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Article LLANES Catherine, Tetard Alexandre, Foley Sarah, Mislin Gaëtan, Brunel Jean-Michel, Oliva Estefania, Torrealba Anzola Freddy, Zedet Andy, Cardey Bruno, Pellequer Yann, Ramseyer Christophe, Plésiat Patrick - 2021 - Negative Impact of Citral on Susceptibility of Pseudomonas aeruginosa to Antibiotics. - Frontiers in microbiology

Communication TETARD Alexandre, FOLEY-MEYER Sarah, TORREALBA ANZOLA Freddy, Plésiat Patrick, LLANES Catherine - 2021 - Citral with or without antibiotics to treat the opportunistic pathogen Pseudomonas aeruginosa: sometimes the remedy is worse than the disease. - European Young Investigators Meeting (EYIM). 44th European Cystic Fibrosis Society (ECFS) Conferences (Digital, FR)

Communication TETARD Alexandre, FOLEY-MEYER Sarah, TORREALBA ANZOLA Freddy, Mislin Gaetan, Pellequer Yann, PLESIAT Patrick, LLANES Catherine - 2021 - Huiles essentielles : effets du citral sur la résistance aux antibiotiques de Pseudomonas aeruginosa. - 22ème colloque français des Jeunes Chercheurs travaillant sur la Mucoviscidose (Digital, FR)

Article Hadi Tarik, RAMSEYER Christophe, Gautier Thomas, Bellaye Pierre-Simon, Lopez Tatiana, Schmitt Antonin, FOLEY-MEYER Sarah, YESYLEVSKYY Semen, MINERVINI Thibault, Douhard Romain, Dondaine Lucile, Proukhnitzky Lil, Messaoudi Samir, Wendremaire Maëva, Moreau Mathieu, Neiers F., Collin Bertrand, Denat Franck, Lagrost Laurent, Garrido Carmen, Lirussi Frederic - 2020 - Lipoproteins LDL versus HDL as nanocarriers to target either cancer cells or macrophages. - JCI Insight

Article Muller J., CARDEY Bruno, Zedet A., Desingle C., Grzybowski M., Pomper P., Foley S., Harakat D., RAMSEYER Christophe, Girard C., Pudlo M. - 2020 - Synthesis, evaluation and molecular modelling of piceatannol analogues as arginase inhibitors. - RSC Medicinal Chemistry

Article CARDEY Bruno, Minervini Thibault, Foley Sarah, Ramseyer Christophe, Enescu Mironel - 2019 - Fate of cisplatin and its main hydrolysed forms in the presence of thiolates: a comprehensive computational and experimental study. - Metallomics

Article CARDEY Bruno, Sjöberg Béatrice, Foley Sarah, Fromm Michel, Enescu Mironel - 2018 - Methionine oxidation by hydrogen peroxide in peptides and proteins: A theoretical and Raman spectroscopy study. - Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B Biology

Article Béatrice Sjöberg, FOLEY-MEYER Sarah, Staicu Angela, Pascu Alexandru, Pascu Mihail L., ENESCU Mironel - 2016 - Protein reactivity with singlet oxygen: Influence of the solvent exposure of the reactive amino acid residues. - Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B Biology

Article Yesylevskyy S., CARDEY Bruno, Kraszewski Sebastian, FOLEY-MEYER Sarah, ENESCU Mironel, Da Silva Jr. Antonio, Dos Santos Hélio, Ramseyer Christophe - 2015 - Empirical force field for cisplatin based on quantum dynamics data: case study of new parameterization scheme for coordination compounds. - Journal of Molecular Modeling

Article Béatrice Sjöberg, FOLEY-MEYER Sarah, CARDEY Bruno, ENESCU Mironel - 2014 - An experimental and theoretical study of the amino acid side chain Raman bands in proteins. - Spectrochimica Acta Part A Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy

Communication FOLEY-MEYER Sarah, Staicu Angela, Pascu Alexandru, ENESCU Mironel - 2011 - Photolysis of Bovine Serum Albumin by near UV irradiation. - XIVth European Conference on the Spectroscopy of Biological Molecules (Coimbra, PT)

Article David Catalina, FOLEY-MEYER Sarah, ENESCU MironelCorresp. - 2009 - Protein S-S bridges reduction: a Raman and computational study of lysozyme interaction with TCEP. - Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics

Article David Catalina, FOLEY-MEYER Sarah, MAVON Christophe, ENESCU MironelCorresp. - 2008 - Reductive unfolding of serum albumine uncovered by Raman spectroscopy. - Biopolymers

Article CARDEY Bruno, FOLEY-MEYER Sarah, ENESCU MironelCorresp. - 2007 - Mechanism of thiol oxidation by the superoxide radical. - Journal of Physical Chemistry A

Article ENESCU MironelCorresp., FOLEY-MEYER Sarah - 2007 - A Raman Spectroscopy and Theoretical Study of Zinc-Cysteine complexation. - Vibrational Spectroscopy