfection or inflammatory rebound?. - Journal of Infection

Article BOUILLER Kévin, BERTRAND Xavier, HOCQUET Didier, CHIROUZE Catherine - 2020 - Human Infection of Methicillin-Susceptible Staphylococcus aureus CC398: A Review. - Microorganisms

Article Mouhat Basile, Besutti Matthieu, BOUILLER Kévin, Grillet Franck, Monnin Charles, Ecarnot Fiona, Behr Julien, Capellier Gilles, Soumagne Thibaud, Pili-Floury Sébastien, Besch Guillaume, Mourey Guillaume, Lepiller Quentin, CHIROUZE Catherine, Schiele François, Chopard Romain, Meneveau Nicolas - 2020 - Elevated D-dimers and lack of anticoagulation predict PE in severe COVID-19 patients. - European Respiratory Journal

Article Morgat M., BOUILLER Kévin, VUILLEMENOT Jean-Baptiste, Puget L., Marty-Quinternet S., Leblanc T., JEANNOT Katy, CHIROUZE Catherine, Hustache-Mathieu L., LEPILLER Q. - 2020 - Number, type and cost of microbiological tests during HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis: The experience of a French hospital. - Médecine et Maladies Infectieuses

Article Lepiller Quentin, Bouiller Kévin, BOUVIER-SLEKOVEC Céline, Millot Dominique, Mazué Nathalie, Pourchet Virginie, Balice Rachel, Garrien-Maire Fabienne, Simon Edith, Wintenberger Valérie, Guillaume Agnès, Monaton Marie-Françoise, Van Eis Béatrice, BERTRAND Xavier, Bennabi Djamila, Moulin Thierry, Anxionnat Raphaël, Nerich Virginie - 2020 - Perceptions of French healthcare students of vaccines and the impact of conducting an intervention in health promotion. - Clinical and Vaccine Immunology

Article Razanamahery J., Malinowski L., Humbert S., Brunel A.S., LEPILLER Q., CHIROUZE Catherine, BOUILLER Kévin - 2020 - Predictive factors of poor outcomes in the COVID-19 epidemic: Consider the inflammatory response. - Médecine et Maladies Infectieuses

Article Biguenet Adrien, BOUILLER Kévin, Marty-Quinternet Solène, Brunel Anne-Sophie, CHIROUZE Catherine, Lepiller Quentin, Marty‐Quinternet Solène, Brunel Anne‐Sophie - 2020 - SARS‐CoV‐2 respiratory viral loads and association with clinical and biological features. - Journal of Medical Virology

Article Humbert S., Razanamahery J., Payet-Revest C., BOUILLER Kévin, CHIROUZE Catherine - 2020 - COVID-19 as a cause of immune thrombocytopenia. - Médecine et Maladies Infectieuses

Article Kroemer Marie, Spehner Laurie, Vettoretti Lucie, Bouard Adeline, Eberst Guillaume, Pili Floury Sebastien, Capellier Gilles, Lepiller Quentin, Orillard Emeline, Mansi Laura, Clairet Anne-Laure, Westeel Virginie, Limat Samuel, Dubois Maxime, Malinowski Léa, Bohard Louis, Borg Christophe, CHIROUZE Catherine, BOUILLER Kévin - 2020 - COVID-19 patients display distinct SARS-CoV-2 specific T-cell responses according to disease severity. - Journal of Infection

Article Razanamahery J., Soumagne T., Humbert S., Brunel A.S., LEPILLER Q., Daguindau E., Mansi L., CHIROUZE Catherine, BOUILLER Kévin - 2020 - Does type of immunosupression influence the course of Covid-19 infection?. - Journal of Infection

Article Koeberle Séverine, Tannou Thomas, BOUILLER Kévin, Becoulet Nicolas, Outrey Justin, CHIROUZE Catherine, Aubry Régis - 2020 - COVID-19 outbreak: organisation of a geriatric assessment and coordination unit. A French example. - Age and Ageing

Article Winiszewski H., Daguindau E., Chaignat C., Piton G., BOUILLER Kévin, LEPILLER Q., Klopfenstein T. - 2020 - HHV8 inflammatory cytokine syndrome mimicking septic shock. - Médecine et Maladies Infectieuses

Article Catho G., Peiffer-Smadja N., Gras J., Osei L., Le Maréchal M., Bessis Simon, Bleibtreu Alexandre, BOUILLER Kévin, Cabon Mathieu, Dubée Vincent, Hentzien Maxime, Lemaignen Adrien, Thy Michael, Martins Capucine, Thill Pauline - 2020 - Experience abroad and participation in ESCMID educational activities: results from a survey among French infectious diseases specialists in training. - Clinical Microbiology and Infection

Article Nardin Charlée, Jeand'heur Anne, BOUILLER Kévin, Valnet-Rabier Marie Blanche, Dresco Flora, Castagna Julie, Mareschal Adrien, Carlet Clémentine, NERICH Virginie, Limat Samuel, Puzenat Eve, Aubin François - 2020 - Vitiligo under anti–programmed cell death-1 therapy is associated with increased survival in melanoma patients. - Journal of The American Academy of Dermatology

Article BOUILLER Kévin, Ilic Dejan, Wicky Paul Henry, CHOLLEY Pascal, CHIROUZE Catherine, BERTRAND Xavier - 2020 - Spread of clonal linezolid-resistant Staphylococcus epidermidis in an intensive care unit associated with linezolid exposure. - European Journal of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases

Article Bohard L., Patry I., Sergent P., Leroy J., CHIROUZE Catherine, BOUILLER Kévin - 2020 - Re: ‘Microbiological epidemiology depending on time to occurrence of prosthetic joint infection’ by Triffault-Fillit et al. - Clinical Microbiology and Infection

Article Obry-Roguet Véronique, Duvivier Claudine, Lions Caroline, Huleux Thomas, Jacomet Christine, Cheret Antoine, Allavena Clotilde, Bani-Sadr Firouzé, Palich Romain, Cabié André, Pugliese Pascal, Delobel Pierre, Lamaury Isabelle, Hustache-Mathieu Laurent, Bregigeon Sylvie, Makinson Alain, Rey David, Poizot-Martin Isabelle, BOUILLER Kévin, CHIROUZE Catherine, LEPILLER Q., Muret P., Laurichesse H., Lesens O., Vidal M., Mrozek N., Aumeran C., Baud O., Corbin V., Casanova S. - 2020 - Kaposi sarcoma among people living with HIV in the French DAT'AIDS cohort between 2010 and 2015. - Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology

Article Razanamahery Jerome, Dresco Flora, Emile Jean Francois, Verhoeven Frank, Algros Marie Paiule, Lodovichetti Juliette, Humbert Sebastien, BOUILLER Kévin, Magy-Bertrand Nadine - 2020 - Sacroiliitis in a patient with Rosai-Dorfman disease: new bone location or overlap with axial spondylarthritis?. - Rheumatology

Article Raffetin A., Saunier A., BOUILLER Kévin, Caraux-Paz P., Eldin C., Gallien S., Jouenne R., Belkacem A., Salomon J., Patey O., Talagrand-Reboul E., JAULHAC B., Grillon A. - 2020 - Unconventional diagnostic tests for Lyme borreliosis: a systematic review. - Clinical Microbiology and Infection

Article Naudion Pauline, Lepiller Quentin, BOUILLER Kévin - 2019 - Risk factors and clinical characteristics of patients with nosocomial influenza A infection. - Journal of Medical Virology

Article Lions C., Cabras O., Cotte L., Huleux T., Gagneux-Brugnon A., Makinson A., Cabié A., Bonnet B., Duvivier C., Hocqueloux L., Cua E., Cheret A., Hustache-Mathieu L., Obry-Roguet V., Jacomet C., Poizot-Martin I., BOUILLER Kévin, CHIROUZE Catherine - 2019 - Missed opportunities of HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis in France: a retrospective analysis in the French DAT’AIDS cohort. - BMC Infectious Diseases

Article Voitey M., BOUILLER Kévin, CHIROUZE Catherine, Fournier D., Bozon F., Klopfenstein T. - 2019 - Functional signs in patients consulting for presumed Lyme borreliosis. - Médecine et Maladies Infectieuses

Article Habib Gilbert, Erba Paola Anna, Iung Bernard, Donal Erwan, Prendergast Bernard, Oliver Leopold, Axler Olivier, Maggioni Aldo, Lancellotti Patrizio, Danchin N., Edvardsen T., Guevara E., Dulgheru R., Oury C., Roosens B., Pasquet A., Andrade J., Alcantara M., Silva L., Mancuso F., Silva C., Le Bihan D., Pibarot P., Saad A., Casalta J-P, Gouriet F., Riberi A, Botelho-Nevers E., CHIROUZE Catherine, BOUILLER Kévin - 2019 - Clinical presentation, aetiology and outcome of infective endocarditis. Results of the ESC-EORP EURO-ENDO (European infective endocarditis) registry: a prospective cohort study. - European Heart Journal

Article Gocko X., Lenormand C., Lemogne C., BOUILLER Kévin, Gehanno J.-F., Rabaud C., Perrot S., Eldin C., De Broucker T., Roblot F., Toubiana J., Sellal F., Sordet C., Fantin B., Lina G., JAULHAC B., CHIROUZE Catherine, Hansmann Y., Hentgen V., Caumes E., Dieudonné M., Gangneux Jean-Pierre, Degeilh B., Partouche H., Saunier A., Sotto A., Raffetin A., Michel C., Cathébras P., Tattevin P. - 2019 - Erratum à « Borréliose de Lyme et autres maladies vectorielles à tiques. Recommandations des sociétés savantes françaises » [Med. Mal. Infect. 49 (2019) 296–317]. - Médecine et Maladies Infectieuses

Article SAUGET Marlene, BOUILLER Kévin, Richard Marion, Chagrot Juliette, CHOLLEY Pascal, HOCQUET Didier, BERTRAND Xavier - 2019 - Increasing incidence of bloodstream infections due to Staphylococcus aureus clonal complex 398 in a French hospital between 2010 and 2017. - European Journal of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases

Article Delaval Laure, Daumas Aurélie, Samson Maxime, Ebbo Mikael, De Boysson Hubert, Liozon Eric, Dupuy Henry, Puyade Mathieu, Blockmans Daniel, Benhamou Ygal, Sacre Karim, Bérezné Alice, Devilliers Hervé, Pugnet Gregory, Maurier François, Zénone Thierry, De Moreuil Claire, Lifermann François, Espitia Olivier, Deroux Alban, Grobost Vincent, Lazaro Estibaliz, Agard Christian, Balageas Alexandre, BOUILLER Kévin, Durel Cécile-Audrey, Roriz Mélanie, Souchaud-Debouverie Odile, Nguyen Yann, Régent Alexis - 2019 - Large-vessel vasculitis diagnosed between 50 and 60 years: Case-control study based on 183 cases and 183 controls aged over 60 years. - Autoimmunity Reviews

Article BOUILLER Kévin, Klopfenstein T., CHIROUZE Catherine - 2019 - Consultation for Presumed Lyme Borreliosis: The Need for Multidisciplinary Management. - Clinical Infectious Diseases

Article Figoni J, CHIROUZE Catherine, Hansmann Y, Lemogne C, Hentgen V, Saunier A, BOUILLER Kévin, Gehanno J F, Rabaud C, Perrot S, Caumes E, Eldin C, De Broucker T, Jaulhac B, Roblot F, Toubiana J, Sellal F, Vuillemet F, Sordet C, Fantin B, Lina G, Gocko X, Dieudonné M, Bodaghi B, Gangneux J P, Degeilh B, Partouche H, Lenormand C, Sotto A, Tattevin P - 2019 - Lyme borreliosis and other tick-borne diseases. Guidelines from the French Scientific Societies (I) prevention, epidemiology, diagnosis. - Médecine et Maladies Infectieuses

Article JAULHAC B., Saunier A., Caumes E., BOUILLER Kévin, Gehanno J.F., Rabaud C., Perrot S., Eldin C., De Broucker T., Roblot F., Toubiana J., Sellal F., Vuillemet F., Sordet C., Fantin B., Lina G., Sobas C., Gocko X., Figoni J., CHIROUZE Catherine, Hansmann Y., Hentgen V., Cathebras P., Dieudonné M., Gangneux J., Degeilh B., Sotto A., Boulanger N., Lemogne C., Tattevin P. - 2019 - Lyme borreliosis and other tick-borne diseases. Guidelines from the French scientific societies (II). Biological diagnosis, treatment, persistent symptoms after documented or suspected Lyme borreliosis. - Médecine et Maladies Infectieuses

Article Cuzin Lise, Pugliese Pascal, Katlama Christine, Bani-Sadr Firouzé, Allavena Clotilde, Reynes Jacques, Cabié André, BOUILLER Kévin, CHIROUZE Catherine, LEPILLER Q., Laurichesse H., Baud O., Corbin V., Casanova S., Ader F., Boibieux A., Cotte L., Perpoint T., Valour F., Chidiac C., Dhiver C., Tomei C., Meddeb L., Ravaux I., Bregigeon Sylvie, Zaegel-Faucher O., Obry-Roguet V., Ducassou M., Galinier A., Lions C. - 2019 - Integrase strand transfer inhibitors and neuropsychiatric adverse events in a large prospective cohort. - Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy

Article Eldin C., Raffetin A., BOUILLER Kévin, Hansmann Y., Roblot F., Raoult D., Parola P. - 2019 - Review of European and American guidelines for the diagnosis of Lyme borreliosis. - Médecine et Maladies Infectieuses

Article Roche Hélène, BOUILLER Kévin, Puzenat Eve, Deveza Elise, Roche Blandine, Pelletier Fabien, Van De Laak Alison, Dupond Anne Sophie, Nardin Charlée, Aubin François - 2019 - Efficacy and survival of biologic agents in psoriasis: a practical real-life 12-year experience in a French dermatology department. - Journal of Dermatological Treatment

Article Gocko X, Lenormand C, Lemogne C, BOUILLER Kévin, Gehanno J-F, Rabaud C, Perrot S, Eldin C, De Broucker T, Roblot F, Toubiana J, Sellal F, Vuillemet F, Sordet C, Fantin B, Lina G, Sobas C, Jaulhac B, Figoni J, CHIROUZE Catherine, Hansmann Y, Hentgen V, Caumes E, Dieudonné M, Bodaghi B, Gangneux J-P, Degeilh B, Partouche H, Saunier A, Tattevin P - 2019 - Lyme borreliosis and other tick-borne diseases. Guidelines from the French scientific societies. - Médecine et Maladies Infectieuses

Article Xavier Gocko, Partouche Henri, Lemogne Cedric, Lenormand Cedric, BOUILLER Kévin, Gehanno Jean-Francois, Rabaud Christian, Perrot Serge, Roblot France, Toubiana Julie, Vuillemet Francis, Christelle Sordet - 2019 - Lyme borreliosis: evidence-based data useful for primary care. - EXERCER-LA REVUE FRANCOPHONE DE MEDECINE GENERALE

Article BOUILLER Kévin, Naudion Pauline, Humbert Sébastien, Gil Helder, Meaux-Ruault Nadine, Cravat Maxime, Revel Lucie, Molimard Chloé, Seronde Marie-France, Magy-Bertrand Nadine - 2018 - Cardiac Shock Revealing Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. - Circulation. Heart failure

Article BOUILLER Kévin, Menu Gauthier, Menez Clément, CHIROUZE Catherine - 2018 - [Acute soft-tissue infection (abscess, whitlow, phlegmon of tendon sheaths)]. - Revue du Praticien (La)

Article Bouxom Hélène, Fournier Damien, Bouiller Kévin, HOCQUET Didier, BERTRAND Xavier - 2018 - Which non-carbapenem antibiotics are active against extended-spectrum β-lactamase-producing Enterobacteriaceae?. - International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents

Article Bouiller Kévin, Laborde Caroline, Aho Serge Ludwig, HOCQUET Didier, Péchinot André, Le Moing Vincent, BERTRAND Xavier, Piroth Lionel, CHIROUZE Catherine - 2018 - No effect of vancomycin MIC ≥ 1.5 mg/L on treatment outcome in methicillin-susceptible staphylococcus aureus bacteremia. - International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents

Article SCHERER-DIDIER Emeline, Iriart Xavier, BELLANGER Anne-Pauline, Dupont Damien, Guitard Juliette, Gabriel Frédéric, Cassaing Sophie, Charpentier Eléna, Guenounou Sarah, Cornet Murielle, Botterel Françoise, ROCCHI Steffi, Berceanu Ana, MILLON Laurence, Warnock David, Tannou T., Koeberle S., Bouiller K., Moreau J., Aubry R. - 2017 - Candidose chronique disséminée chez une femme de 85 ans dénutrie. - Médecine et Maladies Infectieuses

Article Bouxom Hélène, Fournier Damien, Bouiller Kévin, HOCQUET Didier, BERTRAND Xavier, Guillard Thomas, Klein Frédéric, Reffuveille Fany, Bajolet Odile, De Champs Christophe, Laborde Caroline, Pechinot André, Le Moing Vincent, Piroth Lionel, CHIROUZE Catherine, Treepong P., Guyeux C., Blanc D., VALOT Benoit, GBAGUIDI-HAORE Houssein, Varin Amélie, CHOLLEY Pascal, THOUVEREZ Michelle, MULLER Allison, Rogues Anne-Marie, Péfau Muriel, Alfandari Serge, Dumartin Catherine, El Garch Farid, SAUGET Marlene - 2017 - Association between Pseudomonas aeruginosa positive water samples and healthcare-associated cases: nine-year study at one university hospital. - Journal of Hospital Infection

Article BOUILLER Kévin, Laborde C., BERTRAND Xavier, Piroth L., CHIROUZE Catherine - 2016 - PADS 1-04 - Absence d’association entre CMI à la vancomycine et mortalité dans les bactériémies à Staphylococcus aureus. - Médecine et Maladies Infectieuses