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RAMSEYER Christophe

Université de Franche-Comté
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Productions scientifiques récentes :⊞ voir toute la liste

Article Gobeaux Frédéric, Bizeau Joëlle, Samson Firmin, Marichal Laurent, Grillo Isabelle, Wien Frank, Yesylevskyy Semen, RAMSEYER Christophe, Rouquette Marie, Lepetre-Mouelhi Sinda, Desmaele Didier, Couvreur Patrick, Guenoun Patrick, Renault Jean-Philippe, Testard Fabienne - 2020 - Albumin-driven disassembly of lipidic nanoparticles: the specific case of the squalene-adenosine nanodrug. - Nanoscale

Communication Gobeaux F., Bizeau J., Samson F., Marichal L., Grillo I., Wien F., Yesylevsky S.O., RAMSEYER Christophe, Rouquette M., Lepetre-Mouelhi S, Desmaele D., Couvreur P., Guenoun P., Renault J-P., Testard F. - 2019 - The fate of therapeutic nanoparticles in a model biological medium: interactions with serum albumin. - 33rd European Colloid and Interface Society Conference (ECIS 2019) (Leuven, BE)

Article MINERVINI Thibault, CARDEY BrunoCorresp., FOLEY-MEYER Sarah, RAMSEYER Christophe, ENESCU Mironel - 2019 - Fate of cisplatin and its main hydrolysed forms in the presence of thiolates: a comprehensive computational and experimental study. - Metallomics

Article Peramo Arnaud, Mura Simona, Yesylevskyy Semen, CARDEY Bruno, Sobot Dunja, Denis Stéphanie, RAMSEYER Christophe, Desmaele Didier, Couvreur Patrick - 2018 - Squalene versus cholesterol: Which is the best nanocarrier for the delivery to cells of the anticancer drug gemcitabine?. - Comptes Rendus Chimie

Article RAMSEYER Christophe, Yesylevskyy Semen, Savenko Mariia, Mura Simona, Couvreur Patrick - 2018 - Low density lipoproteins and human serum albumin as the carriers of squalenoylated drugs: insights from molecular simulations. - Molecular Pharmaceutics

Article Yesylevskyy Semen, RIVEL Timothée, RAMSEYER Christophe - 2017 - The influence of curvature on the properties of the plasma membrane. Insights from atomistic molecular dynamics simulations. - Scientific Reports

Article Yesylevskyy Semen, RIVEL Timothée, RAMSEYER Christophe, Yesylevskyy Semen O. - 2017 - Structures of single, double and triple layers of lipids adsorbed on graphene: Insights from all-atom molecular dynamics simulations. - Carbon

Article Sobot Dunja, Mura Simona, Yesylevskyy Semen O., Dalbin Laura, Cayre Fanny, Bort Guillaume, Mougin Julie, Desmaële Didier, Lepetre-Mouelhi Sinda, Pieters Grégory, Andreiuk Bohdan, Klymchenko Andrey S., Paul Jean-Louis, RAMSEYER Christophe, Couvreur Patrick - 2017 - Conjugation of squalene to gemcitabine as unique approach exploiting endogenous lipoproteins for drug delivery. - Nature Communications

Article Yesylevskyy Semen, RAMSEYER Christophe, Pudlo Marc, Pallandre Jean-René, Borg Christophe - 2016 - Selective Inhibition of STAT3 with Respect to STAT1: Insights from Molecular Dynamics and Ensemble Docking Simulations. - Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling

Article Cherniavskyi Yevhen, RAMSEYER Christophe, Yesylevskyy Semen O. - 2016 - Interaction of C 60 fullerenes with asymmetric and curved lipid membranes: a molecular dynamics study. - Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics

Article Yesylevskyy S., CARDEY Bruno, Kraszewski Sebastian, FOLEY-MEYER Sarah, ENESCU Mironel, Da Silva Jr. Antonio, Dos Santos Hélio, Ramseyer Christophe - 2015 - Empirical force field for cisplatin based on quantum dynamics data: case study of new parameterization scheme for coordination compounds. - Journal of Molecular Modeling

Article Pallandre Jean-René, Borg Christophe, Rognan Didier, Boibessot Thibault, Luzet Vincent, Yesylevskyy Semen, RAMSEYER Christophe, Pudlo Marc - 2015 - Novel aminotetrazole derivatives as selective STAT3 non-peptide inhibitors. - European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry

Article Paris Guillaume, RAMSEYER Christophe, ENESCU Mironel - 2015 - A theoretical study of the unfolding pathway of reduced Human serum albumin. - Journal of Molecular Modeling

Article ENESCU Mironel, Kassim Rima, RAMSEYER Christophe, CARDEY Bruno - 2015 - Theoretical insights into the mechanism of redox switch in heat shock protein Hsp33. - Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry

Article Kraszewski Sebastian, Drabik Dominik, Langner Marek, RAMSEYER Christophe, Kembubpha Sineenat, Yasothornsrikul Sukkid - 2015 - A molecular dynamics study of catestatin docked on nicotinic acetylcholine receptors to identify amino acids potentially involved in the binding of chromogranin A fragments. - Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics

Article Yesylevskyy S. O., Kraszewski S., RAMSEYER Christophe - 2014 - Determination of the shape and curvature of nonplanar lipid bilayers that are bent in a single plane in molecular dynamics simulations. - Journal of Molecular Modeling

Article Paris Guillaume, RAMSEYER Christophe, ENESCU MironelCorresp. - 2014 - A principal component analysis of the dynamics of subdomains and binding sites in human serum albumin. - Biopolymers

Article Yesylevskyy S. O., RAMSEYER Christophe - 2014 - Determination of mean and Gaussian curvatures of highly curved asymmetric lipid bilayers: the case study of the influence of cholesterol on the membrane shape. - Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics

Article Yesylevskyy Semen O, Kraszewski Sebastian, Picaud Fabien, RAMSEYER Christophe - 2013 - Efficiency of the monofunctionalized C60 fullerenes as membrane targeting agents studied by all-atom molecular dynamics simulations. - Molecular Membrane Biology

Article Clavier A., Kraszewski S., RAMSEYER Christophe, Picaud F. - 2013 - Insertion kinetics of small nucleotides through single walled carbon nanotube. - African Journal of Biotechnology

Article Kassim Rima, Ramseyer Christophe, ENESCU MironelCorresp. - 2013 - Oxidation reactivity of zinc-cysteine clusters in metallothionein. - Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry

Article Yesylevskyy S., Demchenko A. P., Kraszewski S., RAMSEYER Christophe - 2013 - Cholesterol Induces Uneven Curvature of Asymmetric Lipid Bilayers. - The Scientific World Journal

Article Kraszewski S, Duverger E, RAMSEYER Christophe, Picaud F - 2013 - Theoretical study of amino derivatives and anticancer platinum drug grafted on various carbon nanostructures. - Journal of the Chemical Society, Faraday Transactions 2 Molecular and Chemical Physics

Article Paris Guillaume, Kraszewski Sebastian, Ramseyer Christophe, ENESCU MironelCorresp. - 2012 - About the Structural Role of Disulfide Bridges in Serum Albumins: Evidence from Protein Simulated Unfolding. - Biopolymers

Article Kassim Rima, Ramseyer Christophe, ENESCU MironelCorresp. - 2011 - Oxidation of zinc-thiolate complexes of biological interest by hydrogen peroxide: a theoretical study. - Inorganic Chemistry

Article Bonhenry D., Kraszewski S., Picaud F., RAMSEYER Christophe, Balme S., Janot J.-M., Henn F. - 2011 - Stability of the gramicidin-A channel structure in view of nanofiltration: a computational and experimental study. - Soft Matter