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Article ABD ELMOLA Ahmed, BUATIER Martine, MONIE Patrick, LABAUME Pierre, TRAP Pierre, CHARPENTIER Delphine - 2018 - Ar-40/Ar-39 muscovite dating of thrust activity: a case study from the Axial Zone of the Pyrenees. - Tectonophysics

Article SORDOILLET Dominique, Weller Olivier, Rouge Nicolas, BUATIER Martine, SIZUN Jean-Pierre - 2018 - Earliest salt working in the world: From excavation to microscopy at the prehistoric sites of Ţolici and Lunca (Romania). - Journal of Archaeological Science

Article LAURENT Dimitri, Lopez Michel, Chauvet Alain, Sauvage Anne Charline, BUATIER Martine, Spangenberg Jorge E. - 2017 - Sedimentary fluids/fault interaction during syn-rift burial of the Lodève Permian Basin (Hérault, France): An example of seismic-valve mechanism in active extensional faults. - Marine and Petroleum Geology

Article TRINCAL Vincent, BUATIER Martine, CHARPENTIER Delphine, Lacroix Brice, Lanari Pierre, Labaume Pierre, Lahfid Abdeltif, Vennemann Torsten - 2017 - Fluid–rock interactions related to metamorphic reducing fluid flow in meta-sediments: example of the Pic-de-Port-Vieux thrust (Pyrenees, Spain). - Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology

Article ABD ELMOLA Ahmed, CHARPENTIER Delphine, BUATIER Martine, Lanari Pierre, Monié Patrick - 2017 - Textural-chemical changes and deformation conditions registered by phyllosilicates in a fault zone (Pic de Port Vieux thrust, Pyrenees). - Applied Clay Science

Article BUATIER Martine, Choulet Flavien, Petit Sabine, Chassagnon Rémi, Vennemann Torsten - 2016 - Nature and origin of natural Zn clay minerals from the Bou Arhous Zn ore deposit: Evidence from electron microscopy (SEM-TEM) and stable isotope compositions (H and O). - Applied Clay Science 

Article CHOULET Flavien, BUATIER Martine, Barbanson Luc, Guégan Régis, Ennaciri A. - 2016 - Zinc-rich clays in supergene non-sulfide zinc deposits. - Mineralium Deposita 

Article Trincal Vincent, Lanari Pierre, BUATIER Martine, Brice Lacroix, CHARPENTIER Delphine, Labaume Pierre, Munoz Manuel - 2015 - Temperature micro-mapping in oscillatory-zoned chlorite: Application to study of a green-schist facies fault zone in the Pyrenean Axial Zone (Spain). - American mineralogist

Article BUATIER Martine, Cavailhes Thibault, CHARPENTIER Delphine, Lerat Jeremy, SIZUN Jean-Pierre, Labaume Pierre, Gout Claude - 2015 - Evidence of multi-stage faulting by clay mineral analysis: Example in a normal fault zone affecting arkosic sandstones (Annot sandstones). - Journal of Structural Geology

Article CAVAILHES Thibault, Labaume Pierre, SIZUN Jean-Pierre, Soliva Roger, Gout Claude, Potdevin Jean-Luc, BUATIER Martine, GAY Aurélien, Chauvet Alain, CHARPENTIER Delphine, Trave Anna - 2014 - Difference in petrophysical properties between foliated and dilatant fault rocks in deeply buried clastics: The case of the Gres d'Annot Formation, SW French Alps. - Terra Nova

Article Lacroix Brice, Trave Anna, BUATIER Martine, Labaume Pierre, Vennemann Torsten, Dubois Michel - 2014 - Syntectonic fluid-flow along thrust faults: Example of the South-Pyrenean fold-and-thrust belt. - Marine and Petroleum Geology

Communication CHOULET Flavien, BUATIER Martine, Barbanson Luc, Guégan Régis, Ennaciri A. - 2014 - Characterization and origin of clays in the Bou Arhous (Morocco) non-sulfide Zn ore deposit. - International Mineralogical Association IMA 2014 (Johannesburg, ZA)

Article TRINCAL VincentCorresp., CHARPENTIER Delphine, BUATIER Martine, Grobety B., Lacroix Brice, Labaume Pierre, SIZUN Jean-Pierre - 2014 - Quantification of mass transfers and mineralogical transformations in a thrust fault (Monte Perdido thrust unit, southern Pyrenees, Spain). - Marine and Petroleum Geology

Article CAVAILHES Thibault, SIZUN Jean-Pierre, Labaume Pierre, Chauvet Alain, BUATIER Martine, Soliva Roger, Mezri Leila, CHARPENTIER Delphine, LECLERE Henri, Trave Anna, Gout Claude - 2013 - Influence of fault rock foliation on fault zone permeability: The case of deeply buried arkosic sandstones (Gres d'Annot, southeastern France). - AAPG Bulletin

Article CAVAILHES Thibault, Soliva Roger, Labaume Pierre, Wibberley Christopher, SIZUN Jean-Pierre, Gout Claude, CHARPENTIER Delphine, Chauvet Alain, Scalabrino Bruno, BUATIER Martine - 2013 - Phyllosilicates formation in faults rocks: Implications for dormant fault-sealing potential and fault strength in the upper crust. - Geophysical Research Letters

Article Lacroix Brice, LECLERE Henri, BUATIER Martine, FABBRI Olivier - 2013 - Weakening processes in thrust faults: insights from the Monte Perdido thrust fault (southern Pyrenees, Spain). - Geofluids

Article LECLERE Henri, BUATIER Martine, CHARPENTIER Delphine, SIZUN Jean-Pierre, Labaume Pierre, CAVAILHES Thibault - 2012 - Formation of phyllosilicates in a fault zone affecting deeply buried arkosic sandstones: their influence on petrophysic properties (Annot sandstones, French external Alps). - Swiss Journal of Geosciences

Article Buatier Martine D., Lacroix Brice, Labaume Pierre, Moutarlier Virginie, CHARPENTIER Delphine, SIZUN Jean-Pierre, Trave Anna - 2012 - Microtextural investigation (SEM and TEM study) of phyllosilicates in a major thrust fault zone (Monte Perdido, southern Pyrenees): impact on fault reactivation. - Swiss Journal of Geosciences

Article Lacroix B., CHARPENTIER Delphine, BUATIER Martine, Vennemann T., Labaume Pierre, Adatte T., Trave A., Dubois M. - 2012 - Formation of chlorite during thrust fault reactivation. Record of fluid origin and P-T conditions in the Monte Perdido thrust fault (southern Pyrenees). - Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology

Communication Lahfid Abdeltif, Lacroix B., Hoareau Guilhem, Meresse F., Michel Karine, BUATIER Martine - 2012 - Thermal evolution of the syn-tectonic Ainsa-Jaca basin (South Pyrenean Zone). New constraints from a multiproxy approach. - EGU General Assembly 2012 (Vienna, AT)

Article STEINMANN Marc, Bodei S., BUATIER Martine - 2012 - Nd-Sr isotope and REY geochemistry of metalliferous sediments in a low-temperature off-axis hydrothermal environment (Costa Rica margin). - Quaternary International

Article BUATIER Martine, Chauvet Alain, Kanitpanyacharoen W., Wenk Hans-Rudolf, Ritz Jean-Francois, Jolivet Marc - 2012 - Origin and behaviour of clay minerals in the Bogd fault gouge, Mongolia. - Journal of Structural Geology

Article Lacroix B., LECLERE Henri, BUATIER Martine, FABBRI Olivier - 2012 - Weakening processes in thrust faults: insights from the Monte Perdido thrust fault (southern Pyrenees, Spain). - Geofluids

Article Clauer Norbert, O'Neil James R., Honnorez José, BUATIER Martine - 2011 - 87Sr/86Sr and 18O/16O ratios of clays from a hydrothermal area near the Galapagos rift as records of origin, crystallization temperature and fluid composition. - Quaternary International

Communication CHARPENTIER Delphine, Lacroix Brice, BUATIER Martine, Vennemann Torsten, Labaume Pierre, Roosz Cédric - 2011 - Clay minerals as good proxys for thrust fault P-T conditions estimation : Example of Monte Perdido thrust fault (southern Pyrenees). - European clay conference (Antalya, TR)

Article CHARPENTIER Delphine, BUATIER Martine, Jacquot Emmanuel, Gaudin Anne, Wheat Geoffery - 2011 - Conditions and mechanism for the formation of iron-rich Montmorillonite in deep sea sediments (Costa Rica margin): Coupling high resolution mineralogical characterization and geochemical modeling. - Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta

Communication Cavailhes Thibault, LECLERE Henri, CHARPENTIER Delphine, BUATIER Martine, SIZUN Jean-Pierre, Lerat Jeremy, Labaume Pierre, Chauvet Alain - 2011 - Fluid-sedimentary rock interactions and mineralogical changes related to deformation and fluid circulation along a normal fault in deep diagenesis context (Grès d'Annot, SE France). - European Clay Conference (Antalya, TR)

Article Lacroix B., BUATIER Martine, Labaume Pierre, Trave A., Dubois M., CHARPENTIER Delphine, Ventalon S., CONVERT-GAUBIER Didier - 2011 - Microtectonic and geochemical characterization of thrusting in a foreland basin: Example of the South-Pyrenean orogenic wedge (Spain). - Journal of Structural Geology

Communication Brice Lacroix, CHARPENTIER Delphine, BUATIER Martine, Labaume Pierre - 2009 - Crystallisation of synkinematic phyllosilicates in thrust faults : example from the pyrenean orogenic prism. - International Clay Conference (IT)

Communication Labaume P., SIZUN Jean-Pierre, CHARPENTIER Delphine, Travé A., Chirouze F., BUATIER Martine, Chauvet A., Walgenwitz F., Jolivet M., Monié P., Arnaud N. - 2009 - Diagenesis controlled by tectonic burial in a foreland basin turbidite formation. The case example of the Grès d'Annot, French-italian external Alps. - EGU General Assembly 2009 (Vienne, AT)

Communication CHARPENTIER Delphine, BUATIER Martine - 2009 - Mechanism of formation of Fe Montmorillonite in deep sediments (Pacific ocean, Costa Rica margin). - International Clay Conference (IT)

Communication BUATIER Martine - 2008 - Clay Minerals : a key for deciphering fluid/sediment interactions in oceanic hydrothermal systems. - Reunion de la Sociedad espanola de mineralogia (SEM) (ES)

Article Bodei Sabine, BUATIER Martine, STEINMANN Marc, Adatte Thierry, Wheat Charles - 2008 - Characterization of metalliferous sediment from a low-temperature hydrothermal environment, on the Eastern Flank of the East Pacific Ridge. - Quaternary International

Autre Labaume P., Arnaud N., Chauvet A., Chirouze F., Jolivet M., Monié P., BUATIER Martine, CHARPENTIER Delphine, SIZUN Jean-Pierre, Travé A. - 2008 - Contrôle tectonique de la diagenèse d'une formation turbiditique d'avant-chaîne : exemple des Grès d'Annot, Alpes franco-italiennes.

Communication BUATIER Martine, Chauvet Alain, Ritz J.F., Jolivet Marc, Bayarjargal B., Vidalie B., Vassalo R. - 2008 - Recognition of coseismic-related microstructures and behaviour of clay minerals within the core of active fault. - AGU Fall Meeting (US)

Article Martineau Rémi, WALTER-SIMONNET Anne-Véronique, Grobety B., BUATIER Martine - 2007 - Clay resources and technical choices for neolithic pottery (Chalain, Jura, france): chemical, mineralogical and grain-size analyses. - Archaeometry

Article Seignez N., Gauthier Arnaud, Bulteel D., BUATIER Martine, Recourt Philippe, Damidot D., Potdevin J.L. - 2007 - Effect of Pb-rich and Fe-rich entities during alteration of a partially vitrified metallurgical waste. - Journal of Hazardous Materials

Communication Lacroix Brice, CHARPENTIER Delphine, BUATIER Martine, Labaume Pierre, Travé A., Dubois Michel - 2007 - Fluid-sedimentary rock interactions and mineralogical changes related to deformation and fluid circulation along thrust fault (southern Pyrenees). - SEM 2007 (Jaen, ES)

Article Bodei S., Manceau A., Geoffroy N., Baronnet Alain, BUATIER Martine - 2007 - Formation of todorokite from vernadite in Ni-rich hemipelagic sediments. - Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta

Article VANNIÈRE Boris, Bossuet Gilles, WALTER-SIMONNET Anne-Véronique, GAUTHIER Emilie, BARRAL Philippe, Petit Christophe, BUATIER Martine, Daubigney Alain - 2003 - Land use change, soil erosion and alluvial dynamic in the lower Doubs Valley over the 1st millenium AD (Neublans, Jura, France). - Journal of Archaeological Science

Article BUATIER Martine, Karpoff Anne Marie, CHARPENTIER Delphine - 2001 - Clays and zeolite authigenesis in sediments from the flank of the Juan de Fuca Ridge. - Clay Minerals