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Article Roche Kévin, CAPELLI Nicolas, Pacciani Elsa, Lelli Paolo, Pallecchi Pasquino, Bianucci Raffaella, Le Bailly Matthieu - 2021 - Gastrointestinal parasite burden in 4th-5th c. CE Florence highlighted by microscopy and paleogenetics. - Infection, Genetics and Evolution

Article LOUZON Maxime, GIMBERT Frédéric, Belly Thibault, AMIOT Caroline, Pauget Benjamin, DE VAUFLEURY Annette, CAPELLI Nicolas - 2021 - From environmental bioavailability of metal(loid)s to their ecogenotoxicological effects in land snails. - Environmental Science and Pollution Research

Article LOUZON Maxime, Zahn Sandrine, CAPELLI Nicolas, Massemin Sylvie, COEURDASSIER Michaël, Pauget Benjamin, GIMBERT Frédéric, DE VAUFLEURY Annette - 2020 - Impact of ageing and soil contaminants on telomere length in the land snail. - Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety

Article BAURAND Pierre-emmanuel, Dallinger Reinhard, Niederwanger Michael, CAPELLI Nicolas, Pedrini-Martha Veronika, DE VAUFLEURY Annette, Kendjo Eric, Houzé Sandrine, Mouri Oussama, Taieb Aida, Gay Frederick, Jauréguiberry Stéphane, Tantaoui Ilhame, Ndour Papa, Buffet Pierre, Piarroux Martine, Thellier Marc, PIARROUX Renaud - 2019 - Epidemiologic Trends in Malaria Incidence Among Travelers Returning to Metropolitan France, 1996-2016. - JAMA Network Open

Article ZAPPELINI Cyril, Alvarez-Lopez Vanessa, CAPELLI Nicolas, Guyeux Christophe, CHALOT Michel - 2018 - Streptomyces Dominate the Soil Under Betula Trees That Have Naturally Colonized a Red Gypsum Landfill. - Frontiers in microbiology

Communication ZAPPELINI Cyril, ASSAD Mohamad, CAPELLI Nicolas, TATIN-FROUX Fabienne, PARELLE Julien, VALOT Benoit, Maillard François, Blaudez Damien, CHALOT Michel - 2017 - Natural recolonization of tailings dumps by trees and microbes: a case study. - 14th International Conference on the Biogeochemistry of Trace Elements (ICOBTE) (Zurich, CH)

Article Baurand Pierre-Emmanuel, Dallinger Reinhard, Niederwanger Michael, CAPELLI Nicolas, Pedrini-Martha Veronika, DE VAUFLEURY Annette - 2016 - Metallothionein gene expression in embryos of the terrestrial snail (Cantareus aspersus) exposed to cadmium and copper in the Bordeaux mixture. - Environmental Science and Pollution Research

Article Baurand Pierre-Emmanuel, Dallinger Reinhard, Niederwanger Michael, CAPELLI Nicolas, Pedrini-Martha Veronika, De Vaufleury Annette - 2016 - Differential sensitivity of snail embryos to cadmium: relation to age and metallothionein gene expression. - Environmental Science and Pollution Research

Article Côte Nathalie M.-L., Daligault Julien, Pruvost Mélanie, Gorgé Olivier, Guimaraes Silvia, CAPELLI Nicolas, LE BAILLY Matthieu, Geigl Eva-Maria, Grange Thierry - 2016 - A New High-Throughput Approach to Genotype Ancient Human Gastrointestinal Parasites. - PLoS ONE

Article Baurand Pierre-Emmanuel, Pedrini-Martha Veronika, DE VAUFLEURY Annette, Niederwanger Michael, CAPELLI Nicolas, SCHEIFLER Renaud, Dallinger Reinhard - 2015 - Differential Expression of Metallothionein Isoforms in Terrestrial Snail Embryos Reflects Early Life Stage Adaptation to Metal Stress. - PLoS ONE

Article Rasheed-Depardieu Claire, PARELLE Julien, TATIN-FROUX Fabienne, PARENT Claire, CAPELLI Nicolas - 2015 - Short-term response to waterlogging in Quercus petraea and Quercus robur: a study of the root hydraulic responses and the transcriptional pattern of aquaporins. - Plant Physiology and Biochemistry

Article TATIN-FROUX FabienneCorresp., CAPELLI Nicolas, PARELLE Julien - 2014 - Cause-effect relationship among morphological adaptations, growth, and gas exchange response of pedunculate oak seedlings to waterlogging. - Annals of Forest Science

Article Baurand Pierre-Emmanuel, CAPELLI Nicolas, SCHEIFLER Renaud, De Vaufleury Annette - 2014 - An assessment of the embryotoxicity of cadmium in the terrestrial mollusk Cantareus aspersus: From bioaccumulation to impacts at different levels of biological organization. - Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety

Article Ben Salem Zohra, CAPELLI Nicolas, Laffray Xavier, Grisey Elise, Ayadi Habib, ALEYA Lotfi - 2014 - Seasonal variation of heavy metals in water, sediment and roach tissues in a landfill draining system pond (Etueffont, France). - Ecological Engineering

Article AFONSO Eve, Baurand Pierre-Emmanuel, Tournant Pierline, CAPELLI Nicolas - 2014 - First amplification of Eimeria hessei DNA from the lesser horseshoe bat (Rhinolophus hipposideros) and its phylogenetic relationships with Eimeria species from other bats and rodents. - Experimental Parasitology

Article Ben Salem Zohra, CAPELLI Nicolas, Grisey Elise, Baurand Pierre-Emmanuel, Ayadi Habib, ALEYA Lotfi - 2014 - First evidence of fish genotoxicity induced by heavy metals from landfill leachates: The advantage of using the RAPD-PCR technique. - Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety

Article Baurand Pierre-Emmanuel, De Vaufleury Annette, SCHEIFLER Renaud, CAPELLI NicolasCorresp. - 2013 - Coupling of random amplified polymorphic DNA profiles analysis and high resolution capillary electrophoresis system for the assessment of chemical genotoxicity. - Environmental Science Technology

Communication Drouhot Séverine, Tougard C., Pompanon F., Faure Olivier, DRUART Coline, Rioux D., Boyer F., Prudent Anne-Sophie, Goydadin A.-C., CAPELLI Nicolas, GIRAUDOUX Patrick, SCHEIFLER Renaud, RAOUL Francis - 2013 - A DNA metabarcoding approach to understand trophic transfers of pollutants. - 23RD Annual Meeting of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC, EUrope) (Glasgow, GB)

Article Rasheed-Depardieu Claire, PARENT Claire, Crèvecoeur Michèle, PARELLE Julien, TATIN-FROUX Fabienne, Le Provost Grégoire, CAPELLI Nicolas - 2012 - Identification and Expression of Nine Oak Aquaporin Genes in the Primary Root Axis of Two Oak Species, Quercus petraea and Quercus robur. - PLoS ONE

Article Parent Claire, Crevècoeur Michèle, CAPELLI Nicolas, Dat James - 2011 - Contrasting growth and adaptive responses of two oak species to flooding stress: role of non-symbiotic hemoglobin. - Plant Cell Environment

Article PARENT Claire, CAPELLI Nicolas, Dat James - 2008 - [Reactive oxygen species, stress and cell death in plants]. - Comptes Rendus Biologies

Article PARENT Claire, Berger Audrey, CAPELLI Nicolas, Crevècoeur Michèle, Dat James - 2008 - A novel non-symbiotic hemoglobin from oak: roles in root signalling and development?. - Plant Signaling Behavior

Article PARENT Claire, Berger Audrey, Folzer Hélène, Dat James, Crevècoeur Michèle, BADOT Pierre-Marie, CAPELLI Nicolas - 2008 - A novel nonsymbiotic hemoglobin from oak: cellular and tissue specificity of gene expression. - New Phytologist

Article CAPELLI Nicolas, PARENT Claire, Berger Audrey, Crèvecoeur Michèle, Dat James - 2008 - An Overview of Plant Responses to Soil Waterlogging. - Plant stress

Ouvrage Dat James, Folzer Hélène, PARENT Claire, BADOT Pierre-Marie, CAPELLI Nicolas - 2006 - Hypoxia Stress: Current Understanding and Perspectives. - Floriculture, Ornamental and Plant Biotechnology: Advances and Topical Issues