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Productions scientifiques :

Article Khalil Talat Tariq, Bazzi Rana, Roux Stéphane, FROMM Michel - 2019 - The contribution of hydrogen peroxide to the radiosensitizing effect of gold nanoparticles. - Colloids and Surfaces B Biointerfaces

Article KHALIL Talat, Boulanouar O., Heintz O., FROMM Michel - 2017 - Auto-assembly of nanometer thick, water soluble layers of plasmid DNA complexed with diamines and basic amino acids on graphite: Greatest DNA protection is obtained with arginine. - Materials Science and Engineering C

Article Souici Mounir, Khalil Talat T., Muller Dominique, Raffy Quentin, Barillon Rémi, Belafrites Abdelfettah, Champion Christophe, FROMM Michel - 2017 - Single- and Double-Strand Breaks of Dry DNA Exposed to Protons at Bragg-Peak Energies. - Journal of Physical Chemistry B

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