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Article BOMPANGUE Didier, Moore Sandra, Taty Nadège, Impouma Benido, SUDRE Bertrand, Manda Richard, Balde Thierno, Mboussou Franck, Vandevelde Thierry - 2020 - Description of the targeted water supply and hygiene response strategy implemented during the cholera outbreak of 2017–2018 in Kinshasa, DRC. - BMC Infectious Diseases

Article Lessler Justin, Moore Sean, Luquero Francisco, McKay Heather, Grais Rebecca, Henkens Myriam, Mengel Martin, Dunoyer Jessica, M'bangombe Maurice, Lee Elizabeth, Djingarey Mamoudou Harouna, SUDRE Bertrand, BOMPANGUE Didier, Fraser Robert, Abubakar Abdinasir, Perea William, Legros Dominique, Azman Andrew - 2018 - Mapping the burden of cholera in sub-Saharan Africa and implications for control: an analysis of data across geographical scales. - The Lancet

Article Abedi Aaron Aruna, Shako Jean-Christophe, Gaudart Jean, SUDRE Bertrand, Ilunga Benoit Kebela, Shamamba Stomy Karhemere Bi, Diatta Georges, Davoust Bernard, Tamfum Jean-Jacques Muyembe, Piarroux Renaud, Piarroux Martine - 2018 - Ecologic Features of Plague Outbreak Areas, Democratic Republic of the Congo, 2004–2014. - Emerging Infectious Diseases

Article Piarroux Martine, Piarroux Renaud, Giorgi Roch, KNAPP Jenny, Bardonnet Karine, SUDRE Bertrand, Watelet Jérôme, Dumortier Jérôme, Gérard Alain, Beytout Jean, Abergel Armand, Mantion Georges, Vuitton Dominique A, Bresson-Hadni Solange - 2011 - Clinical features and evolution of alveolar echinococcosis in France from 1982 to 2007: results of a survey in 387 patients. - Journal of Hepatology

Article Bompangue Nkoko Didier, GIRAUDOUX Patrick, Plisnier Pierre-Denis, Tinda Annie Mutombo, Piarroux Martine, SUDRE Bertrand, Horion Stephanie, Tamfum Jean-Jacques Muyembe, Ilunga Benoit Kebela, Piarroux Renaud - 2011 - Dynamics of cholera outbreaks in great lakes region of Africa, 1978-2008. - Emerging Infectious Diseases

Article ROUSSEL Sandrine, Sudre B., REBOUX Gabriel, Waser M., Buchele G., VACHEYROU Mallory, DALPHIN Jean-Charles, MILLON Laurence, Braun-Fahrländer C., Von Mutius E., Piarroux R. - 2011 - Exposure to moulds and actinomycetes in Alpine farms: A nested environmental study of the PASTURE cohort. - Environmental Research -New York-

Article Bosch-Cano Floriane, BERNARD Nadine, SUDRE Bertrand, GILLET François, Thibaudon Michel, RICHARD Hervé, BADOT Pierre-Marie, RUFFALDI Pascale - 2011 - Human exposure to allergenic pollens: A comparison between urban and rural areas. - Environmental Research

Article Normand Anne-Cécile, VACHEYROU Mallory, SUDRE Bertrand, Heederik Dick J J, Piarroux Renaud - 2009 - Assessment of dust sampling methods for the study of cultivable-microorganism exposure in stables. - Environmental Microbiology

Article SUDRE Bertrand, VACHEYROU Mallory, Braun-Fahrländer C., Normand A.-C., Waser M., REBOUX Gabriel, RUFFALDI Pascale, Von Mutius E., Piarroux R., Renseigné Non - 2009 - High levels of grass pollen inside European dairy farms: a role for the allergy-protective effects of environment?. - Allergy

Article BOMPANGUE DidierCorresp., GIRAUDOUX Patrick, Piarroux Martine, Mutombo Guy, Shamavu Rick, SUDRE Bertrand, Mutombo Annie, Mondonge Vital, Piarroux Renaud - 2009 - Cholera Epidemics, War and Disasters around Goma and Lake Kivu: An Eight-Year Survey. - PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases

Article BOMPANGUE Didier, GIRAUDOUX Patrick, Handschumacher Pascal, Piarroux Martine, SUDRE Bertrand, Ekwanzala Mosiana, Kebela Ilunga, Piarroux Renaud - 2008 - Lakes as source of cholera outbreaks, Democratic Republic of Congo. - Emerging Infectious Diseases

Communication BOMPANGUE Didier, GIRAUDOUX Patrick, SUDRE Bertrand, Kebela Benoit, Piarroux Martine, Handschumacher Pascal, Piarroux Renaud - 2007 - Dynamique des épidémies de choléra en République Démocratique du Congo. - Colloque le la Société de Médecine des Voyages (Saint Malo, FR)

Article Fenoglio C.-M., REBOUX Gabriel, SUDRE Bertrand, Mercier M., ROUSSEL Sandrine, Cordier J.-F., Piarroux R., DALPHIN Jean-Charles - 2007 - Diagnostic value of serum precipitins to mould antigens in active hypersensitivity pneumonitis. - European Respiratory Journal