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LENI Pierre-Emmanuel

Associate Professor
Université de Franche-Comté
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Book LERTRUSDACHAKUL Intuon, LENI Pierre-Emmanuel, GSCHWIND Régine - 2016 - Enhancement of breathing simulation using individual lobe segmentation.

Article LENI Pierre-Emmanuel, Laurent Remy, Salomon Michel, GSCHWIND Régine, Makovicka Libor, HENRIET Julien - 2016 - Development of a 4D numerical chest phantom with customizable breathing. - Physica Medica

Article LENI Pierre-Emmanuel, Fougerolle Yohan, Truchetet Frederic - 2014 - Progressive transmission of secured images with authentication using decompositions into monovariate functions. - Journal of Electronic Imaging

Article HENRIET Julien, Leni Pierre-Emmanuel, Laurent Remy, Salomon Michel - 2014 - Case-Based Reasoning adaptation of numerical representations of human organs by interpolation. - Expert Systems with Applications

Article HENRIET Julien, Chatonnay Pascal, Leni Pierre-Emmanuel - 2014 - An iterative precision vector to optimise the CBR adaptation of EquiVox. - Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Communication Makovicka L., Laurent R., LENI Pierre-Emmanuel, HENRIET Julien, MARTIN Emmanuelle, GSCHWIND Régine - 2012 - Use of some artificial intelligence elements in medical dosimetry and in radiation protection. - XXXIV. Days of Radiation Protection / Dny radiacni Ochrany (Trebon, CZ)

Article HENRIET Julien, Leni Pierre-Emmanuel, Laurent Remy, Roxin Ana, Chebel-Morello Brigitte, Salomon Michel, Farah Jad, Broggio David, Franck Didier, Makovicka Libor - 2012 - Adapting numerical representations of lung contours using Case-Based Reasoning and Artificial Neural Networks. - Lecture Notes in Computer Science