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Article Colnot J., Barraux V., Loiseau C., Berejny P., Batalla A., GSCHWIND Régine, Huet C. - 2019 - A new Monte Carlo model of a Cyberknife® system for the precise determination of out-of-field doses. - Physics in Medicine and Biology

Article Colnot J., Garnier G., Zefkili S., Dumas Jl., GSCHWIND Régine, Huet C. - 2019 - Development of an experimental 3-D tool based on radiochromic films to determine normal tissue doses in external radiotherapy. - J. Phys. Conference Series

Article Colnot Julie, Huet Christelle, GSCHWIND Régine, Clairand Isabelle - 2018 - Characterisation of two new radiochromic gel dosimeters TruView™ and ClearView™ in combination with the vista™ optical CT scanner: A feasibility study. - Physica Medica

Brevet BLEUSE Olivier, Bailly Yannick, GSCHWIND Régine, MAKOVICKA Libor, Laurent Kevin, Guermeur François - 2017 - Dispositif de mesure optique par lumière polarisée de doses d’irradiation absorbée par un gel dosimétrique.

Article BLEUSE Olivier, GSCHWIND Régine, Bailly Y, Laurent K, Bartova H, Pilarova K, Spevacek V, Makovicka L - 2017 - 3D Dosimetry based on a new optical approach for dosimetry gels:Use of the polarisation ratio of the scattering light. - Journal of Physics Conferences Series

Article Caccia Barbara, Le Roy Maïwen, Blideanu Valentin, Andenna Claudio, Arun Chairmadurai, Czarnecki Damian, El Bardouni Tarek, GSCHWIND Régine, Huot Nicolas, MARTIN Eric, Zink Klemens, Zoubair Mariam, Price Robert, De Carlan Loïc - 2017 - EURADOS intercomparison exercice on Monte Carlo modelling of a medical linear accelarator. - Annali dell'Istituto Superiore di Sanità

Ouvrage LERTRUSDACHAKUL Intuon, LENI Pierre-Emmanuel, GSCHWIND Régine - 2016 - Enhancement of breathing simulation using individual lobe segmentation.

Article LENI Pierre-Emmanuel, Laurent Remy, Salomon Michel, GSCHWIND Régine, Makovicka Libor, HENRIET Julien - 2016 - Development of a 4D numerical chest phantom with customizable breathing. - Physica Medica

Article DE CONTO Céline, GSCHWIND Régine, MARTIN Emmanuelle, Makovicka Libor - 2014 - Study of influence of dental prostheses in radiation therapy. - Physica Medica

Article Laurent Remy, GSCHWIND Régine, Salomon Michel, HENRIET Julien, Makovicka Libor - 2012 - Perspective of the NEMOSIS platform in the context of dose reduction in imaging. - Radioprotection

Communication Makovicka L., Laurent R., LENI Pierre-Emmanuel, HENRIET Julien, MARTIN Emmanuelle, GSCHWIND Régine - 2012 - Use of some artificial intelligence elements in medical dosimetry and in radiation protection. - XXXIV. Days of Radiation Protection / Dny radiacni Ochrany (Trebon, CZ)

Article Laurent Rémy, Salomon Michel, HENRIET Julien, Sauget Marc, GSCHWIND Régine, Makovicka Libor - 2012 - Data Processing using Artificial Neural Networks to Improve the Simulation of Lung Motion. - Biomedical Engineering Applications, Basis and Communications

Article Laurent Remy, HENRIET Julien, Salomon Michel, Sauget Marc, GSCHWIND Régine, Makovicka Libor - 2012 - Respiratory lung motion using an artificial neural network. - Neural Computing Applications

Autre Roxin Ana, GSCHWIND Régine, Makovicka Libor, Roxin Ioan, HENRIET Julien - 2011 - CEFOR@D - Plateforme de formation à distance pour la radioprotection médicale.

Communication Laurent R., Henriet Julien, Salomon M., Sauget M., Gschwind R., MAKOVICKA Libor - 2011 - Development of an innovative method to simulate lung motions. - ECCO16 - ESMO36 -ESTRO30 - European Journal of Cancer (Stockholm, SE)

Communication De Conto C., Gschwind R., Martin E., MAKOVICKA Libor - 2011 - Influence of high density inhomogeneity of dental prostheses in radiation therapy. - ECCO16- ESMO36- ESTRO30-European Journal of Cancer (Stockholm, SE)

Autre Roxin Ana, GSCHWIND Régine, Makovicka Libor, HENRIET Julien - 2011 - Plateforme d'apprentissage à distance en radioprotection médicale.

Article Laurent Remy, Henriet Julien, Salomon Michel, Sauget Marc, Nguyen France, GSCHWIND Régine, Makovicka Libor - 2011 - Simulation of lung motions using an artificial neural network. - Cancer Radiothérapie