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Responsable : RICHARD Hervé
I'm a PhD student in paleoenvironment under the supervision of Hervé Richard and Morana Causevic-Bully. My Ph.D concerns the reconstruction of the evolution of vegetation and the dynamics of sediment flows by studying a set of sedimentary records from the Croatian Kvarner Archipelago. The objective of this thesis project is to specify climate change, the development of human occupations and the impact of agro-pastoral practices on the island of Krk and Cres. What I like in my research is that they are done through a multi-proxy approach and that they are largely interdisciplinary (working in a team with archaeologists, anthropologists, historians ...) : "The long time of the construction of the territories of the Croatian archipelago of Kvaner". Personal page :

Productions scientifiques :

Article ROUSSEAU Marine, Demory François, Miramont Cécile, Brisset Elodie, Guiter Frédéric, Sabatier Pierre, Sorrel Philippe - 2020 - Palaeoenvironmental change and glacier fluctuations in the high Tian Shan Mountains during the last millennium based on sediments from Lake Ala Kol, Kyrgyzstan. - Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology