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CELLE Hélène

Université de Franche-Comté
Hydrogéologie, Hydrochimie

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Communication ABI NADER Anthony, ALBARIC Julie, STEINMANN Marc, Malet Jean-Philippe, Pohl Benjamin, Fores Benjamin, MARCHAND Anaïs, Geley Camille, Gros Marine, Susanto Kusnahadi, Ferhat Gilbert, STEFANI Vanessa, BOETSCH Anne, PELLECUER Deborah, Rega Mario, Claude Fontaine, CELLE Hélène, SUE Christian - 2021 - Seismic and hydro-geophysical monitoring in the Jura mountains. - 5èmes Rencontres Scientifiques et Techniques Résif (Obernai (67210), FR)

Article NLEND Bertil Yvon, CELLE Hélène, Huneau F., Garel E., Boum-Nkot S. Ngo, Etame J. - 2021 - Shallow urban aquifers under hyper-recharge equatorial conditions and strong anthropogenic constrains. Implications in terms of groundwater resources potential and integrated water resources management strategies. - Science of the Total Environment

Article ALBARIC Julie, STEINMANN Marc, ABI NADER Anthony, Malet Jean-Philippe, Fores Benjamin, Marchand Anaïs, Geley Camille, Gros Marine, Susanto Kusnahadi, Ferhat G., STEFANI Vanessa, BOETSCH Anne, Claude Fontaine, CELLE Hélène, SUE Christian - 2021 - Monitoring hydro-géophysique des réservoirs d'eau souterraine dans le Jura. - Lettre d'information Résif

Article NLEND Bertil YvonCorresp., CELLE Hélène, Risi Camille, Pohl Benjamin, Huneau Frédéric, Ngo Boum-Nkot Suzanne, Sèze Geneviève M., Roucou Pascal, Camberlin Pierre, Étamé Jacques, Ketchemen-Tandia Béatrice - 2020 - Identification of processes that control the stable isotope composition of rainwater in the humid tropical West-Central Africa. - Journal of Hydrology

Article CELLE Hélène, Bello M., Ketchemen-Tandia B., Nlend B., Huneau F., Fouepe A., Fantong W., Ngo Boum-Nkot S., Garel E. - 2019 - Shallow groundwater quality evolution after 20 years of exploitation in the southern Lake Chad: hydrochemistry and stable isotopes survey in the far north of Cameroon. - Environmental Earth Sciences

Article Quenet Mélanie, CELLE Hélène, Voldoire Olivier, ALBARIC Julie, Huneau Frédéric, PEIRY Jean-Luc, Allain Elisabeth, Garreau Alexandre, Aude Beauger - 2019 - Coupling hydrodynamic, geochemical and isotopic approaches to evaluate oxbow connection degree to the main stream and to adjunct alluvial aquifer. - Journal of Hydrology

Article Nlend Bertil, CELLE Hélène, Huneau Frederic, Ngo Boum-Nkot Suzanne, Garel Emilie, Fantong W.Y., Étamé Jacques, Beatrice Ketchemen-Tandia - 2019 - Surexploitation et pollution du Continental Terminal dans les grandes villes côtières ouest-africaines : conséquences et enjeux. - Géologues

Article Nlend B., CELLE Hélène, Huneau F., Ketchemen-Tandia B., Fantong W.Y., Boum-Nkot S. Ngo, Etame J. - 2018 - The impact of urban development on aquifers in large coastal cities of West Africa: Present status and future challenges. - Land Use Policy

Article Santoni S., Huneau F., Garel E., CELLE Hélène - 2018 - Multiple recharge processes to heterogeneous Mediterranean coastal aquifers and implications on recharge rates evolution in time. - Journal of Hydrology

Article Tweed S., CELLE Hélène, Cabot L., Huneau F., De Montety V., Nicolau N., Travi Y., Babic M., Aquilina Luc, Vergnaud-Ayraud V., Leblanc M. - 2018 - Impact of irrigated agriculture on groundwater resources in a temperate humid region. - Science of the Total Environment

Article Dumas E., Giraudo M, Goujon E., Halma M., Knhili E., Stauffert M., Batisson I., Besse-Hoggan P., Bohatier J., Bouchard P., CELLE Hélène, Costa Gomes M, Delbac F., Forano C., Goupil P., Guix N., Husson P., Ledoigt G., Mallet M., Mousty M, Prévot V., Richard Claire, Sarraute S. - 2017 - Fate and ecotoxicological impact of new generation herbicides from the triketone family: An overview to assess the environmental risks. - Journal of Hazardous Materials

Article CELLE Hélène, Nathalie Nicolau, Michel Gmyr, Mailhot Gilles, Devidal Jean-Luc, Huneau Frederic, Garel Emilie, Clauzet Marie-Laure, Siméon Olivier - 2017 - Présentation des réseaux DREAL Auvergne Rhône-Alpes et AUVERWATCH (AUVERgne WATer Chemistry) dédiés au suivi de la contamination en nitrates et de la qualité des eaux de la nappe alluviale de l’Allier (Auvergne, France). - Géologues -Paris-

Article Santoni S., Huneau F., Garel E., Aquilina L., Vergnaud-Ayraud V., Labasque T., CELLE Hélène - 2016 - Strontium isotopes as tracers of water-rocks interactions, mixing processes and residence time indicator of groundwater within the granite-carbonate coastal aquifer of Bonifacio (Corsica, France). - Science of the Total Environment

Communication Tweed S., CELLE Hélène, De Montety V., Travi Y., Aquilina L. Vergnaud-Ayraud V., Nicolau N., Huneau F., Leblanc M. - 2016 - Impacts of irrigation on groundwater recharge, mixing and quality: sandyaquifer of the Limagne Bourbonnaise (central France). - 43rd IAH Congress, (Montpellier, FR)

Communication Santoni S., Garel E., Huneau F., CELLE Hélène - 2016 - Stable isotope composition of rainwater as a proxy to delineate recharge processes to Mediterranean coastal aquifers. - 43rd IAH Congress (Montpellier, FR)

Article Jaunat J., Dupuy A., Huneau F., CELLE Hélène, Le Coustumer P. - 2016 - Dinâmica do escoamento das águas subterrâneas em aquíferos de rochas duras intemperizadas sob condições de mudanças climáticas: um exemplo ilustrativo de modelagem numérica através da abordagem do meio poroso equivalente no noroeste dos Pirineus (França). - Hydrogeology Journal

Communication CELLE Hélène, Devidal J.L., Mailhot G., Garel E., Huneau F., Clauzet M.L. - 2016 - The long term hydrological research site AUVER-WATCH (Allier hydrosystem, France): promoting interdisciplinary research into alluvial aquifers. - 35th International Geological Congress (Cape Town, ZA)

Communication Odeloui D., CELLE Hélène, Huneau F., Boukari M., Alassane A., Garel E., Lavastre V., Bertrand G. - 2016 - Groundwater contamination in relation with the increasing urbanization rate in Africa. Case of Cotonou and Porto Novo (Benin). - EGU General Assembly (Vienna, AT)

Communication Djebebe-Ndjiguim C.L., Foto E., Backo S., Zoudamba N., Basse-Keke E., Nguerekossi B., Alladin O. Huneau F., Garel R., CELLE Hélène, Mabingui J. - 2016 - Isotopic and geochemical characterization of groundwater of the Carnot-Berbérati sandstone formation (Western Central African Republic). - EGU General Assembly (Vienna, AT)

Communication Ketchemen-Tandia B., Mohammad B., Fouepe A., Nlend B., CELLE Hélène, Huneau F., Garel E. - 2016 - Shallow groundwater from the far north of Cameroon (southern Lake Chad): revisiting a 20 years old survey of hydrochemistry and stable isotopes. - EGU General Assembly (Vienna, AT)

Article Santoni S., Huneau F., Garel E., Vergnaud-Ayraud V., Labasque T., Aquilina L., Jaunat J., CELLE Hélène - 2016 - Residence time, mineralization processes and groundwater origin within a carbonate coastal aquifer with a thick unsaturated zone. - Journal of Hydrology

Article Asmael N., Huneau F., Garel E., CELLE Hélène, Le Coustumer P., Dupuy A., Hamid S. - 2015 - Origin and recharge mechanisms of groundwater in the upper part of the Awaj River (Syria) based on hydrochemistry and environmental isotope techniques. - Arabian Journal of Geosciences

Article Villanueva J., Le Coustumer P., Denis A., Abuyan R., Huneau F., Motelica-Heino M., Peyraube N., CELLE Hélène, Perez R., Espaldon M. - 2015 - Trends of labile trace metals in tropical urban water under highly contrasted weather conditions. - Environmental Science and Pollution Research

Communication CELLE Hélène, Devidal Jean-Luc, Bertrand Guillaume, Lavastre Veronique, Huneau Frederic, Garel Emilie, Clauzel M L - 2015 - AUVER-WATCH (Auvergne-Water-Chemistry), an experimental site for researcher and water managers. First years results of the chemical, isotopic and contaminant long term monitoring. - 42nd IAH International Congress "Hydrogeology: back to the Future!", 13-18 September 2015, Rome, Italy (Rome, IT)

Article Bertrand G., CELLE Hélène, Huneau F., Bailleux A., Mauri G., Lavastre V., Undereiner G., Girolami L., Moquet J.S. - 2015 - Contaminant transfer and hydrodispersive parameters in basaltic lava flows : artificial tracer test and implications for long-term management. - Central European Journal of Geosciences

Communication Djebebe-Ndjiguim Chantal-Laure, Foto Eric, Backo S, Basse-keke E, Nguerekossi B, Zoudamba N, Alladin O, Mabingui J., Huneau Frederic, Garel Emilie, CELLE Hélène - 2015 - New isotopic data on precipitation and River water in the Central African Republic (GNIP and GNIR stations at Bangui). - International Symposium on Isotope Hydrology, Revisiting Foundations and Exploring Frontiers, IAEA, Vienna, Austria, 11-15 May 2015 (Vienna, AT)

Communication Diane Odeloui, Alassane A, Daouda M, Sambienou G, Boukari M, Huneau Frederic, Garel Emilie, CELLE Hélène, Lavastre Veronique - 2015 - Use of environmental isotopes to assess sustainability of intensively exploited aquifer systems (2012-2015). First Results of the Coordinated Research Project CRP F33019. - Symposium on Isotope Hydrology, Revisiting Foundations and Exploring Frontiers, IAEA, Vienna, Austria, 11-15 May 2015. (Vienna, AT)

Article Asmael N., Huneau F., Garel E., CELLE Hélène, Le Coustumer P., Dupuy A. - 2014 - Hydrochemistry to delineate groundwater flow conditions in the Mogher Al Mer area (Damascus Basin, Southwestern Syria). - Environmental Earth Sciences

Communication Huneau Frederic, Aude Giacomini, Garel Emilie, Jaunat J., Sebastien Santoni, CELLE Hélène - 2014 - Thermal and mineral waters from the island of Corsica (France). From the hydrogeological characterization to the rebirth of the hydrothermal industry. - MinWat 2014, International Multidisciplinary Conference on Mineral Waters Genesis, Exploitation, Protection and Valorisation (Karlovy Vary, CZ)

Article Djebebe-Ndjiguim C.L., Huneau F., Denis A., Foto E., Moloto-A-Kenguemba G., CELLE Hélène, Garel E., Jaunat J., Mabingui J., Le Coustumer P. - 2013 - Characterization of the aquifers of the Bangui urban area, Central African Republic, as an alternative drinking water supply resource. - Hydrological Sciences Journal

Article Jaunat J., CELLE Hélène, Huneau F., Dupuy A., Le Coustumer P. - 2013 - Characterisation of the input signal to aquifers in the French Basque Country: Emphasis on parameters influencing the chemical and isotopic composition of recharge waters. - Journal of Hydrology

Article Jaunat J., Huneau F., Dupuy A., CELLE Hélène, Vergnaud-Ayraud V., Aquilina L., Labasque T., Le Coustumer P. - 2012 - Hydrochemical data and groundwater dating to infer differential flowpaths through weathered profiles of a fractured aquifer. - Applied Geochemistry

Article CELLE Hélène, Emblanch C., MUDRY Jacques, Charmoille A. - 2003 - Contribution of time tracers (Mg 2+ , TOC, δ 13 C TDIC , NO 3 − ) to understand the role of the unsaturated zone: A case study-Karst aquifers in the Doubs valley, eastern France. - Geophysical Research Letters

Article CELLE Hélène, EMBLANCH Christophe, MUDRY Jacques, Charmoille Arnaud - 2003 - Contribution of time tracers (Mg2+, TOC, d13CTDIC, NO3-) to understand the role of the unsaturated zone. A case study: karst aquifers in the Doubs valley, Eastern France. - Geophysical Research Letters

Article CELLE Hélène, Travi Yves, Blavoux Bernard - 2001 - Isotopic typology of the precipitation in the Western Mediterranean Region at three different time scales. - Geophysical Research Letters

Article CELLE Hélène, Michel Daniel, MUDRY Jacques, Blavoux Bernard - 2000 - Signal pluie et traçage par les isotopes stables en Méditerranée occidentale. Exemple de la région avignonnaise (SE de la France). - Comptes Rendus de l'Academie des Sciences Serie II