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RIEFFEL Dominique

Technicien - ANDRA
Sciences du vivant, de la terre et de l'environnement

Productions scientifiques récentes :⊞ voir toute la liste

Article DA SILVA Abdou Malik, Courquet Sandra, RAOUL Francis, RIEFFEL Dominique, GIRAUDOUX Patrick, MILLON Laurence, KNAPP Jenny - 2020 - Assessment of the exposure to Echinococcus multilocularis associated with carnivore faeces using real-time quantitative PCR and flotation technique assays. - International Journal for Parasitology

Communication LOUZON MaximeCorresp., Pelfrêne Aurélie, Pauget Benjamin, GIMBERT Frédéric, CRINI Nadia, RIEFFEL Dominique, AMIOT Caroline, Douay Francis, DE VAUFLEURY Annette - 2019 - Assessment of metal(loid) bioavailability for landsnails and human bioaccessibility: a new pathway to build bridges between ecotoxicological and human health risk assessment of contaminated soils. - SETAC Europe (Helsinki, FI)

Communication DA SILVA Abdou MalikCorresp., COURQUET Sandra, MILLON LaurenceCorresp., RIEFFEL Dominique, GIRAUDOUX Patrick, RAOUL Francis, KNAPP Jenny - 2019 - Génotypage par le microsatellite EmsB sur oeufs isolés d'Echinococcus multilocularis : diversité génétique chez un hôte définitif et au niveau local. - Congrès SFP-SFMM 2019 : One Health : De l’animal à l’homme en Parasitologie-Mycologie (Tours, FR)

Communication GIRAUDOUX PatrickCorresp., AFONSO Eve, KNAPP Jenny, Jia WangZhong, Yan Hongbin, Shi Dazhong, Zhao Yumin, Goydadin A.-C., RIEFFEL Dominique, Jing Tao, Angèle Vuitton Dominique, Craig Philip S - 2017 - 27 year monitoring of an alveolar echinococcosis hotspot in south-Gansu. - XXVII World Congress of Echinococcosis (Algiers, DZ)

Article Bailly Juliette, Faivre Bruno, BERNARD Nadine, Sage Mickaël, CRINI Nadia, DRIGET Vincent, Garnier Stéphane, RIEFFEL Dominique, SCHEIFLER Renaud - 2017 - Multi-Element Analysis of Blood Samples in a Passerine Species: Excesses and Deficiencies of Trace Elements in an Urbanization Study. - Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution

Communication GIRAUDOUX PatrickCorresp., AFONSO Eve, KNAPP Jenny, Jia WangZhong, Yan Hongbin, Shi Dazhong, Zhao Yumin, Goydadin A.-C., RIEFFEL Dominique, Jing Tao, Craig Philip S - 2016 - 27 year monitoring of an alveolar echinococcosis hotspot in south-Gansu. - Research and methods in ecohealth and conservation (Kunming, CN)

Article AFONSO Eve, KNAPP Jenny, Tête N, Umhang G, RIEFFEL Dominique, Van Kesteren F, Ziadinov I, Craig P S, Torgerson P R, GIRAUDOUX PatrickCorresp. - 2015 - Echinococcus multilocularis in Kyrgyzstan: similarity in the Asian EmsB genotypic profiles from village populations of Eastern mole voles (Ellobius tancrei) and dogs in the Alay valley. - Journal of Helminthology

Article Verwilghen Aude, Rabillard Marie-Agnès, Chaval Yannick, RIEFFEL Dominique, Sinaga Martua Hasiholan, Naim Mohd, Caliman Jean-Pierre, GIRAUDOUX Patrick, RAOUL Francis - 2015 - Relative age determination of Rattus tiomanicus using allometric measurements. - Mammalia

Communication GIRAUDOUX PatrickCorresp., AFONSO Eve, Bodin Carole, KNAPP Jenny, RAOUL Francis, RIEFFEL Dominique, Van Kesteren Freya, Ziadinov Iskender, EHEDE GDRI - 2014 - Transmission ecosystems of Echinococcus multilocularis in Eurasia, with particular reference to the Alay Valley. - Research Workshop: Echinococcosis in Kyrgyzstan and the Region (Bishkek, KG)

Article TETE Nicolas, Durfort Mercè, RIEFFEL Dominique, SCHEIFLER Renaud, Sánchez-Chardi Alejandro - 2014 - Histopathology related to cadmium and lead bioaccumulation in chronically exposed wood mice, Apodemus sylvaticus, around a former smelter. - Science of the Total Environment

Article BORDERIE Fabien, TETE Nicolas, Cailhol Didier, Alaoui-Sehmer Laurence, Faisl Boustba, RIEFFEL Dominique, ALEYA Lotfi, Badr Alaoui-Sossé - 2014 - Factors driving epilithic algal colonization in show caves and new insights into combating biofilm development with UV-C treatments. - Science of the Total Environment

Article Drouhot Séverine, RAOUL Francis, CRINI Nadia, Tougard Christelle, Prudent Anne-Sophie, DRUART Coline, RIEFFEL Dominique, LAMBERT Jean-Claude, TETE Nicolas, GIRAUDOUX Patrick, SCHEIFLER Renaud - 2013 - Responses of wild small mammals to arsenic pollution at a partially remediated mining site in Southern France. - Science of the Total Environment

Communication Jacquot Marion, COEURDASSIER Michaël, Sage Mickaël, Fourel Isabelle, Dinkel Anke, PARMENTIER Anne-Laure, Dervaux Antoine, RIEFFEL Dominique, Prat-Mairey Yves, RAOUL Francis, GIRAUDOUX Patrick - 2013 - Linking predator exposure and patterns of treatments with anticoagulant rodenticides by using faeces. - 9th European Vertebrate Pest Management Conference (Turku, FI)


Article COEURDASSIER MichaëlCorresp., Poirson Claire, Paul Jean-Philippe, RIEFFEL Dominique, Michelat Dominique, Reymond David, Legay Philippe, GIRAUDOUX Patrick, SCHEIFLER Renaud - 2012 - The diet of migrant Red Kites Milvus milvus during a Water Vole Arvicola terrestris outbreak in eastern France and the associated risk of secondary poisoning by the rodenticide bromadiolone. - Ibis

Article FRITSCH Clémentine, COEURDASSIER Michaël, GIRAUDOUX Patrick, RAOUL Francis, Douay Francis, RIEFFEL Dominique, DE VAUFLEURY Annette, SCHEIFLER Renaud - 2011 - Spatially explicit analysis of metal transfer to biota: influence of soil contamination and landscape. - PLoS ONE

Article Borderie F., Alaoui-Sehmer L., Raouf N., Bousta F., Orial G., RIEFFEL Dominique, ALAOUI-SOSSE Badr - 2011 - UV-C irradiation as a tool to eradicate algae in caves. - International Biodeterioration and Biodegradation

Article RAOUL FrancisCorresp., Deplazes P., RIEFFEL Dominique, LAMBERT Jean-Claude, GIRAUDOUX Patrick - 2010 - Predator's dietary response to prey density variation and consequences for a cestode transmission. - Oecologia

Article Deforet Thomas, Marmonier Pierre, RIEFFEL Dominique, CRINI Nadia, GIRAUDOUX Patrick, GILBERT Daniel - 2009 - Do parafluvial zones have an impact in regulating river pollution? Spatial and temporal dynamics of nutrients, carbon, and bacteria in a large gravel bar of the Doubs River (France). - Hydrobiologia

Article RAOUL FrancisCorresp., Pleydell David, Quere Jean-Pierre, Vaniscotte Amélie, RIEFFEL Dominique, Takahashi Kenichi, BERNARD Nadine, Wang Junli, Dobigny Taiana, E. Galbreath Kurt, GIRAUDOUX Patrick - 2008 - Small-mammal assemblage response to deforestation and afforestation in central China. - Mammalia

Article Deforet Thomas, Marmonier Pierre, RIEFFEL Dominique, CRINI Nadia, FRITSCH Clémentine, GIRAUDOUX Patrick, GILBERT Daniel - 2008 - The influence of size, hydrological characteristics and vegetation cover on nitrogen, phosphorus and organic carbon cycling in lowland river gravel bars (Doubs River, France). - Fundamental and Applied Limnology

Article Sage Mickaël, COEURDASSIER Michaël, Defaut Régis, LUCOT Eric, Barbier Brigitte, RIEFFEL Dominique, Berny Philippe, GIRAUDOUX Patrick - 2007 - How environment and vole behaviour may impact rodenticide bromadiolone persistence in wheat baits after field controls of Arvicola terrestris?. - Environmental Pollution

Article GIRAUDOUX Patrick, Tremollières Catherine, Barbier Brigitte, Defaut Régis, RIEFFEL Dominique, BERNARD Nadine, LUCOT Eric, Berny Philippe - 2006 - Persistence of bromadiolone anticoagulant rodenticide in Arvicola terrestris populations after field control. - Environmental Research

Article RAOUL Francis, Quéré J. P., RIEFFEL Dominique, BERNARD Nadine, Takahashi Kenichi, SCHEIFLER Renaud, Wang Q., Qiu Jiamin, Yang Wen, Craig Philip S, Ito Akira, GIRAUDOUX Patrick - 2006 - Distribution of small mammals in a pastoral landscape of the Tibetan plateaus (Western Sichuan, China) and relationship with grazing practices. - Mammalia