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Article CHARLES Jérémy, CRINI Grégorio, DEGIORGI François, SANCEY Bertrand, CRINI Nadia, BADOT Pierre-Marie - 2013 - unexpected toxic interactions in the freshwater amphipod Gammarus pulex (L.) exposed to binary copper and nickel mixtures. - Environmental Science and Pollution Research

Article Sancey Bertrand, Charles J., Trunfio Giuseppe, BADOT Pierre-Marie, Jacquot Marion, Xavier Hutinet, Gavoille Sophie, CRINI GrégorioCorresp. - 2011 - Effects of additional sorption treatment of industrial water discharge by cross-linked starch. - Industrial and engineering chemistry research

Article CHARLES Jérémy, Sancey Bertrand, CRINI Nadia, BADOT Pierre-Marie, DEGIORGI François, Trunfio Giuseppe, CRINI GrégorioCorresp. - 2011 - Evaluation of the phytotoxicity of polycontaminated industrial effluents using the lettuce plant (Lactuca sativa) as a bioindicator. - Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety

Article Sancey Bertrand, Trunfio Giuseppe, CHARLES Jérémy, BADOT Pierre-Marie, CRINI GrégorioCorresp. - 2011 - Sorption onto crosslinked cyclodextrin polymers for industrial pollutants removal: An interesting environmental approach. - Journal of Inclusion Phenomena and Macrocyclic Chemistry

Article CHARLES Jérémy, CRINI GrégorioCorresp., Sancey Bertrand, Trunfio Giuseppe, BADOT Pierre-Marie, CRINI Nadia, Minary Jean-François, Gavoille Sophie, Lagarrigue Céline, Torri Giangiacomo, Vismara Elena, Winterton Peter - 2011 - Suivi et optimisation d'une station de décontamination des eaux usées de la filière traitement de surface : abattement chimique et impact écotoxicologique. - Journal of Water Science / Revue des Sciences de l'Eau

Ouvrage CHARLES Jérémy, Sancey Bertrand, Giuseppe Trunfio, Pierre-Marie Badot, Michel De Carvahlo, Albert Colin, Michael Rietmann, Jean-François Minary, Emmanuel Grosjean, CRINI GrégorioCorresp. - 2010 - Pollutant removal from surface-treatment industry wastewaters by starch-based sorbents: Chemical abatement and impact on water toxicity. - Sorption Process and Pollution - Conventional and non-conventional sorbents for pollutant removal from wastewaters

Article François Renault, Sancey Bertrand, CHARLES Jérémy, CRINI Nadia, BADOT Pierre-Marie, Winterton Peter, CRINI GrégorioCorresp. - 2009 - Chitosan flocculation of cardboard-mill secondary biological wastewater. - Chemical Engineering Journal