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Article MALABAD Abdoulaye Mahamat, TATIN-FROUX Fabienne, Gallinet Gilles, Colin Jean-Michel, CHALOT Michel, PARELLE Julien - 2022 - A combined approach utilizing UAV 3D imaging methods, in-situ measurements, and laboratory experiments to assess water evaporation and trace element uptake by tree species growing in a red gypsum landfill. - Journal of Hazardous Materials

Communication MALABAD Abdoulaye MahamatCorresp., TATIN-FROUX Fabienne, Gallinet Gilles, CHALOT Michel, PARELLE Julien - 2020 - Managing water evaporation and trace element accumulation using tree species at a red gypsum landfill. - SETAC SciCon Online Meeting, SETAC Europe 30th Annual Meeting (Dublin, IE)

Article ZAPATA CARBONELL Jose Gonzalo, CIADAMIDARO Lisa, PARELLE Julien, Chalot Michel, TATIN-FROUX Fabienne - 2020 - Improving Silver Birch (Betula pendula) Growth and Mn Accumulation in Residual Red Gypsum Using Organic Amendments. - Frontiers in Environmental Science 

Communication CHALOT Michel, CIADAMIDARO Lisa, PFENDLER Stéphane, ZAPPELINI Cyril, DURAND Alexis, PARELLE Julien, TATIN-FROUX Fabienne, MOYEN Christelle, Blaudez Damien - 2018 - Increasing the panel of tree species for the phytomanagement of marginal lands. - 15th phytotechnologies conference (Novi Sad, RS)

Communication CIADAMIDARO Lisa, Parelle Julien, Tatin-Froux Fabienne, Moyen Christelle, Durand Alexis, Zappelini Cyril, Chalot Michel - 2017 - Increasing the panel of tree species in phytomanagement strategies. - ICOBTE, 14th International Conference on the Biogeochemistry of Trace Elements (Zurich, CH)

Communication ZAPPELINI Cyril, ASSAD Mohamad, CAPELLI Nicolas, TATIN-FROUX Fabienne, PARELLE Julien, VALOT Benoit, Maillard François, Blaudez Damien, CHALOT Michel - 2017 - Natural recolonization of tailings dumps by trees and microbes: a case study. - 14th International Conference on the Biogeochemistry of Trace Elements (ICOBTE) (Zurich, CH)

Communication ASSAD Mohamad, TATIN-FROUX Fabienne, CHALOT Michel, PARELLE Julien - 2017 - Transfert d’éléments traces provenant de décharges de résidus dans des végétaux utilisés en jardinage : estimation du risque et bio-monitoring. Les agricultures urbaines durables : un vecteur de la transition écologique. - Colloque international sur l'agriculture urbaine (Toulouse, FR)

Article ASSAD Mohamad, TATIN-FROUX Fabienne, Blaudez Damien, CHALOT Michel, PARELLE Julien - 2017 - Accumulation of trace elements in edible crops and poplar grown on a titanium ore landfill. - Environmental Science and Pollution Research

Article PARELLE Julien, Sara Belabbes, TATIN-FROUX Fabienne - 2016 - Production of micro-cuttings from acorns to test the plasticity of response to contrasting soil water regimes. - Journal of Forestry Research

Communication ASSAD Mohamad, PARELLE Julien, TATIN-FROUX Fabienne, CHALOT Michel - 2016 - Mercury uptake into poplar leaves. - 18th International Conference on Heavy Metals in the Environment, ICHMET. (Ghen, BE)

Article ASSAD Mohamad, PARELLE Julien, Cazaux David, GIMBERT Frédéric, CHALOT Michel, TATIN-FROUX Fabienne - 2016 - Mercury uptake into poplar leaves. - Chemosphere

Article Rasheed-Depardieu Claire, PARELLE Julien, TATIN-FROUX Fabienne, PARENT Claire, CAPELLI Nicolas - 2015 - Short-term response to waterlogging in Quercus petraea and Quercus robur: a study of the root hydraulic responses and the transcriptional pattern of aquaporins. - Plant Physiology and Biochemistry

Article TATIN-FROUX FabienneCorresp., CAPELLI Nicolas, PARELLE Julien - 2014 - Cause-effect relationship among morphological adaptations, growth, and gas exchange response of pedunculate oak seedlings to waterlogging. - Annals of Forest Science

Article Rasheed-Depardieu Claire, PARENT Claire, Crèvecoeur Michèle, PARELLE Julien, TATIN-FROUX Fabienne, Le Provost Grégoire, CAPELLI Nicolas - 2012 - Identification and Expression of Nine Oak Aquaporin Genes in the Primary Root Axis of Two Oak Species, Quercus petraea and Quercus robur. - PLoS ONE

Article Boyer Cécile, Vichot Laurent, Fromm Michel, Losset Yvan, TATIN-FROUX Fabienne, Guétat Philippe, BADOT Pierre-Marie - 2009 - Tritium in plants: a review of current knowledge. - Environmental and Experimental Botany

Article Boyer Cécile, Vichot Laurent, Boissieux T., Losset Yvan, Mavon Christophe, TATIN-FROUX Fabienne, Fromm Michel, BADOT Pierre-Marie - 2009 - Variations of conversion rate from Tissue Free Water Tritium to Organically-Bound Tritium in lettuces continuously exposed to atmospheric HT and HTO. - Radioprotection

Article Birkhofer Klaus, Bezemer T. Martijn, Bloem J., Bronkowski M., Christensen Søren, Dubois David, Ekelund Fleming, Fliebbach Andreas, Gunst Lucie, Hedlund Katarina, Mäder Paul, Mikola Juha, Robin Christophe, Setälä H., TATIN-FROUX Fabienne, Van Der Putten Wim H., Scheu Stephan - 2008 - Long-term organic farming fosters below and aboveground biota: Implications for soil quality, biological control and productivity. - Soil Biology and Biochemistry

Article Nguyen C., TATIN-FROUX Fabienne, Recous Sylvie, Morvan Thierry, Robin Christophe - 2008 - Net N immobilisation during the biodegradation of mucilage in soilas affected by repeated mineral and organic fertilisation. - Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems