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NLEND Bertil Yvon

Responsable : CELLE-JEANTON Hélène

Productions scientifiques :

Article Nlend B., CELLE-JEANTON Hélène, Huneau F., Ketchemen-Tandia B., Fantong W.Y., Boum-Nkot S. Ngo, Etame J. - 2018 - The impact of urban development on aquifers in large coastal cities of West Africa: Present status and future challenges. - Land Use Policy

Communication Ketchemen-Tandia B., Mohammad B., Fouepe A., Nlend B., CELLE-JEANTON Hélène, Huneau F., Garel E. - 2016 - Shallow groundwater from the far north of Cameroon (southern Lake Chad): revisiting a 20 years old survey of hydrochemistry and stable isotopes. - EGU General Assembly (Vienna, AT)