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MAVON Christophe

Research Engineer - Université de Franche-Comté
Chemestry and material sciences


christophe.mavon at

Location: La Bouloie Office number: 309 K

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Article GROETZ Jean-Emmanuel, Boumala D., Belafrites A., Tedjani A., Mavon Ch., GROETZ Jean-Emmanuel - 2019 - Annual effective dose and excess life time cancer risk assessment from tobacco plants. - Perspectives in Science

Article Boumala D., MAVON Christophe, Belafrites A., Tedjani A., GROETZ Jean-Emmanuel - 2018 - Evaluation of radionuclide concentrations and external gamma radiation levels in phosphate ores and fertilizers commonly used in Algeria. - Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry

Article Belle Simon, RIUS Damien, BICHET Vincent, Massa Charly, Mavon Christophe, MILLET Laurent - 2017 - Combining limnology and paleolimnology to assess the influence of climate change on two lakes in Southern Greenland. - Polar Biology

Article Le Goff Pierre, Duda Jean-Marie, Guétat Philippe, Rambaud Pauline, MAVON Christophe, Vichot Laurent, BADOT Pierre-Marie, FROMM Michel - 2014 - Measurement of tritium in the free water of milk : spotting and quantifying some biases and proposing ways of improvement. - Journal of Environmental Radioactivity

Article GROETZ Jean-EmmanuelCorresp., Ounoughi Nabil, MAVON Christophe, Belafrites A, FROMM Michel - 2014 - Conception and realization of a parallel-plate free-air ionization chamber for the absolute dosimetry of an ultrasoft X-ray beam. - Review of Scientific Instruments

Article Boulanouar Omar, FROMM Michel, MAVON Christophe, Cloutier Pierre, Sanche Léon - 2013 - Dissociative electron attachment to DNA-diamine thin films: Impact of the DNA close environment on the OH(-) and O(-) decay channels. - Journal of Chemical Physics

Article Ounoughi Nabil, MAVON Christophe, Belafrites Abdelfettah, GROETZ Jean-Emmanuel, FROMM MichelCorresp. - 2013 - Beam characterization of a lab bench cold cathode ultra-soft X-ray generator. - Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms

Article SANCHEZ Jean-Baptiste, Schmitt Aline, BERGER Franck, Mavon Christophe - 2009 - Silicon-Micromachined Gas Chromatographic Columns for the Development of Portable Detection Device. - Journal of sensors

Article Boyer Cécile, Vichot Laurent, Boissieux T., Losset Yvan, Mavon Christophe, TATIN-FROUX Fabienne, Fromm Michel, BADOT Pierre-Marie - 2009 - Variations of conversion rate from Tissue Free Water Tritium to Organically-Bound Tritium in lettuces continuously exposed to atmospheric HT and HTO. - Radioprotection

Article David Catalina, FOLEY-MEYER Sarah, MAVON Christophe, ENESCU MironelCorresp. - 2008 - Reductive unfolding of serum albumine uncovered by Raman spectroscopy. - Biopolymers