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At the institute from 1 September 2013 to 1 October 2019

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Article Zhao Xueqin, Dupont Lydie, Kölling Martin, Reddad Hanane, Groeneveld Jeroen, Ain-Lhout Fatima Zohra, Bouimetarhan Ilham, Kaniewski David, MARRINER Nick, Cheddadi Rachid, Morhange Christophe, Bretschneider Joachim, Jans Greta, Otto Thierry, Luce Frédéric, Van Campo Elise - 2019 - Recent climatic and anthropogenic impacts on endemic species in southwestern Morocco. - Quaternary Science Reviews

Article Kaniewski David, MARRINER Nick, Cheddadi Rachid, Morhange Christophe, Bretschneider Joachim, Jans Greta, Otto Thierry, Luce Frédéric, Van Campo Elise - 2019 - Cold and dry outbreaks in the eastern Mediterranean 3200 years ago. - Geology

Article Giaime Matthieu, MARRINER Nick, Morhange Christophe - 2019 - Evolution of ancient harbours in deltaic contexts: A geoarchaeological typology. - Earth-Science Reviews

Article MARRINER NickCorresp., Kaniewski David, Gambin Timmy, Gambin Belinda, VANNIÈRE Boris, Morhange Christophe, Djamali Morteza, Kazuyo Tachikawa, Robin Vincent, RIUS Damien, Bard Edouard - 2019 - Fire as a motor of rapid environmental degradation during the earliest peopling of Malta 7500 years ago. - Quaternary Science Reviews

Article Aubert Cyril, Djamali Morteza, Jones Matthew, Lahijani Hamid, MARRINER Nick, Naderi-Beni Abdolmajid, Sharifi Arash, Ponel Philippe, Gandouin Emmanuel - 2019 - A major hydrobiological change in Dasht-e Arjan Wetland (southwestern Iran) during the late glacial – early Holocene transition revealed by subfossil chironomids. - Canadian journal of earth sciences

Article Kaniewski David, MARRINER Nick, Bretschneider Joachim, Jans Greta, Morhange Christophe, Cheddadi Rachid, Otto Thierry, Luce Frédéric, Van Campo Elise - 2019 - 300-year drought frames Late Bronze Age to Early Iron Age transition in the Near East: new palaeoecological data from Cyprus and Syria. - Regional Environmental Change

Article Kaniewski D., MARRINER Nick, Morhange C., Vacchi M., Sarti G., Rossi V., Bini M., Pasquinucci M., Allinne C., Otto T., Luce F., Van Campo E. - 2018 - Holocene evolution of Portus Pisanus, the lost harbour of Pisa. - Scientific Reports

Article Pourkerman Majid, MARRINER Nick, Morhange Christophe, Djamali Morteza, Amjadi Sedighe, Lahijani Hamid, Beni Abdolmajid, Vacchi Matteo, Tofighian Hossein, Shah-Hoesseini Majid - 2018 - Tracking shoreline erosion of “at risk” coastal archaeology: the example of ancient Siraf (Iran, Persian Gulf). - Applied Geography

Article Karkani Anna, Evelpidou Niki, Giaime Matthieu, MARRINER Nick, Maroukian Hampik, Morhange Christophe - 2018 - Late Holocene palaeogeographical evolution of Paroikia Bay (Paros Island, Greece). - Comptes Rendus Géoscience

Article Giaime Matthieu, Morhange Christophe, MARRINER Nick, López-Cadavid Gloria, Artzy Michal - 2018 - Geoarchaeological investigations at Akko, Israel: New insights into landscape changes and related anchorage locations since the Bronze Age. - Geoarchaeology

Article Shaalan Cécile, AWAD ISMAËL, Dixneuf Delphine, Flaux Clement, Kaniewski David, MARRINER Nick, Nenna Marie-Dominique, Pichot Valérie - 2018 - Pour une carte archéologique et paléoenvironnementale de la Maréotide: le programme GEOMAR. - Riparia

Article Giaime Matthieu, Morhange Christophe, Cau Ontiveros Miguel Ángel, Fornós Joan, Vacchi Matteo, MARRINER Nick - 2017 - In search of Pollentia 's southern harbour: Geoarchaeological evidence from the Bay of Alcúdia (Mallorca, Spain). - Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology

Communication Gambin Belinda, Andrieu-Ponel Valérie, Medail Frederic, MARRINER Nick, Peyron Odile, Montade Vincent, T. Gambin, Morhange Christophe, Belkacem Dahvya, Djamali Morteza - 2016 - Vegetation history, climate dynamics and cultural change in Malta: a Holocene perspective. - SFECOLOGIE 2016. International Conference on Ecological Sciences (Marseille, FR)

Article Morhange Christophe, Giaime Matthieu, MARRINER Nick, Hamid Amani Abu, Bruneton Hélène, Honnorat Anasthasie, Kaniewski David, Magnin Frédéric, Porotov Alexeï V., Wante Jérôme, Zviely Dov, Artzy Michal - 2016 - Geoarchaeological evolution of Tel Akko's ancient harbour (Israel). - Journal of Archaeological Science Reports

Article Vacchi Matteo, MARRINER Nick, Morhange Christophe, Spada Giorgio, Fontana Alessandro, Rovere Alessio - 2016 - Multiproxy assessment of Holocene relative sea-level changes in the western Mediterranean: Sea-level variability and improvements in the definition of the isostatic signal. - Earth-Science Reviews

Article Giaime Matthieu, Avnaim-Katav Simona, Morhange Christophe, MARRINER Nick, Rostek Frauke, Porotov Alexey V., Baralis Alexandre, Kaniewski David, Brückner Helmut, Kelterbaum Daniel - 2016 - Evolution of Taman Peninsula's ancient Bosphorus channels, south-west Russia: Deltaic progradation and Greek colonisation. - Journal of Archaeological Science Reports

Article Gambin B., Andrieu-Ponel Valérie, Médail F., MARRINER Nick, Peyron O., Montade V., Gambin T., Morhange C., Belkacem D., Djamali M. - 2016 - 7300 years of vegetation history and climate for NW Malta: a Holocene perspective. - Climate of the Past

Article Kaniewski David, Giaime Matthieu, MARRINER Nick, Morhange Christophe, Bolikhovskaya Nataliya, Porotov Alexey, Van campo Elise - 2016 - Émergence de l’agriculture dans la péninsule de Taman, Russie. - Méditerranée

Article Morhange Christophe, MARRINER Nick, Baralis Alexandre, Blot Maria, Bony Guenaelle, Carayon Nicolas, Carmona Pilar, Flaux Clement, Giaime Matthieu, Goiran Jean-Philippe, Kouka Mourad, Lena Anna, Oueslati Ameur, Pasquinucci Marinella, Porotov Alexeï - 2015 - DYNAMIQUES GÉOMORPHOLOGIQUES ET TYPOLOGIE GÉOARCHEOLOGIQUE DES PORTS ANTIQUES EN CONTEXTES LAGUNAIRES. - QUATERNAIRE

Communication Morhange Christophe, Bony Guenaelle, El-Assal Mena, Flaux Clement, Giaime Matthieu, Kouka Mourad, MARRINER Nick - 2015 - Géoarchéologie des ports lagunaires en Méditerranée et en mer Noire. - 2e rencontre de l’ATEQ, Paléolagunes et terres humides quaternaires des littoraux méditerranéens. (Hammamet, TN)

Book Goiran Jean-Philippe, MARRINER Nick, Geyer Bernard, Matoïan Valérie - 2015 - Ras Ibn Hani, “L’île” d’Ougarit. - De l'île d'Aphrodite au Paradis perdu, itinéraire d'un gentilhomme lyonnais

Book Carozza Jean-Michel, Devillers Benoît, MARRINER Nick, Morhange Christophe - 2014 - Méditerranée 122 Le petit âge de glace en Méditerrranée.

Article MARRINER Nick, Morhange Christophe, Carayon Nicolas - 2014 - Chronostratigraphie et biosédimentologie des ports antiques du Liban : Beyrouth, Sidon et Tyr. - Géochronique

Article Giaime Matthieu, Baralis Alexandre, MARRINER Nick, Morhange Christophe, Porotov Alexei - 2014 - D’un archipel à une plaine deltaïque : géoarchéologie de la péninsule de Taman (sud-ouest de la Russie). - Géochronique

Article Goiran Jean-Philippe, MARRINER Nick, Morhange Christophe, Cavero Julien, Oberlin Christine, Empereur Jean-Yves - 2014 - Geoarchaeology of Alexandria (Egypt): 8,000 Years of Coastal Evolution. - Byzas

Book Morhange Christophe, MARRINER Nick, Carayon Nicolas - 2014 - Geoarchaeology of ancient Mediterranean harbours. - French geoarchaeology in the 21st century

Article Anthony Edward, MARRINER Nick, Morhange Christophe - 2014 - Human influence and the changing geomorphology of Mediterranean deltas and coasts over the last 6000 years: From progradation to destruction phase?. - Earth-Science Reviews

Article MARRINER Nick, Morhange Christophe, Faivre Sanja, Flaux Clément, Vacchi Matteo, Miko Slobodan, Dumas Vincent, Boetto Giulia, Radic Rossi Irena - 2014 - Post-Roman sea-level changes on Pag Island (Adriatic Sea): Dating Croatia's “enigmatic” coastal notch?. - Geomorphology

Article Véron A. J., Flaux C., MARRINER Nick, Poirier A., Rigaud S., Morhange Christophe, Empereur J.-Y. - 2013 - A 6000-year geochemical record of human activities from Alexandria (Egypt). - Quaternary Science Reviews

Article Flaux Clément, Claude Christelle, MARRINER Nick, Morhange Christophe - 2013 - A 7500-year strontium isotope record from the northwestern Nile delta (Maryut lagoon, Egypt). - Quaternary Science Reviews

Article MARRINER Nick, Morhange Christophe - 2013 - Data mining the intellectual revival of 'catastrophic' Mother Nature. - Foundations of Science

Book Geyer Bernard, Calvet Yves, Matoïan Valérie, MARRINER Nick, Leconte M., Chambrade Marie-Laure, ONNIS F., Goiran Jean-Philippe - 2013 - Le « pont-barrage » du Nahr ed-Delbé (Ras Shamra – Ougarit, Syrie). - Études ougaritiques III

Article Matoïan Valérie, Al-Maqdissi Michel, Haydar Jamal, AL-BAHLOUL Khozama, Benech Christophe, Bessac Jean-Claude, Bordreuil Etienne, Callot Olivier, Calvet Yves, Carbillet Aurélie, Dardaillon Ella, Geyer Bernard, Goiran Jean-Philippe, Hawley Robert, Herveux Linda, MARRINER Nick, ONNIS Francesca, Pardee Dennis, Rejiba Faycal, Roche-Hawley Carole, Sauvage Caroline - 2013 - Rapport préliminaire sur les activités de la mission archéologique syro-française de Ras Shamra – Ougarit en 2009 et 2010 (69e et 70e campagnes). - Syria

Article Morhange Christophe, MARRINER Nick, Excoffon Pierre, Bonnet Stéphane, Flaux Clément, Zibrowius Helmut, Goiran Jean-Philippe, El Amouri Mourad - 2013 - Relative sea level changes during Roman times in the Northwest Mediterranean: the 1st century AD fish tank of Forum Julii, Fréjus, France. - Geoarchaeology

Article MARRINER Nick, Flaux Clément, Morhange Christophe, Stanley Jean-Daniel - 2013 - Tracking Nile Delta vulnerability to Holocene change. - PLoS ONE

Article Djamali M., Gambin Belinda, MARRINER Nick, Andrieu-Ponel Valérie, Gambin Tim, Gandouin Emmanuel, Médail F., Pavon D., Ponel Philippe, Morhange Christophe - 2013 - Vegetation dynamics during the early to mid-Holocene transition in NW Malta, human impact versus climatic forcing. - Vegetation History and Archaeobotany

Main co-authors from the institute:

RIUS Damien