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GROETZ Jean-Emmanuel

Maître de Conférences
Université de Franche-Comté

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Article GROETZ Jean-Emmanuel, FROMM MichelCorresp., Abu-Shady M., GROETZ Jean-Emmanuel, Awad E.M. - 2021 - Etched track profiles for relativistic 7 GeV silicon and 17.48 GeV Nickel ions in PADC detector: The case study of convex track walls. - Radiation Physics and Chemistry

Article Chambelland Caroline, Ducret Didier, RANDRIANANDRAINA Joharimanitra, GRIVET Manuel, RAMSEYER Christophe, CARDEY Bruno, GROETZ Jean-Emmanuel - 2021 - Vers une compréhension fine du devenir de l'eau tritiée adsorbée sur zéolithe. - Chocs

Article GRIVET Manuel, RANDRIANANDRAINA Joharimanitra, Badawi Michael, CARDEY Bruno, GROETZ Jean-Emmanuel, RAMSEYER Christophe, TORREALBA ANZOLA Freddy, Chambelland Caroline, Ducret Didier - 2021 - Adsorption of water in Na-LTA zeolites: an ab initio molecular dynamics investigation. - Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics

Article Chambelland Caroline, GRIVET Manuel, RANDRIANANDRAINA Joharimanitra, RAMSEYER Christophe, GROETZ Jean-Emmanuel, Ducret Didier, CARDEY Bruno, TORREALBA ANZOLA Freddy - 2021 - L’eau tritiée fait sa propre radiolyse. - L'Actualité Chimique

Article GROETZ Jean-Emmanuel, Kusumoto Tamon, Okada Shogo, Kurashige Hisaya, Kobayashi Kazuo, FROMM Michel, Raffy Quentin, Ludwig Nicolas, Kanasaki Masato, Oda Keiji, Honda Yoshihide, Tojo Sachiko, Ogawara Ryo, Kodaira Satoshi, Barillon Rémi, Yamauchi Tomoya - 2020 - Evidence for a critical dose above which damage to carbonate ester bonds in PADC appear after gamma ray and ultra soft X-ray exposures. - Radiation Physics and Chemistry

Article SCHMITT Nicolas, Colas S., Saurel N., Bassignot F., Vuillemin B., GROETZ Jean-EmmanuelCorresp. - 2020 - Detector-electrode for alpha spectrometry in water sample, numerical and early feasibility investigation toward thermocompression bonding assembly process. - Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment

Article GROETZ Jean-Emmanuel, Boumala D., Belafrites A., Tedjani A., Mavon Ch., GROETZ Jean-Emmanuel - 2019 - Annual effective dose and excess life time cancer risk assessment from tobacco plants. - Perspectives in Science

Article Boumala D., MAVON Christophe, Belafrites A., Tedjani A., GROETZ Jean-Emmanuel - 2018 - Evaluation of radionuclide concentrations and external gamma radiation levels in phosphate ores and fertilizers commonly used in Algeria. - Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry

Article Hamdi Dounia, Chevalier François, GROETZ Jean-Emmanuel, Durantel Florent, Thuret Jean-Yves, Mann Carl, Saintigny Yannick - 2016 - RBE and Particle Therapy Biology Comparable Senescence Induction in Three-dimensional Human Cartilage Model by Exposure to Therapeutic Doses of X-rays or C-ions. - International Journal of Radiation Oncology - Biology - Physics

Article Frances Laëtitia, GRIVET Manuel, Renault Jean-Philippe, GROETZ Jean-Emmanuel, Ducret Didier - 2015 - Hydrogen radiolytic release from zeolite 4A/water systems under γ irradiations. - Radiation Physics and Chemistry

Article GROETZ Jean-EmmanuelCorresp., Ounoughi Nabil, MAVON Christophe, Belafrites A, FROMM Michel - 2014 - Conception and realization of a parallel-plate free-air ionization chamber for the absolute dosimetry of an ultrasoft X-ray beam. - Review of Scientific Instruments

Article Ounoughi Nabil, MAVON Christophe, Belafrites Abdelfettah, GROETZ Jean-Emmanuel, FROMM MichelCorresp. - 2013 - Beam characterization of a lab bench cold cathode ultra-soft X-ray generator. - Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms

Communication Gonon Géraldine, GROETZ Jean-Emmanuel, De Toledo Sonia M, Howell Roger, FROMM Michel, Azzam Edouard I - 2013 - Low fluences of High Charge, High Energy (HZE) particles: kinetics of biologic responses and significance of secondary radiations. - NEUDOS 12 - Neutron and Ion Dosimetry Symposium (Aix en provence, FR)

Article GONON Géraldine, GROETZ Jean-Emmanuel, De Toledo Sonia M, Howell Roger W, FROMM MichelCorresp., Azzam Edouard I - 2013 - Non-targeted Stressful Effects in Normal Human Fibroblast Cultures Exposed to Low Fluences of High Charge, High-Energy (HZE) Particles: Kinetics of Biologic Responses and Significance of Secondary Radiations. - Radiation Research