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Article Mariet Anne-Sophie, MAUNY Frédéric, PUJOL Sophie, Thiriez Gérard, SAGOT Paul, Riethmuller Didier, Boilleaut Mathieu, Defrance Jérôme, Houot Hélène, PARMENTIER Anne-Laure, Vasseur-Barba Marie, Benzenine Eric, Quantin Catherine, BERNARD Nadine - 2018 - Multiple pregnancies and air pollution in moderately polluted cities: Is there an association between air pollution and fetal growth?. - Environment International

Article BREMBILLA AliceCorresp., Faucher Jean-François, Garcia A., Koura A, Deloron A, PARMENTIER Anne-Laure, Pierrat A., Cottrell A, Mauny P - 2018 - Determinants of primary healthcare seeking behaviours for children during the first 18 months of life in Benin. - Tropical Medicine and International Health

Communication MAUNY Frédéric, PUJOL Sophie, Barba-Vasseur Marie, Parmentier Anne-Laure, Riethmuller Didier, Mariet Anne-Sophie, Houot Hélène, Thiriez Gérard, BREMBILLA Alice, BERNARD Nadine - 2018 - Vulnerability during pregnancy in an urban environment : do environmental and individual risk factors cumulate?. - Euronoise 2018 Conference (Hersonissos, Crète, GR)

Article TENAILLEAU Quentin, BERNARD Nadine, PUJOL Sophie, Parmentier Anne-Laure, Boilleaut Mathieu, Houot Hélène, Joly Daniel, MAUNY Frédéric - 2016 - Do outdoor environmental noise and atmospheric NO2 levels spatially overlap in urban areas?. - Environmental Pollution

Communication MAUNY FrédéricCorresp., TENAILLEAU Quentin, PUJOL Sophie, PARMENTIER Anne-Laure, Houot Hélène, BERNARD Nadine - 2016 - Noise in urban areas: How does the definition of "neighborhood" impact exposure assessment?. - 45th International Congress and Exposition on Noise Control Engineering (INTER-NOISE 2016) (Hambourg, DE)

Communication Jacquot Marion, COEURDASSIER Michaël, Sage Mickaël, Fourel Isabelle, Dinkel Anke, PARMENTIER Anne-Laure, Dervaux Antoine, RIEFFEL Dominique, Prat-Mairey Yves, RAOUL Francis, GIRAUDOUX Patrick - 2013 - Linking predator exposure and patterns of treatments with anticoagulant rodenticides by using faeces. - 9th European Vertebrate Pest Management Conference (Turku, FI)