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Assistant Engineer - CNRS
Life science


julien.didier at

Location: La Bouloie Office number: -113M

Scientific productions:

Article LESTIENNE Marion, JOUFFROY-BAPICOT Isabelle, LEYSSENNE Déborah, Sabatier Pierre, Debret Maxime, Albertini Pierre-Jean, Colombaroli Danièle, DIDIER Julien, Hély Christelle, VANNIÈRE Boris - 2020 - Fires and human activities as key factors in the high diversity of Corsican vegetation. - The HOLOCENE

Article Sabatier Pierre, Nicolle Marie, Piot Christine, Colin Christophe, Debret Maxime, Swingedouw Didier, Perrette Yves, Bellingery Marie-Charlotte, Chazeau Benjamin, Develle Anne-Lise, Leblanc Maxime, Skonieczny Charlotte, Copard Yoann, Reyss Jean-Louis, Malet Emmanuel, JOUFFROY-BAPICOT Isabelle, Kelner Maëlle, Poulenard Jérôme, DIDIER Julien, Arnaud Fabien, VANNIÈRE Boris - 2020 - Past African dust inputs in the western Mediterranean area controlled by the complex interaction between the Intertropical Convergence Zone, the North Atlantic Oscillation, and total solar irradiance. - Climate of the Past

Article MAGNY Michel, Combourieu-Nebout N., De Beaulieu J.L., Bout-Roumazeilles V., Colombaroli D., Desprat S., Francke A., Joannin S., Peyron O., Revel Michel, Sadori L., Siani G., Sicre M.A., Samartin S., Simonneau Anaëlle, Tinner W., VANNIÈRE Boris, Wagner B., Zanchetta G., Anselmetti F., Brugiapaglia E., Chapron Emmanuel, Debret M., Desmet Marc, DIDIER Julien, Essallami L., GALOP Didier, Gilli A., MILLET Laurent, STOCK Agnès - 2013 - North-south palaeohydrological contrasts in the central Mediterranean during the Holocene: tentative synthesis and working hypotheses. - Climate of the Past Discussions

Article MAGNY Michel, GALOP Didier, Bellintani Paolo, Desmet Marc, DIDIER Julien, Haas Jean Nicolas, Martinelli Nicoletta, Pedrotti Annaluisa, Scandolari Romana, STOCK Agnès, VANNIÈRE Boris - 2009 - Late-Holocene climatic variability south of the Alps as recorded by lake-level fluctuations at Lake Ledro, Trentino, Italy. - Holocene