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Université de Bourgogne


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Location: La Bouloie Office number: -217L

Understanging origenic systems - Geodynamical reconstructions - Ore deposit formation - Metal transfer during supergene weathering

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Article Smeraglia Luca, FABBRI Olivier, CHOULET Flavien - 2021 - Variation in structural styles within fold-and-thrust belts: Insights from field mapping, cross-sections balancing, and 2D-kinematic modelling in the Jura mountains (Eastern France). - Journal of Structural Geology

Article GAUTHIER-MANUEL Honorine, Radola Diane, CHOULET Flavien, BUATIER Martine, Vauthier Raphaël, Morvan Tatiana, Chavanne Walter, GIMBERT Frédéric - 2021 - A Multidisciplinary Approach for the Assessment of Origin, Fate and Ecotoxicity of Metal(loid)s from Legacy Coal Mine Tailings. - Toxics

Article Lin H., Szenknect Stephanie, Mesbah Adel, Baron F., Beaufort D., Batonneau Y., Mercadier J., EGLINGER A., Turuani M., Seydoux-Guillaume Anne-Magali, GONCALVES Philippe, CHOULET Flavien, Chapon V., Pagel M., Dacheux Nicolas - 2021 - A multiparametric study on the dissolution of synthetic brannerite. - npj Materials Degradation

Article Petitjean Quentin, CHOULET Flavien, WALTER-SIMONNET Anne-Véronique, MARIET Anne-Lise, Laurent Hervé, ROSENTHAL Patrick, DE VAUFLEURY Annette, GIMBERT Frédéric - 2021 - Origin, fate and ecotoxicity of manganese from legacy metallurgical wastes. - Chemosphere

Article Smeraglia Luca, Looser Nathan, FABBRI Olivier, CHOULET Flavien, Guillong Marcel, Bernasconi Stefano - 2021 - U–Pb dating of middle Eocene–Pliocene multiple tectonic pulses in the Alpine foreland. - Solid Earth

Article TURUANI Marion, Choulet Flavien, Eglinger Aurélien, Goncalves Philippe, Machault Julie, Mercadier Julien, Seydoux-Guillaume Anne-Magali, Reynaud Stephanie, Baron Fabien, Beaufort Daniel, Batonneau Yann, Gouy Sophie, Mesbah Adel, Szenknect Stephanie, Dacheux Nicolas, Chapon Virginie, Pagel Maurice - 2020 - Geochemical fingerprints of brannerite (UTi 2 O 6 ): an integrated study. - Mineralogical Magazine

Article Konari Mina, Rastad Ebrahim, Peter Jan, CHOULET Flavien, Kalender Leyla, Nakini Ali - 2020 - Sulfide ore facies, fluid inclusion and sulfur isotope characteristics of the Tappehsorkh Zn-Pb ( ± Ag-Ba) deposit, South Esfahan, Iran. - Geochemistry - Chemie der Erde

Article SMERAGLIA Luca, Fabri Olivier, CHOULET Flavien, BUATIER Martine, Boulvais Philippe, Bernasconi Stefano Michele, Castorina Francesca - 2020 - Syntectonic fluid flow and deformation mechanisms within the frontal thrust of foreland fold-and-thrust belt: Example from the Internal Jura, Eastern France. - Tectonophysics

Article Movahednia Mehdi, Rastad Ebrahim, Rajabi Abdorrahman, Maghfouri Sajjad, González Francisco, Alfonso Pura, CHOULET Flavien, Canet Carles - 2020 - The Ab-Bagh Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous sediment-hosted Zn-Pb deposit, Sanandaj-Sirjan zone of Iran: Ore geology, fluid inclusions and (S-Sr) isotopes. - Ore Geology Reviews

Article Choulet Flavien, RICHARD James, Boiron Marie-Christine, Dekoninck Augustin, Yans Johan - 2019 - Distribution of trace elements in willemite from the Belgium non-sulphide deposits. - European Journal of Mineralogy

Article Maghfouri Sajjad, Hosseinzadeh Mohammad, Lentz David, CHOULET Flavien - 2019 - Geological and geochemical constraints on the Farahabad vent-proximal sub-seafloor replacement SEDEX-type deposit, Southern Yazd basin, Iran. - Journal of Geochemical Exploration

Article Maghfouri Sajjad, Hosseinzadeh Mohammad, CHOULET Flavien, Azim Zadeh Amir, Rajabi Abdorrahman, Alfonso Pura, Zadeh A - 2019 - Vent-proximal sub-seafloor replacement clastic-carbonate hosted SEDEX- type mineralization in the Mehdiabad world-class Zn-Pb-Ba-(Cu-Ag) deposit, southern Yazd Basin, Iran. - Ore Geology Reviews

Article ZAPATA CARBONELL Jose Gonzalo, BEGEOT Carole, CARRY Nicolas, Choulet Flavien, Delhautal Pauline, GILLET François, GIRARDCLOS Olivier, MOULY Arnaud, CHALOT Michel - 2019 - Spontaneous ecological recovery of vegetation in a red gypsum landfill: Betula pendula dominates after 10 years of inactivity. - Ecological Engineering

Article Mesbah Adel, Szenknect Stephanie, Clavier Nicolas, Lin Hantao, Baron Fabien, Beaufort Daniel, Batonneau Yann, Mercadier Julien, Eglinger Aurélien, TURUANI Marion, GONCALVES Philippe, CHOULET Flavien, Chapon Virginie, Seydoux-Guillaume Anne-Magali, Pagel Maurice, Dacheux Nicolas - 2019 - Direct synthesis of pure brannerite UTi2O6. - Journal of Nuclear Materials

Communication CAMIZULI Estelle, Flament Julien, Sarah Guillaume, Fluck Pierre, GAUTHIER Joseph, BEGEOT Carole, CHOULET Flavien, GIMBERT Frédéric, WALTER-SIMONNET Anne-Véronique - 2018 - Caractérisation des minerais de l’Altenberg : work in progress. - Réunion annuelle de la Société archéologique française d’étude des mines et de la métallurgie (Fribourg-en-Brisgau, DE)

Communication ZAPATA CARBONELL Jose Gonzalo, BEGEOT Carole, CARRY Nicolas, CHOULET Flavien, GILLET François, GIRARDCLOS Olivier, MOULY Arnaud, CHALOT Michel - 2018 - Natural revegetation of a red gypsum dump. - 15th International Phytotechnology Conference (IPC) (Novi-sad, RS)

Article Zhu Xin, Wang Bo, Chen Yan, Liu Hongsheng, Horng Chorng-Shern, CHOULET Flavien, Faure Michel, Shu Liangshu, Xue Zhenhua - 2018 - First Early Permian Paleomagnetic Pole for the Yili Block and its Implications for Late Paleozoic Postorogenic Kinematic Evolution of the SW Central Asian Orogenic Belt. - Tectonics

Report Berranger Marion, Aubert Michel, BUATIER Martine, CHOULET Flavien, Disser Alexandre, GIRARDCLOS Olivier, GIMBERT Frédéric, Jeannot Rémy, Laurent Hervé, Laurent Sylvie, Leroy Marc, Merluzzo Paul, Florian MELANJOIE, Pietak Jean Pierre, Venault Stéphane, Adrien Sagesse - 2017 - Montholon (Aillant-sur-Tholon) «Bois des Ferriers». Sondages sur les ferriers n°1, 3 et 9. Rapport de sondage.

Article Maghfouri Sajjad, Rastad Ebrahim, Mousivand Fardin, CHOULET Flavien, Ye Lin - 2017 - Geological and geochemical constraints on the Cheshmeh-Frezi volcanogenic stratiform manganese deposit, southwest Sabzevar basin, Iran. - Ore Geology Reviews

Article Maghfouri Sajjad, Hosseinzadeh Mohammad, Rajabi Abdorrahman, CHOULET Flavien - 2017 - A review of major non-sulfide zinc deposits in Iran. - Geoscience Frontiers

Article CHOULET Flavien, Barbanson Luc, Martine Buatier, James Richard, Torsten Vennemann, Aomar Ennaciri, Mohamed Zouhair - 2017 - Characterization and origin of low-T willemite (Zn2SiO4) mineralization: the case of the Bou Arhous deposit (High Atlas, Morocco). - Mineralium Deposita

Article BUATIER Martine, Choulet Flavien, Petit Sabine, Chassagnon Rémi, Vennemann Torsten - 2016 - Nature and origin of natural Zn clay minerals from the Bou Arhous Zn ore deposit: Evidence from electron microscopy (SEM-TEM) and stable isotope compositions (H and O). - Applied Clay Science 

Article Maghfouri Sajjad, Hosseinzadeh Mohammad, Moayyed Mohsen, Movahednia Mehdi, CHOULET Flavien - 2016 - Geology, mineralization and sulfur isotopes geochemistry of the Mari Cu (Ag) Manto-type deposit, northern Zanjan, Iran. - Ore Geology Reviews

Article Charles Nicolas, CHOULET Flavien, Sizaret Stanislas, Chen Yan, Barbanson Luc, Ennaciri Aomar, Badra Lakhlifi, Branquet Yannick - 2016 - Internal structures and dating of non-sulphide Zn deposits 5 using rock magnetism: insights from the Moroccan High Atlas. - Mineralium Deposita

Article CHOULET Flavien, Faure Michel, Cluzel Dominique, Chen Yan, Lin Wei, Wang Bo, Xu Bei - 2016 - Toward a unified model of Altaids geodynamics: Insight from the Palaeozoic polycyclic evolution of West Junggar (NW China). - Science in China Series D Earth Sciences

Article CHOULET Flavien, BUATIER Martine, Barbanson Luc, Guégan Régis, Ennaciri A. - 2016 - Zinc-rich clays in supergene non-sulfide zinc deposits. - Mineralium Deposita 

Article Augier Romain, CHOULET Flavien, Faure Michel, Turillot Paul - 2015 - A turning-point in the evolution of the Variscan orogen: the ca. 325 Ma regional partial-melting event of the coastal South Armorican domain (South Brittany and Vendée, France). - Bulletin Société Géologique de France

Article Marcussen T., Spannagl M., Pfeifer M., Steuernagel B., Eversole K., Feuillet C., Sourdille Pierre, Kubalakova M., Vrana J., Singh K., CHOULET Flavien, Alberti A., Barbe V., Wincker P., Kanamori H., Matsumoto T., Sakai H., Tanaka T., Wu J., Batley J., Lien S., Wright J., Stein N., Quesneville H., Wicker T., Cattivelli L., Paux E., Sharma S., Appels R., Bellgard M. - 2014 - Ancient hybridizations among the ancestral genomes of bread wheat. - Science

Communication CHOULET Flavien, BUATIER Martine, Barbanson Luc, Guégan Régis, Ennaciri A. - 2014 - Characterization and origin of clays in the Bou Arhous (Morocco) non-sulfide Zn ore deposit. - International Mineralogical Association IMA 2014 (Johannesburg, ZA)

Communication CHOULET Flavien, Charles Nicolas, Barbanson Luc, Branquet Yannick, Sizaret Stanislas, Chen Yan, Ennaciri Aomar, Badra L. - 2014 - Non-sulfide zinc deposits of Morocco: from mineralogy to age characterization. - International Mineralogical Association IMA 2014 (Johannesburg, ZA)

Article Choulet Flavien, Cluzel Dominique, Faure Michel, Lin Wei, Wang Bo, Chen Yan, Wu Fuyuan, Ji Wenbin - 2012 - New constraints on the pre-Permian continental crust growth of Central Asia (West Junggar, China) by U-Pb and Hf isotopic data from detrital zircon. - Terra Nova

Article Choulet Flavien, Faure Michel, FABBRI Olivier, Monié Patrick - 2012 - Relationships between magmatism and extension along the Autun-La Serre fault system in the Variscan Belt of the eastern French Massif Central. - International Journal of Earth Sciences

Book THIERRY Vincent, ROLIN Patrick, BARRAU F., Catimel F., CHOULET Flavien, EGLINGER A., Moreau E., BELLE P., BOUCLY J., JUPPE E., LAFAY R. RAVIER M, REILE B. - 2011 - Carte géologique d'Ussel.

Other ROLIN PatrickCorresp., THIERRY Vincent, Dumont N., Choulet F., Mavel J. - 2009 - Carte géologique de la France au 1/50.000è, feuille de FELLETIN (n°691), Bureau de recherches géologique en minières, Orléans.