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SUE Christian

Université de Franche-Comté

Productions scientifiques récentes :⊞ voir toute la liste

Article Rabin Mickael, SUE ChristianCorresp., Walpersdorf Andrea, Sakic Pierre, ALBARIC Julie, Fores Benjamin - 2018 - Present‐day deformations of the Jura arc inferred by GPS surveying and earthquake focal mechanisms. - Tectonics

Article SUE Christian, Schmid Stefan M. - 2017 - From ocean formation to mountain evolution in alpine-type orogens. - Swiss Journal of Geosciences

Article Beucher Romain, SUE Christian, Tricart Pierre - 2017 - Orogen-parallel brittle extension as a major tectonic imprint in the Neogene evolution of the south-western Alpine arc. - International Journal of Earth Sciences

Article Bertrand Audrey, SUE Christian - 2017 - Reconciling late faulting over the whole Alpine belt: from structural analysis to geochronological constrains. - Swiss Journal of Geosciences

Article Nocquet J. -m., SUE Christian, Walpersdorf A., Tran T., Lenotre N., VERNANT Philippe, Cushing M., Jouanne F., Masson Frédéric, Baize S., CHERY Jean, Van Der Beek P. A. - 2016 - Present-day uplift of the western Alps. - Scientific Reports

Communication SALZE Meline, Guillaume Benjamin, Martinod Joseph, Kermarrec Jean-Jacques, SUE Christian - 2016 - Effets de la subduction d’une dorsale sur ladynamique d’une plaque continentale :apports de la modélisation analogique. - 25 ème Réunion des sciences de la Terre (RST 2016) (Caen, FR)

Communication SALZE Meline, Guillaume Benjamin, Martinod Joseph, Kermarrec Jean-Jacques, SUE Christian - 2016 - Influence of spreading ridge's subduction on plate dynamics: insights fromlaboratory models. - GeoMod Conference 2016 (Montpellier, FR)

Ouvrage Ghiglione Matías C., SUE Christian, Ramos Miguel E., Tobal Jonathan E., Gallardo Rocío E. - 2016 - The Relation Between Neogene Denudation of the Southernmost Andes and Sedimentation in the Offshore Argentine and Malvinas Basins During the Opening of the Drake Passage. - Geodynamic Evolution of the Southernmost Andes

Ouvrage SUE Christian, Ghiglione Matías C. - 2016 - Wrenching tectonism in the Southernmost Andes and the Scotia Sea constrained from fault kinematic and seismotectonic overviews. - Geodynamic Evolution of the Southernmost Andes

Article Walpersdorf A., SUE Christian, Baize S., Cotte N., Bascou P., Beauval C., Collard Philippe, Daniel G., Dyer H., Grasso J.-R., Hautecoeur O., Helmstetter A., Hok S., Langlais M., Menard G., Mousavi Z., Ponton F., Rizza Magali, Rolland L., Souami D., Thirard L., Vaudey P., Voisin C., Martinod J. - 2015 - Coherence between geodetic and seismic deformation in a context of slow tectonic activity (SW Alps, France). - Journal of Geodynamics

Article RABIN Mickael, SUE Christian, Valla Pierre G., Champagnac Jean-Daniel, CARRY Nicolas, BICHET Vincent, Eichenberger Urs, MUDRY Jacques - 2015 - Deciphering neotectonics from river profile analysis in the karst Jura Mountains (northern Alpine foreland). - Swiss Journal of Geosciences

Article Barberón Vanesa, Ronda Gonzalo, Leal Pablo R., SUE Christian, Ghiglione Matías C. - 2015 - Lower Cretaceous provenance in the northern Austral basin of Patagonia from sedimentary petrography. - Journal of South American Earth Sciences

Article Ghiglione Matías C., Naipauer Maximiliano, SUE Christian, Barberón Vanesa, Valencia Victor, Aguirre-Urreta Beatriz, Ramos Victor A. - 2015 - U–Pb zircon ages from the northern Austral basin and their correlation with the Early Cretaceous exhumation and volcanism of Patagonia. - Cretaceous Research

Article SUE ChristianCorresp., Le Gall Bernard, Daoud Mohammed - 2014 - Stress field during early magmatism in the Ali Sabieh Dome, Djibouti, SE Afar rift. - Journal of African Earth Sciences

Article Vouillamoz Naomie, SUE Christian, Champagnac Jean-Daniel, Calcagno Philippe - 2012 - 3D cartographic modeling of the Alpine arc. - Tectonophysics

Communication Walpersdorf Andrea, SUE Christian, Baize S., Tricard L., Ménard Gilles, Team Briançon - 2012 - Repeated GPS measurements spanning 15 years to study the extensional deformation regime in the inner Southwestern Alpes (Briançon region, France). - EGU 2012 (Vienne, AT)

Article Champagnac J.D., Molnar P., SUE Christian, Herman F. - 2012 - Tectonics, climate, and mountain topography. - Journal of Geophysical Research

Article Albaric J., Perrot Julie, Déverchère Jacques, Deschamps Anne, Le Gall B., Ferdinand R.W., Petit C., Tiberi C., Sue Christian, Songo M. - 2010 - Contrasted seismogenic and rheological behaviours from shallow and deep earthquake sequences in the North Tanzanian divergence, East Africa. - Journal of African Earth Sciences

Article SUE Christian, Calcagno Philippe, Courrioux Gabriel, Tricart Pierre, Frechet Julien, Thouvenot François - 2010 - Relationships between inherited crustal structures and seismicity in the western Alps inferred from 3D structural modeling. - Bulletin de la Société Géologique de France

Article Le Gall Bernard, Daoud Mohamed Ahmed, Maury René C., Rolet Joël, Guillou Hervé, SUE Christian - 2010 - Magma-driven antiform structures in the Afar rift: The Ali Sabieh range, Djibouti. - Journal of Structural Geology

Principaux co-auteurs du laboratoire :

SALZE Meline


BICHET Vincent

CARRY Nicolas

MUDRY Jacques