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Article ROCCHI Steffi, Sewell Thomas, VALOT Benoit, GODEAU Chloé, CARDOT-LABOISSIERE Audrey, MILLON Laurence, Fisher Matthew - 2021 - Molecular Epidemiology of Azole-Resistant Aspergillus fumigatus in France Shows Patient and Healthcare Links to Environmentally Occurring Genotypes. - Frontiers in microbiology

Article Jeanvoine Audrey, GODEAU Chloé, CARDOT-LABOISSIERE Audrey, REBOUX Gabriel, MILLON Laurence, ROCCHI Steffi - 2020 - Molecular Epidemiology of Azole-Resistant Aspergillus fumigatus in Sawmills of Eastern France by Microsatellite Genotyping. - Journal of Fungi

Article ROCCHI Steffi, REBOUX Gabriel, SCHERER-DIDIER Emeline, CARDOT-LABOISSIERE Audrey, Zaros Cécile, ROUZET Adeline, VALOT Benoit, Khan Sadia, Dufourg Marie-Noëlle, Leynaert Bénédicte, Raherison Chantal, MILLON Laurence - 2020 - Indoor Microbiome: Quantification of Exposure and Association with Geographical Location, Meteorological Factors, and Land Use in France. - Microorganisms

Article GODEAU Chloé, REBOUX Gabriel, SCHERER-DIDIER Emeline, CARDOT-LABOISSIERE Audrey, LECHENAULT-BERGEROT Clothilde, MILLON Laurence, ROCCHI Steffi - 2019 - Azole-resistant Aspergillus fumigatus in the hospital: Surveillance from flower beds to corridors. - Journal of Infection

Article REBOUX Gabriel, ROCCHI Steffi, CARDOT-LABOISSIERE Audrey, Ammari Habiba, Bochaton Martine, Gardin Guillaume, Rame Jean-Marc, MILLON Laurence - 2018 - Survey of 1012 moldy dwellings by culture fungal analysis: Threshold proposal for asthmatic patient management. - Indoor Air

Article ROCCHI Steffi, Ponçot Manon, CRINI Nadia, CARDOT-LABOISSIERE Audrey, VALOT Benoit, Godeau Chloé, Léchenault-Bergerot Clothilde, REBOUX Gabriel, CRINI Grégorio, MILLON Laurence - 2018 - Determination of azole fungal residues in soils and detection of Aspergillus fumigatus-resistant strains in market gardens of Eastern France. - Environmental Science and Pollution Research

Article BARRERA Coralie, Wild Pascal, Dorribo Victor, Savova-Bianchi Dessislava, CARDOT-LABOISSIERE Audrey, Pralong Jacques, Danuser Brigitta, Krief Peggy, MILLON Laurence, REBOUX Gabriel, Niculita-Hirzel Hélène - 2018 - Exposure to field vs. storage wheat dust: different consequences on respiratory symptoms and immune response among grain workers. - Archives of Environmental Occupational Health

Article KNAPP Jenny, GIRAUDOUX Patrick, Combes Benoit, Umhang Gérald, Boué Franck, Said-Ali Zeinaba, Aknouche Soufiane, Garcia Célie, VACHEYROU Mallory, CARDOT-LABOISSIERE Audrey, Raton Vincent, Comte Sébastien, Favier Stéphanie, Demerson Jean-Michel, Caillot Christophe, MILLON Laurence, RAOUL Francis - 2018 - Rural and urban distribution of wild and domestic carnivore stools in the context of Echinococcus multilocularis environmental exposure. - International Journal for Parasitology

Article ROUZET Adeline, REBOUX Gabriel, DALPHIN Jean-Charles, De Vuyst Paul, CARDOT-LABOISSIERE Audrey, VALOT Benoit, MILLON Laurence, ROUSSEL Sandrine - 2017 - Usefulness of à la carte antigens for bird fancier’s lung serodiagnosis: total dropping extract and/or dropping’s microflora antigens. - Journal of Medical Microbiology

Article ROCCHI Steffi, Tisserant Maxime, VALOT Benoit, CARDOT-LABOISSIERE Audrey, Frossard Victor, REBOUX Gabriel - 2016 - Quantification of Saprolegnia parasitica in river water using real-time quantitative PCR: from massive fish mortality to tap drinking water. - International Journal of Environmental Health Research

Article BARRERA Coralie, REBOUX Gabriel, CARDOT-LABOISSIERE Audrey, MILLON Laurence, Oppliger Anne, Le Govic Y., Guyot K., Certad G., Deschildre A., Novo R., Mary C., Sendid B., Viscogliosi E., Favennec L., Dei-Cas E., Fréalle E., Dutoit E. - 2016 - Assessment of microscopic and molecular tools for the diagnosis and follow-up of cryptosporidiosis in patients at risk. - European Journal of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases

Article BARRERA Coralie, Richaud-Thiriez Bénédicte, ROCCHI Steffi, ROGNON Benedicte, ROUSSEL Sandrine, GRENOUILLET Frédéric, CARDOT-LABOISSIERE Audrey, DALPHIN Jean-Charles, REBOUX Gabriel, MILLON Laurence - 2014 - New Commercially Available IgG Kits and Time-Resolved Fluorometric IgE Assay for Diagnosis of Allergic Bronchopulmonary Aspergillosis in Patients with Cystic Fibrosis. - Clinical and Vaccine Immunology