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SUE Christian

Université de Franche-Comté

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Communication ABI NADER Anthony, ALBARIC Julie, STEINMANN Marc, Malet Jean-Philippe, Pohl Benjamin, Fores Benjamin, MARCHAND Anaïs, Geley Camille, Gros Marine, Susanto Kusnahadi, Ferhat Gilbert, STEFANI Vanessa, BOETSCH Anne, PELLECUER Deborah, Rega Mario, Claude Fontaine, Celle-Jeanton Hélène, SUE Christian - 2021 - Seismic and hydro-geophysical monitoring in the Jura mountain. - 5èmes Rencontres Scientifiques et Techniques Résif (Obernai (67210), FR)

Article Mathey Marguerite, SUE Christian, Pagani Colin, Baize Stéphane, Walpersdorf Andrea, Bodin Thomas, Husson Laurent, Hannouz Estelle, Potin Bertrand - 2021 - Present-day geodynamics of the Western Alps: new insights from earthquake mechanisms. - Solid Earth

Article Cornou Cécile, Ampuero Jean-Paul, Aubert Coralie, Audin Laurence, Baize Stéphane, Billant Jérémy, Brenguier Florent, Causse Mathieu, Chlieh Mohamed, Combey Andy, De Michele Marcello, Delouis Bertrand, Deschamps Anne, FERRY Matthieu, Froment Bérénice, Gélis Céline, Grandin Raphaël, Grasso Jean-Robert, Hannouz Estelle, Hok Sébastien, Jung Axel, Jolivet Romain, Langlais Mickaël, Langlaude Philippe, Larroque Christophe, Leloup Philippe Hervé, Manchuel Kevin, Marconato Léo, Maron Christophe, SUE Christian - 2021 - Réponse rapide au tremblement de terre Mw 4.9 du 11 novembre 2019 au Teil, dans la basse vallée du Rhône, en France. - Comptes Rendus Géoscience

Article Larroque Christophe, Baize Stéphane, ALBARIC Julie, Jomard Hervé, Trévisan Jenny, Godano Maxime, Cushing Marc, Deschamps Anne, SUE Christian, Delouis Bertrand, Potin Bertrand, COURBOULEX Françoise, Régnier Marc, Rivet Diane - 2021 - Seismotectonics of southeast France: from the Jura mountains to Corsica. - Comptes Rendus Géoscience

Article Voisine Encelyn, Rolland Yann, Bernet Matthias, Carcaillet Julien, Duclaux Guillaume, Bascou Jerôme, SUE Christian, Balvay Mélanie, Ménot René-Pierre - 2020 - Antarctic erosion history reconstructed by Terre Adélie moraine geochronology. - Antarctic Science

Article Roy Sandrine, Vassallo Riccardo, Martinod Joseph, Ghiglione Matias, SUE Christian, Allemand Pascal - 2019 - Co‐seismic deformation and post‐glacial slip rate along the Magallanes‐Fagnano fault, Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina. - Terra Nova

Article Sternai Pietro, SUE Christian, Husson Laurent, Serpelloni Enrico, Becker Thorsten, Willett Sean, Faccenna Claudio, Di Giulio Andrea, Spada Giorgio, Jolivet Laurent, Valla Pierre, Petit Carole, Nocquet Jean-Mathieu, Walpersdorf Andrea, Castelltort Sebastien - 2019 - Present-day uplift of the European Alps: Evaluating mechanisms and models of their relative contributions. - Earth-Science Reviews

Article Rolland Yann, Bernet Matthias, Van Der Beek Peter, Gautheron Cécile, Duclaux Guillaume, Bascou Jerôme, Balvay Mélanie, Héraudet Laura, SUE Christian, Ménot René-Pierre - 2019 - Late Paleozoic Ice Age glaciers shaped East Antarctica landscape. - Earth and Planetary Science Letters

Communication Martinod Joseph, Guillaume Benjamin, Ghiglione Matías C., SUE Christian, SALZE Meline, Kermarrec Jean-Jacques - 2018 - Spreading ridge subduction and geological evolution of the Southern Patagonia: insights from analogue modelling. - XV Congreso Geológico Chileno (Conception, CL)

Article Rabin Mickael, SUE ChristianCorresp., Walpersdorf Andrea, Sakic Pierre, ALBARIC Julie, Fores Benjamin - 2018 - Present‐day deformations of the Jura arc inferred by GPS surveying and earthquake focal mechanisms. - Tectonics

Article Grasso J.‐R., Karimov A., Amorese D., SUE Christian, Voisin C. - 2018 - Patterns of Reservoir‐Triggered Seismicity in a Low‐Seismicity Region of France. - Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America

Article BARBERON Vanesa, SUE Christian, Ghiglione Matias, Ronda Gonzalo, Aragón Eugenio - 2018 - Late Cenozoic brittle deformation in the Southern Patagonian Andes: Record of plate coupling/decoupling during variable subduction?. - Terra Nova

Article Walpersdorf A., Pinget L., Vernant P., SUE Christian, Deprez A., Baize Stéphane, Bascou Pascale, Baudin Sandrine, Bock Olivier, Briole Pierre, Cardagliaguet Jean-Paul, Champollion Cédric, Charade Olivier, Chéry Jean, Cotte Nathalie, Dauteuil Olivier, Doerflinger Eric, Duquesnoy Thierry, Fages Romain, Ferhat Gilbert, Flouzat Mireille, Garayt Bruno, Gay Michel, Gravelle Médéric, Guichard Mikaël, Hinderer Jacques, Jouanne François, Lallemand Charly, Masson Frédéric, Mathis Elise-Rachel - 2018 - Does Long-Term GPS in the Western Alps Finally Confirm Earthquake Mechanisms?. - Tectonics

Article SALZE Meline, Martinod Joseph, Guillaume Benjamin, Kermarrec Jean-Jacques, Ghiglione Matias, SUE Christian - 2018 - Trench-parallel spreading ridge subduction and its consequences for the geological evolution of the overriding plate: Insights from analogue models and comparison with the Neogene subduction beneath Patagonia. - Tectonophysics

Article SUE Christian, Schmid Stefan M. - 2017 - From ocean formation to mountain evolution in alpine-type orogens. - Swiss Journal of Geosciences

Article Beucher Romain, SUE Christian, Tricart Pierre - 2017 - Orogen-parallel brittle extension as a major tectonic imprint in the Neogene evolution of the south-western Alpine arc. - International Journal of Earth Sciences

Article Bertrand Audrey, SUE Christian - 2017 - Reconciling late faulting over the whole Alpine belt: from structural analysis to geochronological constrains. - Swiss Journal of Geosciences

Article Nocquet J. -m., SUE Christian, Walpersdorf A., Tran T., Lenotre N., VERNANT Philippe, Cushing M., Jouanne F., Masson Frédéric, Baize S., CHERY Jean, Van Der Beek P. A. - 2016 - Present-day uplift of the western Alps. - Scientific Reports

Communication SALZE Meline, Guillaume Benjamin, Martinod Joseph, Kermarrec Jean-Jacques, SUE Christian - 2016 - Effets de la subduction d’une dorsale sur ladynamique d’une plaque continentale :apports de la modélisation analogique. - 25 ème Réunion des sciences de la Terre (RST 2016) (Caen, FR)

Communication SALZE Meline, Guillaume Benjamin, Martinod Joseph, Kermarrec Jean-Jacques, SUE Christian - 2016 - Influence of spreading ridge's subduction on plate dynamics: insights fromlaboratory models. - GeoMod Conference 2016 (Montpellier, FR)

Book Ghiglione Matías C., SUE Christian, Ramos Miguel E., Tobal Jonathan E., Gallardo Rocío E. - 2016 - The Relation Between Neogene Denudation of the Southernmost Andes and Sedimentation in the Offshore Argentine and Malvinas Basins During the Opening of the Drake Passage. - Geodynamic Evolution of the Southernmost Andes

Book SUE Christian, Ghiglione Matías C. - 2016 - Wrenching tectonism in the Southernmost Andes and the Scotia Sea constrained from fault kinematic and seismotectonic overviews. - Geodynamic Evolution of the Southernmost Andes

Article Walpersdorf A., SUE Christian, Baize S., Cotte N., Bascou P., Beauval C., Collard Philippe, Daniel G., Dyer H., Grasso J.-R., Hautecoeur O., Helmstetter A., Hok S., Langlais M., Menard G., Mousavi Z., Ponton F., Rizza Magali, Rolland L., Souami D., Thirard L., Vaudey P., Voisin C., Martinod J. - 2015 - Coherence between geodetic and seismic deformation in a context of slow tectonic activity (SW Alps, France). - Journal of Geodynamics

Article RABIN Mickael, SUE Christian, Valla Pierre G., Champagnac Jean-Daniel, CARRY Nicolas, BICHET Vincent, Eichenberger Urs, MUDRY Jacques - 2015 - Deciphering neotectonics from river profile analysis in the karst Jura Mountains (northern Alpine foreland). - Swiss Journal of Geosciences

Article Barberón Vanesa, Ronda Gonzalo, Leal Pablo R., SUE Christian, Ghiglione Matías C. - 2015 - Lower Cretaceous provenance in the northern Austral basin of Patagonia from sedimentary petrography. - Journal of South American Earth Sciences

Article Ghiglione Matías C., Naipauer Maximiliano, SUE Christian, Barberón Vanesa, Valencia Victor, Aguirre-Urreta Beatriz, Ramos Victor A. - 2015 - U–Pb zircon ages from the northern Austral basin and their correlation with the Early Cretaceous exhumation and volcanism of Patagonia. - Cretaceous Research

Article SUE ChristianCorresp., Le Gall Bernard, Daoud Mohammed - 2014 - Stress field during early magmatism in the Ali Sabieh Dome, Djibouti, SE Afar rift. - Journal of African Earth Sciences

Article Vouillamoz Naomie, SUE Christian, Champagnac Jean-Daniel, Calcagno Philippe - 2012 - 3D cartographic modeling of the Alpine arc. - Tectonophysics

Communication Walpersdorf Andrea, SUE Christian, Baize S., Tricard L., Ménard Gilles, Team Briançon - 2012 - Repeated GPS measurements spanning 15 years to study the extensional deformation regime in the inner Southwestern Alpes (Briançon region, France). - EGU 2012 (Vienne, AT)

Article Champagnac J.D., Molnar P., SUE Christian, Herman F. - 2012 - Tectonics, climate, and mountain topography. - Journal of Geophysical Research

Article Albaric J., Perrot Julie, Déverchère Jacques, Deschamps Anne, Le Gall B., Ferdinand R.W., Petit C., Tiberi C., Sue Christian, Songo M. - 2010 - Contrasted seismogenic and rheological behaviours from shallow and deep earthquake sequences in the North Tanzanian divergence, East Africa. - Journal of African Earth Sciences

Article SUE Christian, Calcagno Philippe, Courrioux Gabriel, Tricart Pierre, Frechet Julien, Thouvenot François - 2010 - Relationships between inherited crustal structures and seismicity in the western Alps inferred from 3D structural modeling. - Bulletin Société Géologique de France

Article Le Gall Bernard, Daoud Mohamed Ahmed, Maury René C., Rolet Joël, Guillou Hervé, SUE Christian - 2010 - Magma-driven antiform structures in the Afar rift: The Ali Sabieh range, Djibouti. - Journal of Structural Geology