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SIZUN Jean-Pierre

Maître de Conférences
Université de Franche-Comté

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Article Bossennec Claire, Géraud Yves, Böcker Johannes, Klug Bernd, Mattioni Luca, SIZUN Jean-Pierre, Sudo Masafumi, Moretti Isabelle - 2021 - Evolution of Diagenetic Conditions and Burial History in Buntsandstein Gp. Fractured Sandstones (Upper Rhine Graben) from In-Situ δ18O of Quartz and 40Ar/39Ar Geochronology of K-Feldspar Overgrowths. - International Journal of Earth Sciences

Article Bouton Anthony, Vennin Emmanuelle, Amiotte‐Suchet Philippe, Thomazo Christophe, SIZUN Jean-Pierre, Virgone Aurélien, Gaucher Eric C., Visscher Pieter T. - 2020 - Prediction of the calcium carbonate budget in a sedimentary basin: a "source-to-sink" approach applied to Great Salt Lake, Utah, USA. - Basin Research

Article Mangenot Xavier, Deconinck Jean-François, Bonifacie Magali, Rouchon Virgile, Collin Pierre-Yves, Quesne Didier, Gasparrini Marta, SIZUN Jean-Pierre - 2019 - Thermal and exhumation histories of the northern subalpine chains (Bauges and Bornes-France): evidence from forward thermal modeling coupling clay mineral diagenesis, organic maturity and carbonate clumped isotope (Δ47) data. - Basin Research

Article Chabas Anne, SIZUN Jean-Pierre, Gentaz Lucile, Uring Pauline, Phan Alain, Coman Adriana, Alfaro Stéphane Christophe, Saheb Mandana, Pangui Edouard, Zapf Pascal, Huet Florian - 2018 - Water content of limestones submitted to realistic wet deposition: a CIME2 chamber simulation. - Environmental Science and Pollution Research

Article Chenot Elise, Deconinck Jean-François, Pucéat Emmanuelle, Pellenard Pierre, Guiraud Michel, Jaubert Maxime, Jarvis Ian, Thibault Nicolas, Cocquerez Théophile, Bruneau Ludovic, Razmjooei Mohammad J., Boussaha Myriam, RICHARD James, SIZUN Jean-Pierre, Stemmerik Lars - 2018 - Continental weathering as a driver of Late Cretaceous cooling: new insights from clay mineralogy of Campanian sediments from the southern Tethyan margin to the Boreal realm. - Global and Planetary Change

Article Martin Martin Juan Diego, Travé Anna, Gomez-Rivas E., Salas Ramon, SIZUN Jean-Pierre, Vergés Jaume, Corbella Mercé, Stafford S.L., Alfonso Pura - 2015 - Fault-controlled and stratabound dolostones in the Late Aptianeearliest Albian Benassal Formation (Maestrat Basin, E Spain): Petrology and geochemistry constrains. - Marine and Petroleum Geology

Article Durand Cyril, Oliot Emilien, MARQUER Didier, SIZUN Jean-Pierre - 2015 - Chemical mass transfers in shear zones and metacarbonate xenoliths: a comparison of four mass balance approaches. - European Journal of Mineralogy

Article BALLAS Gregory, Soliva Roger, Benedicto Antonio, SIZUN Jean-Pierre - 2014 - Control of tectonic setting and large-scale faults on the basin-scale distribution of deformation bands in porous sandstone (Provence, France). - Marine and Petroleum Geology

Article CAVAILHES Thibault, Labaume Pierre, SIZUN Jean-Pierre, Soliva Roger, Gout Claude, Potdevin Jean-Luc, BUATIER Martine, GAY Aurélien, Chauvet Alain, CHARPENTIER Delphine, Trave Anna - 2014 - Difference in petrophysical properties between foliated and dilatant fault rocks in deeply buried clastics: The case of the Gres d'Annot Formation, SW French Alps. - Terra Nova

Ouvrage ROSENTHAL Patrick, SIZUN Jean-Pierre, Rossy Michel, Poupard Laurent, Morre-Biot Nicole - 2014 - catalogue de l'exposition.

Article TRINCAL VincentCorresp., CHARPENTIER Delphine, BUATIER Martine, Grobety B., Lacroix Brice, Labaume Pierre, SIZUN Jean-Pierre - 2014 - Quantification of mass transfers and mineralogical transformations in a thrust fault (Monte Perdido thrust unit, southern Pyrenees, Spain). - Marine and Petroleum Geology

Article CAVAILHES Thibault, SIZUN Jean-Pierre, Labaume Pierre, Chauvet Alain, BUATIER Martine, Soliva Roger, Mezri Leila, CHARPENTIER Delphine, LECLERE Henri, Trave Anna, Gout Claude - 2013 - Influence of fault rock foliation on fault zone permeability: The case of deeply buried arkosic sandstones (Gres d'Annot, southeastern France). - AAPG Bulletin

Article CAVAILHES Thibault, Soliva Roger, Labaume Pierre, Wibberley Christopher, SIZUN Jean-Pierre, Gout Claude, CHARPENTIER Delphine, Chauvet Alain, Scalabrino Bruno, BUATIER Martine - 2013 - Phyllosilicates formation in faults rocks: Implications for dormant fault-sealing potential and fault strength in the upper crust. - Geophysical Research Letters

Article BALLAS Gregory, Soliva Roger, SIZUN Jean-Pierre, Fossen Haakon, Benedicto Antonio, Skurtveit Elin - 2013 - Shear-enhanced compaction bands formed at shallow burial conditions; implications for fluid flow (Provence, France). - Journal of Structural Geology

Article Bruna Pierre-Olivier, Guglielmi Yves, Lamarche Juliette, Floquet Marc, Fournier François, SIZUN Jean-Pierre, Gallois Arnaud, Marié Lionel, BERTRAND Catherine, HOLLENDER Fabrice - 2013 - Porosity gain and loss in unconventional reservoirs: Example of rock typing in Lower Cretaceous hemipelagic limestones, SE France (Provence). - Marine and Petroleum Geology

Article BALLAS Gregory, Soliva Roger, SIZUN Jean-Pierre, Benedict Antonio, CAVAILHES Thibault, Raynaud Suzanne - 2012 - The importance of the degree of cataclasis in shear bands for fluid flow in porous sandstone, Provence, France. - AAPG Bulletin

Article LECLERE Henri, BUATIER Martine, CHARPENTIER Delphine, SIZUN Jean-Pierre, Labaume Pierre, CAVAILHES Thibault - 2012 - Formation of phyllosilicates in a fault zone affecting deeply buried arkosic sandstones: their influence on petrophysic properties (Annot sandstones, French external Alps). - Swiss Journal of Geosciences

Article Buatier Martine D., Lacroix Brice, Labaume Pierre, Moutarlier Virginie, CHARPENTIER Delphine, SIZUN Jean-Pierre, Trave Anna - 2012 - Microtextural investigation (SEM and TEM study) of phyllosilicates in a major thrust fault zone (Monte Perdido, southern Pyrenees): impact on fault reactivation. - Swiss Journal of Geosciences

Communication Cavailhes Thibault, LECLERE Henri, CHARPENTIER Delphine, BUATIER Martine, SIZUN Jean-Pierre, Lerat Jeremy, Labaume Pierre, Chauvet Alain - 2011 - Fluid-sedimentary rock interactions and mineralogical changes related to deformation and fluid circulation along a normal fault in deep diagenesis context (Grès d'Annot, SE France). - European Clay Conference (Antalya, TR)

Article RICHARD JamesCorresp., SIZUN Jean-Pierre - 2011 - Pressure solution-fracturing interactions in weakly cohesive carbonate sediments and rocks: example of the synsedimentary deformation of the Campanian chalk from the Mons Basin (Belgium). - Journal of Structural Geology

Communication Martin Martin J.D., Travé A., Gomez-Rivas E., SIZUN Jean-Pierre, Salas R., Gómez-Gras D., Vergés J. - 2010 - Fault-associated dolomites in the Benicàssim area (Maestrat Basin, E. Spain): macro- to micro-scale fluid flow in carbonates. - 72nd EAGE Conference & Exhibition incorporating SPE EUROPEC 2010 (Barcelone, ES)

Communication Steer P., Cattin R., Gibert B., Labaume P., Loggia D., Soliva R., Taboada A., Jolivet M., Lavé J., SIZUN Jean-Pierre - 2009 - Experimental study of rock erodibility – diagenetic grade relationship, application to the Annot sandstone, French-Italian Alps. - American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting 2009 (San Francisco, US)

Communication Labaume P., SIZUN Jean-Pierre, CHARPENTIER Delphine, Travé A., Chirouze F., BUATIER Martine, Chauvet A., Walgenwitz F., Jolivet M., Monié P., Arnaud N. - 2009 - Diagenesis controlled by tectonic burial in a foreland basin turbidite formation. The case example of the Grès d'Annot, French-italian external Alps. - EGU General Assembly 2009 (Vienne, AT)

Autre Labaume P., Arnaud N., Chauvet A., Chirouze F., Jolivet M., Monié P., BUATIER Martine, CHARPENTIER Delphine, SIZUN Jean-Pierre, Travé A. - 2008 - Contrôle tectonique de la diagenèse d'une formation turbiditique d'avant-chaîne : exemple des Grès d'Annot, Alpes franco-italiennes.

Article RICHARD JamesCorresp., SIZUN Jean-Pierre, Machhour Louaï - 2007 - Development and compartmentalization of chalky carbonate reservoirs: the Urgonian Jura-Bas Dauphiné platform model (Génissiat, southeastern France). - Sedimentary Geology

Article RICHARD JamesCorresp., SIZUN Jean-Pierre, Machhour Louaï - 2005 - Environmental and diagenetic records from a new reference section for the Boreal realm: the Campanian chalk of the Mons basin (Belgium). - Sedimentary Geology

Article Dehandschutter B., Gaviglio P., SIZUN Jean-Pierre, Sintubin M., Vandycke S., Vandenberghe N., Wouters L. - 2005 - Volumetric matrix strain related to intraformational faulting in argillaceous sediments. - Journal of the Geological Society of London