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Article GAUTHIER-MANUEL Honorine, Radola Diane, CHOULET Flavien, BUATIER Martine, Vauthier Raphaël, Morvan Tatiana, Chavanne Walter, GIMBERT Frédéric - 2021 - A Multidisciplinary Approach for the Assessment of Origin, Fate and Ecotoxicity of Metal(loid)s from Legacy Coal Mine Tailings. - Toxics

Article SMERAGLIA LucaCorresp., FABBRI Olivier, CHOULET Flavien, BUATIER Martine, Boulvais Philippe, Bernasconi Stefano Michele, Castorina Francesca - 2020 - Syntectonic fluid flow and deformation mechanisms within the frontal thrust of foreland fold-and-thrust belt: Example from the Internal Jura, Eastern France. - Tectonophysics

Rapport Berranger Marion, Aubert Michel, BUATIER Martine, CHOULET Flavien, Disser Alexandre, GIRARDCLOS Olivier, GIMBERT Frédéric, Jeannot Rémy, Laurent Hervé, Laurent Sylvie, Leroy Marc, Merluzzo Paul, Florian MELANJOIE, Pietak Jean Pierre, Venault Stéphane, Adrien Sagesse - 2017 - Montholon (Aillant-sur-Tholon) «Bois des Ferriers». Sondages sur les ferriers n°1, 3 et 9. Rapport de sondage.

Article CHOULET Flavien, Barbanson Luc, BUATIER Martine, James Richard, Vennemann Torsten, Ennaciri Aomar, Zouhair Mohamed - 2017 - Characterization and origin of low-T willemite (Zn2SiO4) mineralization: the case of the Bou Arhous deposit (High Atlas, Morocco). - Mineralium Deposita

Autre CHOULET Flavien, Barbanson Luc, BUATIER Martine, RICHARD James, Vennemann Torsten, Ennaciri Aomar, Zouhair Mohamed - 2017 - Erratum: Erratum to: Characterization and origin of low-T willemite (Zn<Subscript>2</Subscript>SiO<Subscript>4</Subscript>) mineralization: the case of the Bou Arhous deposit (High Atlas, Morocco).

Article BUATIER Martine, Choulet Flavien, Petit Sabine, Chassagnon Rémi, Vennemann Torsten - 2016 - Nature and origin of natural Zn clay minerals from the Bou Arhous Zn ore deposit: Evidence from electron microscopy (SEM-TEM) and stable isotope compositions (H and O). - Applied Clay Science 

Article Lacroix Brice, Trave Anna, BUATIER Martine, Labaume Pierre, Vennemann Torsten, Dubois Michel - 2014 - Syntectonic fluid-flow along thrust faults: Example of the South-Pyrenean fold-and-thrust belt. - Marine and Petroleum Geology

Article TRINCAL VincentCorresp., CHARPENTIER Delphine, BUATIER Martine, Grobety B., Lacroix Brice, Labaume Pierre, SIZUN Jean-Pierre - 2014 - Quantification of mass transfers and mineralogical transformations in a thrust fault (Monte Perdido thrust unit, southern Pyrenees, Spain). - Marine and Petroleum Geology

Article CAVAILHES Thibault, SIZUN Jean-Pierre, Labaume Pierre, Chauvet Alain, BUATIER Martine, Soliva Roger, Mezri Leila, CHARPENTIER Delphine, LECLERE Henri, Trave Anna, Gout Claude - 2013 - Influence of fault rock foliation on fault zone permeability: The case of deeply buried arkosic sandstones (Gres d'Annot, southeastern France). - AAPG Bulletin

Article CAVAILHES Thibault, Soliva Roger, Labaume Pierre, Wibberley Christopher, SIZUN Jean-Pierre, Gout Claude, CHARPENTIER Delphine, Chauvet Alain, Scalabrino Bruno, BUATIER Martine - 2013 - Phyllosilicates formation in faults rocks: Implications for dormant fault-sealing potential and fault strength in the upper crust. - Geophysical Research Letters

Article Lacroix Brice, LECLERE Henri, BUATIER Martine, FABBRI Olivier - 2013 - Weakening processes in thrust faults: insights from the Monte Perdido thrust fault (southern Pyrenees, Spain). - Geofluids

Article LECLERE Henri, BUATIER Martine, CHARPENTIER Delphine, SIZUN Jean-Pierre, Labaume Pierre, CAVAILHES Thibault - 2012 - Formation of phyllosilicates in a fault zone affecting deeply buried arkosic sandstones: their influence on petrophysic properties (Annot sandstones, French external Alps). - Swiss Journal of Geosciences

Article Buatier Martine D., Lacroix Brice, Labaume Pierre, Moutarlier Virginie, CHARPENTIER Delphine, SIZUN Jean-Pierre, Trave Anna - 2012 - Microtextural investigation (SEM and TEM study) of phyllosilicates in a major thrust fault zone (Monte Perdido, southern Pyrenees): impact on fault reactivation. - Swiss Journal of Geosciences

Article Lacroix B., CHARPENTIER Delphine, BUATIER Martine, Vennemann T., Labaume Pierre, Adatte T., Trave A., Dubois M. - 2012 - Formation of chlorite during thrust fault reactivation. Record of fluid origin and P-T conditions in the Monte Perdido thrust fault (southern Pyrenees). - Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology

Communication Lahfid Abdeltif, Lacroix B., Hoareau Guilhem, Meresse F., Michel Karine, BUATIER Martine - 2012 - Thermal evolution of the syn-tectonic Ainsa-Jaca basin (South Pyrenean Zone). New constraints from a multiproxy approach. - EGU General Assembly 2012 (Vienna, AT)

Article STEINMANN Marc, Bodei S., BUATIER Martine - 2012 - Nd-Sr isotope and REY geochemistry of metalliferous sediments in a low-temperature off-axis hydrothermal environment (Costa Rica margin). - Quaternary International

Article BUATIER Martine, Chauvet Alain, Kanitpanyacharoen W., Wenk Hans-Rudolf, Ritz J.F., Jolivet Marc - 2012 - Origin and behaviour of clay minerals in the Bogd fault gouge, Mongolia. - Journal of Structural Geology

Article Lacroix B., LECLERE Henri, BUATIER Martine, FABBRI Olivier - 2012 - Weakening processes in thrust faults: insights from the Monte Perdido thrust fault (southern Pyrenees, Spain). - Geofluids

Article Clauer Norbert, O'Neil James R., Honnorez José, BUATIER Martine - 2011 - 87Sr/86Sr and 18O/16O ratios of clays from a hydrothermal area near the Galapagos rift as records of origin, crystallization temperature and fluid composition. - Quaternary International

Communication CHARPENTIER Delphine, Lacroix Brice, BUATIER Martine, Vennemann Torsten, Labaume Pierre, Roosz Cédric - 2011 - Clay minerals as good proxys for thrust fault P-T conditions estimation : Example of Monte Perdido thrust fault (southern Pyrenees). - European clay conference (Antalya, TR)

Article CHARPENTIER Delphine, BUATIER Martine, Jacquot Emmanuel, Gaudin Anne, Wheat Geoffery - 2011 - Conditions and mechanism for the formation of iron-rich Montmorillonite in deep sea sediments (Costa Rica margin): Coupling high resolution mineralogical characterization and geochemical modeling. - Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta

Communication Cavailhes Thibault, LECLERE Henri, CHARPENTIER Delphine, BUATIER Martine, SIZUN Jean-Pierre, Lerat Jeremy, Labaume Pierre, Chauvet Alain - 2011 - Fluid-sedimentary rock interactions and mineralogical changes related to deformation and fluid circulation along a normal fault in deep diagenesis context (Grès d'Annot, SE France). - European Clay Conference (Antalya, TR)

Article Lacroix B., BUATIER Martine, Labaume Pierre, Trave A., Dubois M., CHARPENTIER Delphine, Ventalon S., CONVERT-GAUBIER Didier - 2011 - Microtectonic and geochemical characterization of thrusting in a foreland basin: Example of the South-Pyrenean orogenic wedge (Spain). - Journal of Structural Geology

Communication Labaume P., SIZUN Jean-Pierre, CHARPENTIER Delphine, Travé A., Chirouze F., BUATIER Martine, Chauvet A., Walgenwitz F., Jolivet M., Monié P., Arnaud N. - 2009 - Diagenesis controlled by tectonic burial in a foreland basin turbidite formation. The case example of the Grès d'Annot, French-italian external Alps. - EGU General Assembly 2009 (Vienne, AT)

Communication CHARPENTIER Delphine, BUATIER Martine - 2009 - Mechanism of formation of Fe Montmorillonite in deep sediments (Pacific ocean, Costa Rica margin). - International Clay Conference (IT)

Communication BUATIER Martine - 2008 - Clay Minerals : a key for deciphering fluid/sediment interactions in oceanic hydrothermal systems. - Reunion de la Sociedad espanola de mineralogia (SEM) (ES)

Article Bodei Sabine, BUATIER Martine, STEINMANN Marc, Adatte Thierry, Wheat Charles - 2008 - Characterization of metalliferous sediment from a low-temperature hydrothermal environment, on the Eastern Flank of the East Pacific Ridge. - Quaternary International

Autre Labaume P., Arnaud N., Chauvet A., Chirouze F., Jolivet M., Monié P., BUATIER Martine, CHARPENTIER Delphine, SIZUN Jean-Pierre, Travé A. - 2008 - Contrôle tectonique de la diagenèse d'une formation turbiditique d'avant-chaîne : exemple des Grès d'Annot, Alpes franco-italiennes.

Communication BUATIER Martine, Chauvet Alain, Ritz J.F., Jolivet Marc, Bayarjargal B., Vidalie B., Vassalo R. - 2008 - Recognition of coseismic-related microstructures and behaviour of clay minerals within the core of active fault. - AGU Fall Meeting (US)

Article Martineau Rémi, WALTER-SIMONNET Anne-Véronique, Grobety B., BUATIER Martine - 2007 - Clay resources and technical choices for neolithic pottery (Chalain, Jura, france): chemical, mineralogical and grain-size analyses. - Archaeometry

Article Seignez N., Gauthier Arnaud, Bulteel D., BUATIER Martine, Recourt Philippe, Damidot D., Potdevin J.L. - 2007 - Effect of Pb-rich and Fe-rich entities during alteration of a partially vitrified metallurgical waste. - Journal of Hazardous Materials

Article Bodei S., Manceau A., Geoffroy N., Baronnet Alain, BUATIER Martine - 2007 - Formation of todorokite from vernadite in Ni-rich hemipelagic sediments. - Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta

Article VANNIÈRE Boris, Bossuet Gilles, WALTER-SIMONNET Anne-Véronique, GAUTHIER Emilie, BARRAL Philippe, Petit Christophe, BUATIER Martine, Daubigney Alain - 2003 - Land use change, soil erosion and alluvial dynamic in the lower Doubs Valley over the 1st millenium AD (Neublans, Jura, France). - Journal of Archaeological Science

Article BUATIER Martine, Karpoff Anne Marie, CHARPENTIER Delphine - 2001 - Clays and zeolite authigenesis in sediments from the flank of the Juan de Fuca Ridge. - Clay Minerals