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At the institute from 1 September 2015 to 30 November 2019
My research investigates the ecology of wildlife, and seeks to understand the ways in which environment drive the evolution of physiological and behavioural processes. I try to understand how human activities influence behaviours and physiology to maintain diversity in life-history strategies. I am broadly interested by the wide variety of behavioral tactics that animals use to survive in their changing environment.

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Article COEURDASSIER Michaël, Bassin Nicolas, Powolny Thibaut, Morin Christophe, AFONSO Eve - 2021 - Prevalence of hematozoan parasites in Red Kite nestlings from France. - Wilson journal of ornithology

Article POWOLNY Thibaut, Bassin N., CRINI Nadia, Fourel I., Morin C., Pottinger T.G., Massemin S., Zahn S., COEURDASSIER Michaël - 2020 - Corticosterone mediates telomere length in raptor chicks exposed to chemical mixture. - Science of the Total Environment

Article Powolny Thibaut, SCHEIFLER Renaud, RAOUL Francis, FRITSCH Clémentine - 2019 - Is blood a reliable indicator of trace metal concentrations in organs of small mammals?. - Chemosphere

Article POWOLNY Thibaut, Eraud Cyril, LeRest Kévin, Bretagnolle Vincent - 2018 - Seed depletion and landscape structure affect aggregative response in two wintering passerine birds. - Bird Study

Article POWOLNY Thibaut, Bretagnolle Vincent, Dupoué Andréaz, Lourdais Olivier, Eraud Cyril - 2016 - Cold Tolerance and Sex-Dependent Hypothermia May Explain Winter Sexual Segregation in a Farmland Bird. - Physiological and biochemical zoology

Thesis Powolny Thibaut - 2012 - Faire face à l'hiver - Quelles réponses à l'hétérogénéité de la ressource en agroécosystème ? L'exemple de l'alouette des champs (Alauda arvensis).

Main co-authors from the institute: