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Article Hamard Samuel, Robroek Bjorn, Allard Pierre-Marie, Signarbieux Constant, Zhou Shuaizhen, Saesong Tongchai, De Baaker Flore, Buttler Alexandre, CHIAPUSIO Geneviève, Wolfender Jean-Luc, Bragazza Luca, Jassey Vincent E J - 2019 - Effects of Sphagnum Leachate on Competitive Sphagnum Microbiome Depend on Species and Time. - Frontiers in microbiology

Article Rüegg Johanna, Quezada Juan Carlos, Santonja Mathieu, Ghazoul Jaboury, Kuzyakov Yakov, BUTTLER Alexandre, Guillaume Thomas - 2019 - Drivers of soil carbon stabilization in oil palm plantations. - Land Degradation and Development

Article BUTTLER AlexandreCorresp., Mariotte Pierre, Meisser Marco, Guillaume Thomas, Signarbieux Constant, Vitra Amarante, Preux Sara, Mercier Géraldine, Quezada Juan, Bragazza Luca, Gavazov Konstantin - 2019 - Drought-induced decline of productivity in the dominant grassland species Lolium perenne L. depends on soil type and prevailing climatic conditions. - Soil Biology and Biochemistry

Article Vitra Amarante, Deleglise Claire, Meisser Marco, Risch Anita C., Signarbieux Constant, Lamacque Lia, Delzon Sylvain, BUTTLER Alexandre, Mariotte Pierre - 2019 - Responses of plant leaf economic and hydraulic traits mediate the effects of early- and late-season drought on grassland productivity. - AoB Plants

Article Samson Mateusz, Słowińska Sandra, Słowiński Michał, Lamentowicz Mariusz, Barabach Jan, Harenda Kamila, Zielińska Małgorzata, Robroek Bjorn, JASSEY Vincent, Buttler Alexandre, Chojnicki Bogdan - 2018 - The Impact of Experimental Temperature and Water Level Manipulation on Carbon Dioxide Release in a Poor Fen in Northern Poland. - Wetlands

Article CHIAPUSIO Geneviève, Jassey Vincent E. J., BELLVERT Floriant, Comte Gilles, Weston Leslie A., Delarue Frederic, BUTTLER Alexandre, Toussaint Marie Laure, BINET Philippe - 2018 - Sphagnum Species Modulate their Phenolic Profiles and Mycorrhizal Colonization of Surrounding Andromeda polifolia along Peatland Microhabitats. - Journal of Chemical Ecology

Article Gavazov Konstantin, Albrecht Remy, BUTTLER Alexandre, Dorrepaal Ellen, Garnett Mark, Gogo Sébastien, Hagedorn Frank, Mills Robert T.E., Robroek Bjorn J.M., Bragazza Luca - 2018 - Vascular plant-mediated controls on atmospheric carbon assimilation and peat carbon decomposition under climate change. - Global Change Biology

Article Bragazza Luca, Buttler Alexandre, Robroek Bjorn, Albrecht Remy, Zaccone Claudio, JASSEY Vincent, Signarbieux Constant - 2017 - Response to Editor to the comment by Delarue (2016) to our paper entitled ‘Persistent high temperature and low precipitation reduce peat carbon accumulation’. - Global Change Biology

Article Peringer Alexander, Buttler Alexandre, GILLET François, Stupariu Ileana, Schulze Kiowa A., Stupariu Mihai-Sorin, Rosenthal Gert - 2017 - Disturbance-grazer-vegetation interactions maintain habitat diversity in mountain pasture-woodlands. - Ecological Modelling

Article Küttim Martin, Hofsommer Maaike, Robroek Bjorn, JASSEY Vincent, Laine Anna, Lamentowicz Mariusz, Buttler Alexandre, Ilomets Mati, Mills Robert - 2017 - Freeze-thaw cycles simultaneously decrease peatland photosynthetic carbon uptake and ecosystem respiration. - Boreal Environment Research

Article Peringer Alexander, GILLET François, Rosenthal Gert, Stoicescu Ioana, Pătru-Stupariu Ileana, Stupariu Mihai-Sorin, Buttler Alexandre - 2016 - Landscape-scale simulation experiments test Romanian and Swiss management guidelines for mountain pasture-woodland habitat diversity. - Ecological Modelling

Article Fiałkiewicz-Kozieł B., Smieja-Król B., Frontasyeva M., Słowiński M., Marcisz K., Lapshina E., GILBERT Daniel, Buttler A., Jassey V.E.J., Kaliszan K., Laggoun-Défarge Fatima, Kołaczek P, Lamentowicz M. - 2016 - Anthropogenic- and natural sources of dust in peatland during the Anthropocene. - Scientific Reports

Article Peringer Alexander, Schulze Kiowa A., Stupariu Ileana, Stupariu Mihai-Sorin, Rosenthal Gert, Buttler Alexandre, GILLET François - 2016 - Multi-scale feedbacks between tree regeneration traits and herbivore behavior explain the structure of pasture-woodland mosaics. - Landscape Ecology

Article Mariotte Pierre, Robroek Bjorn, JASSEY Vincent, Buttler Alexandre - 2015 - Subordinate plants mitigate drought effects on soil ecosystem processes by stimulating fungi. - Functional Ecology

Article Lamentowicz Mariusz, Słowiński Michał, Marcisz Katarzyna, Zielińska Małgorzata, Kaliszan Karolina, Lapshina Elena, GILBERT Daniel, BUTTLER Alexandre, Fiałkiewicz-Kozieł Barbara, Jassey Vincent E.J., Laggoun-Défarge Fatima, Kołaczek Piotr - 2015 - Hydrological dynamics and fire history of the last 1300years in western Siberia reconstructed from a high-resolution, ombrotrophic peat archive. - Quaternary Research

Communication Laggoun-Défarge Fatima, Huguet Arnaud, Delarue Frédéric, Jassey Vincent, Mitchell Edward, GAUTHIER Emilie, Le Milbeau Claude, Grasset Laurent, Derenne Sylvie, Gogo Sébastien, GILBERT Daniel, Francez Andre-Jean, Buttler Alexandre, RICHARD Hervé - 2015 - A multiproxy approach of environmental changes in the last millennia reconstructed from an ombrotrophic peat archive (Frasne mire, France). - 27th International Meeting on Organic Geochemistry (Prague, CZ)

Article Buttler Alexandre, Robroek B.J.M., Laggoun-Défarge Fatima - 2015 - Experimental warming interacts with soil moisture to discriminate plant responses in an ombrotrophic peatland. - Journal of Vegetation Science

Article Delarue Frédéric, Gogo Sébastien, BUTTLER Alexandre, Bragazza Luca, JASSEY Vincent, BERNARD Grégory, Laggoun-Défarge Fatima - 2014 - Indirect effects of experimental warming on dissolved organic carbon content in subsurface peat. - Journal of Soils and Sediments

Ouvrage Peringer Alexander, Schulze Kiowa Alraune, Stupariu Ileana, Stupariu Mihai-Sorin, BUTTLER Alexandre, GILLET François, Rosenthal Gert - 2014 - Klimawandel-angepasstes, post-konservatives Management halb-offener Weidelandschaften. - Treffpunkt Biologische Vielfalt

Article Robroek Bjorn, Heijboer Amber, JASSEY Vincent, Hefting Mariet, Rouwenhorst T. Gerrit, Buttler Alexandre, Bragazza Luca - 2013 - Snow cover manipulation effects on microbial community structure and soil chemistry in a mountain bog. - Plant and Soil

Communication Huguet Arnaud, Jassey Vincent E. J., Laggoun-Défarge Fatima, Derenne Sylvie, GILBERT Daniel, Delarue Frédéric, Payne Richard, BUTTLER Alexandre, Mitchell Edward A. D. - 2013 - Combination of branched GDGTs and testate amoebae for the reconstruction of past climate change in a French peatland. - EGU General Assembly (Vienne, AT)

Article Chételat Joël, Kalbermatten Michael, Lannas Kathryn S.M., Spiegelberger Thomas, Wettstein Jean-Bruno, GILLET François, Peringer Alexander, Buttler Alexandre - 2013 - A Contextual Analysis of Land-Use and Vegetation Changes in Two Wooded Pastures in the Swiss Jura Mountains. - Ecology and Society

Article JASSEY Vincent, Chiapuso Geneviève, BINET Philippe, BUTTLER Alexandre, Laggoun-Défarge Fatima, Delarue Frédéric, BERNARD Nadine, Mitchell Edward, TOUSSAINT Marie-Laure, Francez Andre-Jean, GILBERT Daniel - 2013 - Above- and belowground linkages in Sphagnum peatland: climate warming affects plant-microbial interactions. - Global Change Biology

Article Gavazov Konstantin S., Peringer Alexander, Buttler Alexandre, GILLET François, Spiegelberger Thomas - 2013 - Dynamics of Forage Production in Pasture-woodlands of the Swiss Jura Mountains under Projected Climate Change Scenarios. - Ecology and Society

Article Mariotte P., BUTTLER Alexandre, Kohler F., Gilgen A.K., Spiegelberger T. - 2013 - How do subordinate and dominant species in semi-natural grasslands relate to productivity and land-use change?. - Basic and Applied Ecology

Article Huber Robert, Briner Simon, Peringer Alexander, Lauber Stefan, Seidl Roman, Widmer Alexander, GILLET François, Buttler Alexandre, Le Quang Bao, Hirschi Christian - 2013 - Modeling Social-Ecological Feedback Effects in the Implementation of Payments for Environmental Services in Pasture-Woodlands. - Ecology and Society

Article Peringer Alexander, Siehoff Silvana, Chételat Joël, Spiegelberger Thomas, Buttler Alexandre, GILLET François - 2013 - Past and future landscape dynamics in pasture-woodlands of the Swiss Jura Mountains under climate change. - Ecology and Society

Article Huber R., Rigling A., Bebi P., Brand F.S., Briner S., Buttler A., Elkin C., GILLET François, Grêt-Regamey A., Hirschi C., Lischke H., Scholz R.W., Seidl R., Spiegelberger T., Walz A., Zimmermann W., Bugmann H. - 2013 - Sustainable land use in mountain regions under global change: synthesis across scales and disciplines. - Ecology and Society

Article Buttler Alexandre, Gavazov Konstantin, Peringer Alexander, Siehoff Silvana, Mariotte Pierre, Wettstein Jean-Bruno, Chételat Joël, Huber Robert, GILLET François, Spiegelberger Thomas - 2012 - Conservation des pâturages boisés du Jura : défis climatiques et agro-politiques. - Agrarforschung Schweiz

Article Buttler Alexandre, Spiegelberger Thomas, Chételat Joël, Kalbermatten Michael, Lannas Kathryn, Peringer Alexander, Wettstein Jean-Bruno, GILLET François - 2012 - Evolution récente et future des paysages sylvo-pastoraux du Jura vaudois. - Journal Forestier Suisse

Article Limpens Juul, Granath Goran, Aerts Rien, Heijmans Monique M.P.D., Sheppard Lucy, Bragazza Luca, Williams B.L., Rydin H., Bubier J., Moore T., Rochefort Line, Mitchell Edward, BUTTLER Alexandre, Van Den Berg Leon JL, Gunnarsson Urban, Francez Andre-Jean, Gerdol Renato, Thormann M., Grosvernier Philippe, Wiedermann Magdalena M., Nilsson M.B., Hoosbeek M. R., Bayley S., Nordbakken Jorn-Frode, Paulissen M.P.C.P., Hotes Stephan, Breeuwer A., Ilomets Mati, Tomassen H.B.M., Leith Ian - 2012 - Glasshouse vs field experiments: do they yield ecologically similar results for assessing N impacts on peat mosses?. - New Phytologist

Article Spiegelberger Thomas, GILLET François, Amiaud Bernard, Thébault Aurélie, Mariotte Pierre, Buttler Alexandre - 2012 - How do plant community ecologists consider the complementarity of observational, experimental and theoretical approaches?. - Plant Ecology and Evolution

Article GILLET FrançoisCorresp., Buttler Alexandre, Spiegelberger Thomas - 2012 - New insights in plant community ecology. - Plant Ecology and Evolution

Article Jassey Vincent, CHIAPUSIO Geneviève, GILBERT Daniel, Buttler Alexandre, TOUSSAINT Marie-Laure, BINET PhilippeCorresp. - 2011 - Experimental climate effect on seasonal variability of polyphenol/phenoloxidase interplay along a narrow fen-bog ecological gradient in Sphagnum fallax. - Global Change Biology

Article Limpens Juul, Granath Goran, Gunnarsson Urban, Aerts Rien, Bayley Stephan, Bragazza Luca, Bubier J., BUTTLER Alexandre, Van Den Berg Leon JL, Francez Andre-Jean, Gerdol Renato, Grosvernier Philippe, Heijmans Monique M.P.D., Hoosbeek M. R., Hotes Stephan, Ilomets Mati, Leith Ian, Mitchell Edward A. D., Moore T., Nilsson Marcus, Nordbakken Jorn-Frode, Rochefort Line, Rydin H., Sheppard L. J., Thormann Markus N., Wiedermann Magdalena M., Williams B.L., Xu B. - 2011 - Climatic modifiers of the response to nitrogen deposition in peat-forming Sphagnum mosses: a meta-analysis. - New Phytologist

Article Delarue Frédéric, Laggoun-Défarge Fatima, BUTTLER Alexandre, Gogo Sébastien, Jassey Vincent, Disnar Jean-Robert - 2011 - Effects of short-term ecosystem experimental warming on water-extractable organic matter in an ombrotrophic Sphagnum peatland (Le Forbonnet, France). - Organic Geochemistry

Article Thébault Aurélie, GILLET François, Müller-Schärer Heinz, Buttler Alexandre - 2011 - Polyploidy and invasion success: trait trade-offs in native and introduced cytotypes of two Asteraceae species. - Plant Ecology and Evolution

Article Ponel Philippe, Court-Picon Mona, Badura Monika, Guiter Frédéric, De Beaulieu Jacques-Louis, Andrieu-Ponel Valérie, Djamali Morteza, Leydet Michelle, Gandouin Emmanuel, BUTTLER Alexandre - 2010 - Holocene history of Lac des Lauzons (2180 m a.s.l.), reconstructed from multiproxy analyses of Coleoptera, plant macroremains and pollen (Hautes-Alpes, France). - Holocene

Article GILLET FrançoisCorresp., Kohler Florian, Vandenberghe Charlotte, Buttler Alexandre - 2010 - Effect of dung deposition on small-scale patch structure and seasonal vegetation dynamics in mountain pastures. - Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment

Article Thébault Aurélie, Frey B., Mitchell Edward, BUTTLER Alexandre - 2010 - Species-specific effects of polyploidisation, range and plant traits of Centaurea maculosa and Senecio inaequidens on rhizosphere microorganisms. - Oecologia

Communication Siegenthaler Andy, Gattinger Andreas, Francez Andre-Jean, GILBERT Daniel, Buttler Alexandre, Tonolla Mauro, Mitchell Edward A. D. - 2009 - Various litter species and high water-table levels hamper type II methanotrophs in a bare peatland regeneration experiment. - Peatnet International Congress ‘Carbon in Peatlands' (Praha, CZ)

Communication Siegenthaler Andy, Artz Rebekka R.E., Francez Andre-Jean, BUTTLER Alexandre, Samaritani Emanuela, GILBERT Daniel, Yli-Petays Mika, Bortoluzzi Estelle, Tonolla Mauro, Mitchell Edward - 2009 - Contrasted Relationships Between Type I and Type II Methanotrophs, The Conditions Found in Typical Regeneration Stages Across European Peatlands and the Elapsed Time Since Abandonment of the Peat Cutting. - 2nd International Symposium on “Peatlands in the Global Carbon Cycle” (Prague, CZ)

Communication Siegenthaler Andy, Artz A., Francez Andre-Jean, Buttler Alexandre, Samaritani Emanuela, GILBERT Daniel, Yli-Petays Mika, Bortoluzzi Estelle, Tonolla Mauro, Mitchell Edward A. D. - 2009 - Contrasted relationships between type I and type II methanotrophs, the conditions found in typical regeneration stages across European peatlands and the elapsed time since abandonment of the peat cutting. - Peatnet International Congress ‘Carbon in Peatlands' (Praha, CZ)

Communication Siegenthaler Andy, Gattinger Andreas, Francez Andre-Jean, GILBERT Daniel, BUTTLER Alexandre, Tonolla Mauro, Mitchell Edward A. D. - 2009 - Various Litter Species and High Water-Table Levels Hamper Type II Methanotrophs in a Bare Peatland Regeneration Experiment. - 2nd International Symposium on “Peatlands in the Global Carbon Cycle” will be held in Prague, Czech Republic on 25 - 30 September 2009 (Prague, CZ)

Article Vandenberghe Charlotte, Smit Chris, Pohl Mandi, BUTTLER Alexandre, Freléchoux François - 2009 - Does the strength of facilitation by nurse shrubs depend on grazing resistance of tree saplings?. - Basic and Applied Ecology

Article Mazier Florence, GALOP Didier, Gaillard M.J., Rendu Christine, Cugny Carole, Legaz Amaïa, PEYRON Odile, BUTTLER Alexandre - 2009 - Multidisciplinary approach to reconstructing local pastoral activities: an example from the Pyrenean Mountains (Pays Basque). - Holocene

Ouvrage Buttler Alexandre, Kohler Florian, GILLET François - 2009 - The Swiss mountain wooded pastures: patterns and processes. - Agroforestry in Europe: Current Status and Future Prospects

Communication Laggoun-Défarge Fatima, GILBERT Daniel, Buttler Alexandre, Epron Daniel, Francez Andre-Jean, Grasset Laurent, Mitchell Edward A. D., Guimbaud Christophe, Roy J.-C. - 2008 - Effects of experimental warming on carbon sink function of a temperate pristine mire : the PEATWARM project. - International Peat Society Congress (Tullamore, IE)

Communication Laggoun-Défarge Fatima, Gilbert Daniel, Buttler Alexandre, Epron Daniel, Francez Andre-Jean, Grasset Laurent, Guimbaud Christophe, Mitchell Edward, Roy Jean-Claude - 2008 - Effects of experimental warming on Carbon sink function of a temperate pristine mire : The project PEATWARM. - Proceedings of the 13th International Peat Congress, Ireland, Tullamore, 8-13 June 2008, IPS (Finland) (Tulamore, FI)

Article Artz Rebekka R.E., Chapman Stephen J., Siegenthaler Andy, Mitchell Edward A. D., Buttler Alexandre, Bortoluzzi Estelle, Gilbert Daniel, Yli-Petays Mika, Vasander Harri, Francez Andre-Jean - 2008 - Functional microbial diversity in regenerating cutover peatlands responds to vegetation succession. - Journal of Applied Ecology

Article MAZIER FlorenceCorresp., Brostöm A., Gaillard Marie-José, Sugita S., Vittoz Pascal, BUTTLER Alexandre - 2008 - Pollen productivity estimates and Relevant Source Area for major taxa in a pasture woodland (Jura mountains, Switzerland). - Vegetation History and Archaeobotany

Article Vandenberghe Charlotte, Freléchoux François, BUTTLER Alexandre - 2008 - The influence of competition from herbaceous vegetation and shade on simulated browsing tolerance of coniferous and deciduous saplings. - Oikos

Article Vandenberghe Charlotte, Freléchoux François, Moravie Marie-Agnès, Gadallah Fahzia, BUTTLER Alexandre - 2007 - Short-term effects of cattle browsing on tree sapling growth in mountain wooded pastures. - Plant Ecology and Evolution

Article Bortoluzzi Estelle, Epron Daniel, Siegenthaler Andy, GILBERT Daniel, Buttler Alexandre - 2006 - Carbon balance of a European mountain bog at contrasting stages of regeneration. - New Phytologist

Article Kohler Florian, GILLET François, Gobat Jean-Michel, Buttler Alexandre - 2006 - Effect of cattle activities on gap colonisation in mountain pastures. - Folia Geobotanica

Article Mazier Florence, GALOP Didier, Brun Cécile, BUTTLER Alexandre - 2006 - Modern pollen assemblages from grazed vegetation in the western Pyrenees, France: a numerical tool for more precise reconstruction of past cultural landscapes. - Holocene

Article Court-Picon Mona, BUTTLER AlexandreCorresp., De Beaulieu Jacques-Louis - 2006 - Modern pollen/vegetation/land-use relationships in mountain environments: an example from the Champsaur valley (French Alps). - Vegetation History and Archaeobotany

Article DUFOUR AlexiaCorresp., Gadallah Fahzia, Wagner Helene, Guisan Antoine, BUTTLER Alexandre - 2006 - Plant species richness and environmental heterogeneity in a mountain landscape: effects of variability and spatial configuration. - Ecography

Communication Artz Rebekka R.E., Campbell John L., Buttler Alexandre, Francez Andre-Jean, Laggoun-Défarge Fatima, Vasander Harri, Schloter Michael, Epron Daniel, Gilbert Daniel, Mitchell E., Chapman Steve - 2006 - Reconciling commercial exploitation of peat with biodiversity in peatland ecosystems (RECIPE). - European Society of Wetland Scientists Meeting (Bangor, GB)

Article Kohler Florian, GILLET FrançoisCorresp., Reust Stéphanie, Wagner Helene, Gadallah Fahzia, Gobat Jean-Michel, Buttler Alexandre - 2006 - Spatial and seasonal patterns of cattle habitat use in a mountain wooded pasture. - Landscape Ecology

Communication Maitre Carine, Gilbert Daniel, Buttler Alexandre, Epron Daniel, Francez Andre-Jean, Laggoun-Défarge Fatima, Jacques-Jouvenot D. - 2004 - Economic and sociological approaches of french peatlands. - 12th International Peat Congress: Wise Use of Peatlands (Tampere, FI)

Communication Mitchell E., Chapman Steve, Buttler Alexandre, Combe Jean, Francez Andre-Jean, Gilbert Daniel, Harms Hauke, Laggoun-Défarge Fatima, Schloter M., Vasander Harri - 2004 - Reconciling commercial exploitation of peat with biodiversity in peatland ecosystems (EU Project RECIPE). - 7th INTECOL International, Wetlands Conference (Utrecht, NL)

Article Chapman Steve, Buttler Alexandre, Francez Andre-Jean, Laggoun-Défarge Fatima, Vasander Harri, Schloter Michael, Combe Jean, Grosvernier Philippe, Harms Hauke, Epron Daniel, Gilbert Daniel, Mitchell Edward - 2003 - Exploitation of northern peatlands and biodiversity maintenance: a conflict between economy and ecology. - Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment