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Université de Franche-Comté


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Location: La Bouloie Office number: -219L

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Article Choulet Flavien, RICHARD James, Boiron Marie-Christine, Dekoninck Augustin, Yans Johan - 2019 - Distribution of trace elements in willemite from the Belgium non-sulphide deposits. - European Journal of Mineralogy

Article Chenot Elise, Deconinck Jean-François, Pucéat Emmanuelle, Pellenard Pierre, Guiraud Michel, Jaubert Maxime, Jarvis Ian, Thibault Nicolas, Cocquerez Théophile, Bruneau Ludovic, Razmjooei Mohammad J., Boussaha Myriam, RICHARD James, SIZUN Jean-Pierre, Stemmerik Lars - 2018 - Continental weathering as a driver of Late Cretaceous cooling: new insights from clay mineralogy of Campanian sediments from the southern Tethyan margin to the Boreal realm. - Global and Planetary Change

Article RICHARD JamesCorresp. - 2014 - Large-scale mass transfers related to pressure solution creep-faulting interactions in mudstones: driving processes and impact of lithification degree. - Tectonophysics

Article RICHARD JamesCorresp., SIZUN Jean-Pierre - 2011 - Pressure solution-fracturing interactions in weakly cohesive carbonate sediments and rocks: example of the synsedimentary deformation of the Campanian chalk from the Mons Basin (Belgium). - Journal of Structural Geology

Article RICHARD JamesCorresp. - 2008 - Mass transfers and volume changes related to pressure solution-fracturing interactions in carbonate rocks: example of the Oligocene deformation of the Coniacian chalk from the Omey area (Paris basin, France). - Journal of Structural Geology

Article RICHARD JamesCorresp., SIZUN Jean-Pierre, Machhour Louaï - 2007 - Development and compartmentalization of chalky carbonate reservoirs: the Urgonian Jura-Bas Dauphiné platform model (Génissiat, southeastern France). - Sedimentary Geology

Article RICHARD JamesCorresp., SIZUN Jean-Pierre, Machhour Louaï - 2005 - Environmental and diagenetic records from a new reference section for the Boreal realm: the Campanian chalk of the Mons basin (Belgium). - Sedimentary Geology

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