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Responsable : CRINI Nadia

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Article ROCCHI Steffi, Sewell Thomas, VALOT Benoit, GODEAU Chloé, CARDOT-LABOISSIERE Audrey, MILLON Laurence, Fisher Matthew - 2021 - Molecular Epidemiology of Azole-Resistant Aspergillus fumigatus in France Shows Patient and Healthcare Links to Environmentally Occurring Genotypes. - Frontiers in microbiology

Article ROCCHI Steffi, GODEAU Chloé, SCHERER-DIDIER Emeline, REBOUX Gabriel, MILLON Laurence - 2021 - One year later: The effect of changing azole-treated bulbs for organic tulips bulbs in hospital environment on the azole-resistant Aspergillus fumigatus rate. - Medical Mycology

Article Godeau Chloé, CRINI Nadia, Staelens Jean-Noël, Martel Bernard, Rocchi Steffi, Chanet Gilles, Fourmentin Marc, Crini Grégorio - 2021 - Adsorption of a triazole antifungal agent, difenoconazole, on soils from a cereal farm: Protective effect of hemp felt. - Environmental Technology and Innovation

Article Godeau Chloé, CRINI Nadia, Fenyvesi Éva, Haghighi Fatemeh, Fourmentin Marc, Millon Laurence, Ramseyer Christophe, Landy David, Crini Grégorio, Rocchi Steffi - 2021 - Reducing the Unintentional Impact of Triazole Fungicides on Aspergillus fumigatus: Are Cyclodextrins a Solution?. - Journal of Environmental Science and Public Health

Article Jeanvoine Audrey, GODEAU Chloé, CARDOT-LABOISSIERE Audrey, REBOUX Gabriel, MILLON Laurence, ROCCHI Steffi - 2020 - Molecular Epidemiology of Azole-Resistant Aspergillus fumigatus in Sawmills of Eastern France by Microsatellite Genotyping. - Journal of Fungi

Article GODEAU Chloé, REBOUX Gabriel, SCHERER-DIDIER Emeline, CARDOT-LABOISSIERE Audrey, LECHENAULT-BERGEROT Clothilde, MILLON Laurence, ROCCHI Steffi - 2019 - Azole-resistant Aspergillus fumigatus in the hospital: Surveillance from flower beds to corridors. - Journal of Infection

Article Rocchi Steffi, Morin-Crini Nadia, Léchenault-Bergerot Chlothilde, Godeau Chloé, Fourmentin Marc, Millon Laurence, CRINI Grégorio - 2019 - Effect of the interaction between cyclodextrin and difenoconazole on the growth of mold causing serious fungal infections. - Environnement, Risques and Santé

Article ROCCHI Steffi, Ponçot Manon, CRINI Nadia, CARDOT-LABOISSIERE Audrey, VALOT Benoit, Godeau Chloé, Léchenault-Bergerot Clothilde, REBOUX Gabriel, CRINI Grégorio, MILLON Laurence - 2018 - Determination of azole fungal residues in soils and detection of Aspergillus fumigatus-resistant strains in market gardens of Eastern France. - Environmental Science and Pollution Research