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SCHMITT Anne-Désirée

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Communication Goude Gwénaëlle, André Guy, Balter Vincent, Binder Didier, Bouby Laurent, Deguilloux Marie-France, Courtin Jean, Coutelas Arnaud, Figueral Isabel, Gavériaux Fanny, Gernigon Karim, Gourichon Lionel, Hasler Anne, Lambert A., LE BAILLY Matthieu, Ohkouchi Naohiko, Marinval Philippe, Naito Yuichi, Pemonge Marie-Hélène, Power Richard C., Rey L., Rivollat Maïté, Rottier Stéphane, Salazar García Domingo C., Sanz A., Schmitt A., Tacail Théo, Terrom J., Villotte Sébastien - 2018 - Présentation du projet IDF/FRM : Femmes et alimentation dans les premières sociétés agropastorales (Ve - IIIe millénaires av. J.-C., France) : une approche bio-anthropologique. Premiers résultats. - Séminaire de l’UMR 7055 PréTech (Nanterre, FR)

Communication BERTRAND Catherine, Marc Vincent, Vallet Aurélien, Mudry Jacques, Schmitt Anne-Désirée - 2013 - Apport de l'hydrogéochimie pour la caractérisation des mouvements gravitaires. - JAG - 3èmes journées Aléas gravitaires (Grenoble, FR)

Article Stille Peter, SCHMITT Anne-Désirée, Labolle François, Pierret M.-C., Gangloff S., Cobert Florian, LUCOT Eric, Guéguen F., Brioschi Laure, STEINMANN Marc, Chabaux François - 2012 - The suitability of annual tree growth rings as environmental archives: Evidence from Sr, Nd, Pb and Ca isotopes in spruce growth rings from the Strengbach watershed. - Comptes Rendus Géoscience

Article SCHMITT Anne-Désirée, Vigier N., Lemarchand D., Millot R., Stille P., Chabaux F. - 2012 - Processes controlling the stable isotope compositions of Li, B, Mg and Ca in plants, soils and waters: A review. - Comptes Rendus Géoscience

Article Cobert Florian, SCHMITT Anne-Désirée, Calvaruso Christophe, Turpault Marie-Pierre, Lemarchand Damien, Collignon Christelle, Chabaux François, Stille Peter - 2011 - Biotic and abiotic experimental identification of bacterial influence on Ca isotopic signatures. - Rapid Com. in Mass Spectrom

Article Cobert Florian, SCHMITT Anne-Désirée, BOURGEADE Pascale, Labolle François, BADOT Pierre-Marie, Chabaux François, Stille Peter - 2011 - Experimental identification of Ca isotopic fr.actionations in higher plants. - Geochim. Cosmochim Acta

Article Bagard Marie-Laure, Chabaux François, Pokrovsky Oleg S., Viers Jérôme, Prokushkin A.S., Stille Peter, Rihs Sophie, SCHMITT Anne-Désirée, Dupre Bernard - 2011 - Seasonal variability of element sources in two Central Siberian rivers draining high latitude permafrost dominated areas. - Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta

Communication Cobert Florian, SCHMITT Anne-Désirée, BOURGEADE Pascale, Stille Peter, Chabaux François, BADOT Pierre-Marie, Jaegler Thomas - 2010 - Experimental identification of mechanisms controlling calcium isotopic fractionations by the vegetation. - EGU (AT)

Article Lucas Yann, SCHMITT Anne-Désirée, Chabaux F., Clément Alain, Fritz B., Elsass Philippe, Durand S. - 2010 - Geochemical tracing and hydrogeochemical modelling of water-rock interactions during salinization of alluvial groundwater (Upper Rhine Valley, France). - Applied Geochemistry

Communication SCHMITT Anne-Désirée, Gangloff S., Cobert Florian, Lemarchand D., Stille P., Chabaux F. - 2009 - High performance automated ion chromatography separation for Ca isotope measurements in geological and biological samples. - Goldschmidt (CH)

Article SCHMITT Anne-Désirée, Gangloff Sophie, Cobert Florian, Lemarchand Damien, Stille Peter, Chabaux François - 2009 - High performance automated ion chromatography separation for Ca isotope measurements in multiple natural matrices. - Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry

Article SCHMITT Anne-Désirée, Galer Stephen, Abouchami Wafa - 2009 - High-precision cadmium isotope measurements determined by double spike thermal ionisation mass spectrometry. - Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry

Article SCHMITT Anne-Désirée, Galer Stephen, Abouchami Wafa - 2009 - Mass-dependent cadmium isotopic variations in nature with emphasis on the marine environment. - Earth and Planetary Science Letters

Communication Lucas Yves, SCHMITT Anne-Désirée, Chabaux F., Clément A. - 2009 - Quantification of cationic exchanges in the Upper Rhine valley potash basin : coupled geochemical and modelling approach. - Goldschmidt Conference (CH)

Article Cenki-Tok Bénédicte, Chabaux François, Lemarchand Damien, SCHMITT Anne-Désirée, Pierret Marie-Claire, Viville Daniel, Bagard Marie-Laure, Stille Peter - 2009 - The impact of water-rock interaction and vegetation on calcium isotope fractionation in soil- and stream waters of a small, forested catchment (the Strengbach case). - Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta

Communication Abouchami W., Galer S.J.G., Feldmann H., SCHMITT Anne-Désirée - 2008 - Mass independent fractionation of cadmium isotopes during thermal ionization. - AGU Fall Meeting (US)

Communication SCHMITT Anne-Désirée, S.J.G. Galer, Abouchami W. - 2007 - Natural mass-dependent Cd isotopic variations determined by TIMS. - Goldschmidt conference (DE)

Communication SCHMITT Anne-Désirée, Galer S.J.G., Abouchami W. - 2006 - Survey of natural cadmium isotope fractionation by double spike thermal ionisation mass spectrometry. - AGU Fall Meeting (US)

Article SCHMITT Anne-Désirée, Stille Peter - 2005 - The source of calcium in wet atmospheric deposits: Ca-Sr isotope evidence. - Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta

Article Chabaux François, Riotte Jean, SCHMITT Anne-Désirée, Carignan Jean, Herckes Pierre, Pierret Marie-Claire, Wortham Henri - 2005 - Variations of U and Sr isotope ratios in Alsace and Luxembourg rainwaters: hydrodynamic implications. - Comptes Rendus Géoscience

Article Eisenhauer Anton, Nägler Thomas, Stille Peter, Kramers Jan, Gussone Nikolaus, Bock Barbara, Fietzke Jan, Hippler Dorothee, SCHMITT Anne-Désirée - 2004 - Proposal for an international agreement on Ca notations resulting from discussions at workshops on stable isotope measurements held in Davos (Goldschmidt 2002) and Nice (EGS-AGU-EUG 2003). - Geostandards and Geoanalytical Research

Thèse SCHMITT Anne-Désirée - 2003 - Les isotopes du Calcium: Développements analytiques. Application au bilan océanique présent et passé.

Article Hippler Dorothee, SCHMITT Anne-Désirée, Gussone Nikolaus, Heuser Alexander, Stille Peter, Eisenhauer Anton, Nägler Thomas - 2003 - Calcium isotopic composition of various reference materials and seawater. - Geostandard Newsletter

Article SCHMITT Anne-Désirée, Chabaux François, Stille Peter - 2003 - The calcium riverine and hydrothermal isotopic fluxes and the oceanic calcium mass balance. - Earth and Planetary Science Letters

Article SCHMITT Anne-Désirée, Stille Peter, Vennemann Torsten - 2003 - Variations of the 44Ca/40Ca ratio in seawater during the past 24 million years: Evidence from d44Ca and d18O in Miocene phosphates. - Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta

Article SCHMITT Anne-Désirée, Bracke Guido, Stille Peter, Kiefel Bernard - 2001 - The Ca isotope composition of modern seawater determined by thermal ionisation mass spectrometry. - Geostandard Newsletter

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