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RIEFFEL Dominique

Technicien - Université de Franche-Comté
Sciences du vivant, de la terre et de l'environnement

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Article LOUZON Maxime, Pauget Benjamin, GIMBERT Frédéric, CRINI Nadia, Wong Janine, Zaldibar Beñat, Natal‐da‐Luz Tiago, Neuwirthova Natália, Thiemann Christina, Sarrazin Bernard, Irazola Mireia, AMIOT Caroline, RIEFFEL Dominique, Sousa José, CHALOT Michel, DE VAUFLEURY Annette - 2021 - In situ and ex situ bioassays with Cantareus aspersus for environmental risk assessment of metal(loid) and PAH‐contaminated soils. - Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management

Article LOUZON Maxime, DEVALLOIR Quentin, GIMBERT Frédéric, Pauget Benjamin, RIEFFEL Dominique, DE VAUFLEURY Annette - 2021 - From bioavailability to risk assessment of polluted soil using snails: link between excess transfer and inhibition of sexual maturation. - Environmental Science and Pollution Research

Article DA SILVA Abdou Malik, Courquet Sandra, RAOUL Francis, RIEFFEL Dominique, GIRAUDOUX Patrick, MILLON Laurence, KNAPP Jenny - 2020 - Assessment of the exposure to Echinococcus multilocularis associated with carnivore faeces using real-time quantitative PCR and flotation technique assays. - International Journal for Parasitology

Communication LOUZON MaximeCorresp., Pelfrêne Aurélie, Pauget Benjamin, GIMBERT Frédéric, CRINI Nadia, RIEFFEL Dominique, AMIOT Caroline, Douay Francis, DE VAUFLEURY Annette - 2019 - Assessment of metal(loid) bioavailability for landsnails and human bioaccessibility: a new pathway to build bridges between ecotoxicological and human health risk assessment of contaminated soils. - SETAC Europe (Helsinki, FI)

Communication DA SILVA Abdou MalikCorresp., COURQUET Sandra, MILLON LaurenceCorresp., RIEFFEL Dominique, GIRAUDOUX Patrick, RAOUL Francis, KNAPP Jenny - 2019 - Génotypage par le microsatellite EmsB sur oeufs isolés d'Echinococcus multilocularis : diversité génétique chez un hôte définitif et au niveau local. - Congrès SFP-SFMM 2019 : One Health : De l’animal à l’homme en Parasitologie-Mycologie (Tours, FR)

Communication GIRAUDOUX PatrickCorresp., AFONSO Eve, KNAPP Jenny, Jia WangZhong, Yan Hongbin, Shi Dazhong, Zhao Yumin, Goydadin A.-C., RIEFFEL Dominique, Jing Tao, Angèle Vuitton Dominique, Craig Philip S - 2017 - 27 year monitoring of an alveolar echinococcosis hotspot in south-Gansu. - XXVII World Congress of Echinococcosis (Algiers, DZ)

Article Bailly Juliette, Faivre Bruno, BERNARD Nadine, Sage Mickaël, CRINI Nadia, DRIGET Vincent, Garnier Stéphane, RIEFFEL Dominique, SCHEIFLER Renaud - 2017 - Multi-Element Analysis of Blood Samples in a Passerine Species: Excesses and Deficiencies of Trace Elements in an Urbanization Study. - Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution

Communication GIRAUDOUX PatrickCorresp., AFONSO Eve, KNAPP Jenny, Jia WangZhong, Yan Hongbin, Shi Dazhong, Zhao Yumin, Goydadin A.-C., RIEFFEL Dominique, Jing Tao, Craig Philip S - 2016 - 27 year monitoring of an alveolar echinococcosis hotspot in south-Gansu. - Research and methods in ecohealth and conservation (Kunming, CN)

Article AFONSO Eve, KNAPP Jenny, Tête N, Umhang G, RIEFFEL Dominique, Van Kesteren F, Ziadinov I, Craig P S, Torgerson P R, GIRAUDOUX PatrickCorresp. - 2015 - Echinococcus multilocularis in Kyrgyzstan: similarity in the Asian EmsB genotypic profiles from village populations of Eastern mole voles (Ellobius tancrei) and dogs in the Alay valley. - Journal of Helminthology

Article Verwilghen Aude, Rabillard Marie-Agnès, Chaval Yannick, RIEFFEL Dominique, Sinaga Martua Hasiholan, Naim Mohd, Caliman Jean-Pierre, GIRAUDOUX Patrick, RAOUL Francis - 2015 - Relative age determination of Rattus tiomanicus using allometric measurements. - Mammalia

Communication GIRAUDOUX PatrickCorresp., AFONSO Eve, Bodin Carole, KNAPP Jenny, RAOUL Francis, RIEFFEL Dominique, Van Kesteren Freya, Ziadinov Iskender, EHEDE GDRI - 2014 - Transmission ecosystems of Echinococcus multilocularis in Eurasia, with particular reference to the Alay Valley. - Research Workshop: Echinococcosis in Kyrgyzstan and the Region (Bishkek, KG)

Article TETE Nicolas, Durfort Mercè, RIEFFEL Dominique, SCHEIFLER Renaud, Sánchez-Chardi Alejandro - 2014 - Histopathology related to cadmium and lead bioaccumulation in chronically exposed wood mice, Apodemus sylvaticus, around a former smelter. - Science of the Total Environment

Article Drouhot Séverine, RAOUL Francis, CRINI Nadia, Tougard Christelle, Prudent Anne-Sophie, DRUART Coline, RIEFFEL Dominique, LAMBERT Jean-Claude, TETE Nicolas, GIRAUDOUX Patrick, SCHEIFLER Renaud - 2013 - Responses of wild small mammals to arsenic pollution at a partially remediated mining site in Southern France. - Science of the Total Environment

Communication Jacquot Marion, COEURDASSIER Michaël, Sage Mickaël, Fourel Isabelle, Dinkel Anke, PARMENTIER Anne-Laure, Dervaux Antoine, RIEFFEL Dominique, Prat-Mairey Yves, RAOUL Francis, GIRAUDOUX Patrick - 2013 - Linking predator exposure and patterns of treatments with anticoagulant rodenticides by using faeces. - 9th European Vertebrate Pest Management Conference (Turku, FI)


Article COEURDASSIER MichaëlCorresp., Poirson Claire, Paul Jean-Philippe, RIEFFEL Dominique, Michelat Dominique, Reymond David, Legay Philippe, GIRAUDOUX Patrick, SCHEIFLER Renaud - 2012 - The diet of migrant Red Kites Milvus milvus during a Water Vole Arvicola terrestris outbreak in eastern France and the associated risk of secondary poisoning by the rodenticide bromadiolone. - Ibis

Article FRITSCH Clémentine, COEURDASSIER Michaël, GIRAUDOUX Patrick, RAOUL Francis, Douay Francis, RIEFFEL Dominique, DE VAUFLEURY Annette, SCHEIFLER Renaud - 2011 - Spatially explicit analysis of metal transfer to biota: influence of soil contamination and landscape. - PLoS ONE

Article Borderie F., Alaoui-Sehmer L., Raouf N., Bousta F., Orial G., RIEFFEL Dominique, ALAOUI-SOSSE Badr - 2011 - UV-C irradiation as a tool to eradicate algae in caves. - International Biodeterioration and Biodegradation

Article RAOUL FrancisCorresp., Deplazes P., RIEFFEL Dominique, LAMBERT Jean-Claude, GIRAUDOUX Patrick - 2010 - Predator's dietary response to prey density variation and consequences for a cestode transmission. - Oecologia

Article DEFORET Thomas, Marmonier Pierre, RIEFFEL Dominique, CRINI Nadia, GIRAUDOUX Patrick, GILBERT Daniel - 2009 - Do parafluvial zones have an impact in regulating river pollution? Spatial and temporal dynamics of nutrients, carbon, and bacteria in a large gravel bar of the Doubs River (France). - Hydrobiologia

Article RAOUL FrancisCorresp., Pleydell David, Quere Jean-Pierre, Vaniscotte Amélie, RIEFFEL Dominique, Takahashi Kenichi, BERNARD Nadine, Wang Junli, Dobigny Taiana, E. Galbreath Kurt, GIRAUDOUX Patrick - 2008 - Small-mammal assemblage response to deforestation and afforestation in central China. - Mammalia

Article Deforet Thomas, Marmonier Pierre, RIEFFEL Dominique, CRINI Nadia, FRITSCH Clémentine, GIRAUDOUX Patrick, GILBERT Daniel - 2008 - The influence of size, hydrological characteristics and vegetation cover on nitrogen, phosphorus and organic carbon cycling in lowland river gravel bars (Doubs River, France). - Fundamental and Applied Limnology

Article Sage Mickaël, COEURDASSIER Michaël, Defaut Régis, LUCOT Eric, Barbier Brigitte, RIEFFEL Dominique, Berny Philippe, GIRAUDOUX Patrick - 2007 - How environment and vole behaviour may impact rodenticide bromadiolone persistence in wheat baits after field controls of Arvicola terrestris?. - Environmental Pollution

Article GIRAUDOUX Patrick, Tremollières Catherine, Barbier Brigitte, Defaut Régis, RIEFFEL Dominique, BERNARD Nadine, LUCOT Eric, Berny Philippe - 2006 - Persistence of bromadiolone anticoagulant rodenticide in Arvicola terrestris populations after field control. - Environmental Research

Article RAOUL Francis, Quéré J. P., RIEFFEL Dominique, BERNARD Nadine, Takahashi Kenichi, SCHEIFLER Renaud, Wang Q., Qiu Jiamin, Yang Wen, Craig Philip S, Ito Akira, GIRAUDOUX Patrick - 2006 - Distribution of small mammals in a pastoral landscape of the Tibetan plateaus (Western Sichuan, China) and relationship with grazing practices. - Mammalia