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VALOT Benoit

Ingénieur de recherche - CNRS
Sciences du vivant, de la terre et de l'environnement
Suite à un doctorat en protéomique, j'ai travaillé pendant 8 ans à la plateforme de spectrométrie de masse PAPPSO, situé en région parisienne. Suite à une mobilité interne, j'ai rejoins le laboratoire Chrono-Environnement en 2013. Je m'intéresse aux traitements des données de séquençage haut-débit.

Productions scientifiques récentes :⊞ voir toute la liste

Article YUNG Loic, BERTHEAU-ROSSEL Coralie, Tafforeau Flavien, ZAPPELINI Cyril, VALOT Benoit, Maillard François, Selosse Marc-André, VIOTTI Chloé, BINET Philippe, CHIAPUSIO Geneviève, CHALOT Michel - 2021 - Partial overlap of fungal communities associated with nettle and poplar roots when co-occurring at a trace metal contaminated site. - Science of the Total Environment

Article MARTAK Daniel, HENRIOT Charles, Broussier Marion, Couchoud Charlotte, VALOT Benoit, Richard Marion, Couchot Julie, BORNETTE Gudrun, HOCQUET Didier, Bertrand Xavier - 2020 - High Prevalence of Human-Associated Escherichia coli in Wetlands Located in Eastern France. - Frontiers in microbiology

Article Luscher Alexandre, Simonin Juliette, Falconnet Léna, VALOT Benoit, HOCQUET Didier, Chanson Marc, Resch Gregory, Köhler Thilo, Van Delden Christian - 2020 - Combined Bacteriophage and Antibiotic Treatment Prevents Pseudomonas aeruginosa Infection of Wild Type and cftr- Epithelial Cells. - Frontiers in microbiology

Article MARTAK Daniel, MEUNIER Alexandre, SAUGET Marlene, CHOLLEY Pascal, THOUVEREZ Michelle, BERTRAND Xavier, VALOT Benoit, HOCQUET Didier - 2020 - Comparison of pulsed-field gel electrophoresis and whole-genome-sequencing-based typing confirms the accuracy of pulsed-field gel electrophoresis for the investigation of local Pseudomonas aeruginosa outbreaks. - Journal of Hospital Infection

Article El Garch Farid, Youala Myriam, Simjee Shabbir, Moyaert Hilde, Klee Rebecca, Truszkowska Beata, Rose Markus, HOCQUET Didier, VALOT Benoit, Morrissey Ian, De Jong Anno - 2020 - Antimicrobial susceptibility of nine udder pathogens recovered from bovine clinical mastitis milk in Europe 2015–2016: VetPath results. - Veterinary Microbiology

Article Haenni Marisa, El Garch Farid, Miossec Christine, Madec Jean-Yves, HOCQUET Didier, VALOT Benoit - 2020 - High genetic diversity among methicillin-susceptible Staphylococcus pseudintermedius in dogs in Europe. - Journal of Global Antimicrobial Resistance

Article Pepin-Puget Line, El Garch Farid, BERTRAND Xavier, VALOT Benoit, HOCQUET Didier - 2020 - Genome analysis of enterobacteriaceae with non-wild type susceptibility to third-generation cephalosporins recovered from diseased dogs and cats in Europe. - Veterinary Microbiology

Article ROCCHI Steffi, REBOUX Gabriel, SCHERER-DIDIER Emeline, CARDOT-LABOISSIERE Audrey, Zaros Cécile, ROUZET Adeline, VALOT Benoit, Khan Sadia, Dufourg Marie-Noëlle, Leynaert Bénédicte, Raherison Chantal, MILLON Laurence - 2020 - Indoor Microbiome: Quantification of Exposure and Association with Geographical Location, Meteorological Factors, and Land Use in France. - Microorganisms

Article COUCHOUD Charlotte, BERTRAND Xavier, VALOT Benoit, HOCQUET Didier - 2020 - Deciphering the role of insertion sequences in the evolution of bacterial epidemic pathogens with panISa software. - Microbial Genomics

Article Emery Audrey, Marpaux Nadine, Naegelen Christian, VALOT Benoit, Morel Pascal, HOCQUET Didier - 2019 - Genotypic study of Citrobacter koseri , an emergent platelet contaminant since 2012 in France. - Transfusion

Article BOLARD Arnaud, Schniederjans Monika, Haüssler Susanne, Triponney Pauline, VALOT Benoit, PLESIAT Patrick, JEANNOT Katy - 2019 - Production of Norspermidine Contributes to Aminoglycoside Resistance in pmrAB Mutants of Pseudomonas aeruginosa. - Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy

Article POTRON Anaïs, VUILLEMENOT Jean-Baptiste, PUJA Hélène, Triponney Pauline, Bour Maxime, VALOT Benoit, Amara Marlène, Cavalié Laurent, Bernard Christine, Parmeland Laurence, Reibel Florence, Larrouy-Maumus Gerald, Dortet Laurent, Bonnin Rémy, PLESIAT Patrick - 2019 - ISAba1-dependent overexpression of eptA in clinical strains of Acinetobacter baumannii resistant to colistin. - Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy

Article MARTAK Daniel, VALOT Benoit, SAUGET Marlene, CHOLLEY Pascal, THOUVEREZ Michelle, BERTRAND Xavier, HOCQUET Didier - 2019 - Fourier-Transform InfraRed Spectroscopy Can Quickly Type Gram-Negative Bacilli Responsible for Hospital Outbreaks. - Frontiers in microbiology

Article Potron Anaïs, HOCQUET Didier, Triponney Pauline, Plesiat Patrick, BERTRAND Xavier, VALOT Benoit - 2019 - Carbapenem-Susceptible OXA-23-Producing Proteus mirabilis in the French Community. - Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy

Article Jeanvoine Audrey, MEUNIER Alexandre, Puja Hélène, BERTRAND Xavier, VALOT Benoit, HOCQUET Didier - 2019 - Contamination of a hospital plumbing system by persister cells of a copper-tolerant high-risk clone of Pseudomonas aeruginosa. - Water Research

Article Ozaki Shinji, FRITSCH Clémentine, VALOT Benoit, Mora Frédéric, Cornier Thierry, SCHEIFLER Renaud, RAOUL Francis - 2019 - How Do Richness and Composition of Diet Shape Trace Metal Exposure in a Free-Living Generalist Rodent, Apodemus sylvaticus. - Environmental Science Technology

Article REBOUX Gabriel, VALOT Benoit, ROCCHI Steffi, SCHERER-DIDIER Emeline, ROUSSEL Sandrine, MILLON Laurence - 2019 - Storage mite concentrations are underestimated compared to house dust mite concentrations. - Experimental and Applied Acarology

Article Liapis Eleni, Bour Maxime, Triponney Pauline, Jové Thomas, Zahar Jean-Ralph, VALOT Benoit, JEANNOT Katy, PLESIAT Patrick - 2019 - Identification of Diverse Integron and Plasmid Structures Carrying a Novel Carbapenemase Among Pseudomonas Species. - Frontiers in microbiology

Article ROCCHI Steffi, Ponçot Manon, CRINI Nadia, CARDOT-LABOISSIERE Audrey, VALOT Benoit, Godeau Chloé, Léchenault-Bergerot Clothilde, REBOUX Gabriel, CRINI Grégorio, MILLON Laurence - 2018 - Determination of azole fungal residues in soils and detection of Aspergillus fumigatus-resistant strains in market gardens of Eastern France. - Environmental Science and Pollution Research

Article Ozaki Shinji, FRITSCH Clémentine, VALOT Benoit, Mora Frédéric, Cornier Thierry, SCHEIFLER Renaud, RAOUL Francis - 2018 - Does pollution influence small mammal diet in the field? A metabarcoding approach in a generalist consumer. - Molecular Ecology

Article Umhang Gérald, GRENOUILLET Frédéric, Bastid Vanessa, M’Rad Selim, VALOT Benoit, Oudni-M' Myriam, Babba Hamouda, Boué Franck - 2018 - Investigating the genetic diversity of Echinococcus granulosus sensu stricto with new microsatellites. - Parasitology Research

Article Treepong Panisa, Guyeux Christophe, MEUNIER Alexandre, COUCHOUD Charlotte, HOCQUET Didier, VALOT Benoit - 2018 - panISa: Ab initio detection of insertion sequences in bacterial genomes from short read sequence data. - Bioinformatics

Article BRUNIER Alice, Hervouet Eric, Richou Carine, Flori Pierre, Peixoto Paul, Azizi Amel, Delabrousse Eric, BLAGOSKLONOV Oleg, Umhang Gérald, Bresson-Hadni Solange, VALOT Benoit, GRENOUILLET Frédéric, Félix Sophie, Heyd Bruno, Mantion Georges, Montange Damien, Vanlemmens Claire, Vuitton Dominique Angèle, Chavanet Pascal, DALLE Frédéric, Minello Anne, Piroth Lionel, Dumortier Jérôme, Wallon Martine, Machouart Marie, Watelet Jérôme, Sommacale Daniele, Brunet Julie, Hansmann Yves, Lefèbvre Nicolas - 2018 - Circulating cell-free DNA in patients with alveolar echinococcosis. - Molecular and Biochemical Parasitology

Article BELLANGER Anne-Pauline, Berceanu Ana, ROCCHI Steffi, VALOT Benoit, Fontan Jean, Chauchet Adrien, Belin Nicolas, SCHERER-DIDIER Emeline, Deconinck Eric, Navellou Jean-Christophe, MILLON Laurence - 2018 - Development of a quantitative PCR detecting Cunninghamella bertholletiae to help in diagnosing this rare and aggressive mucormycosis. - Bone Marrow Transplantation

Communication Schaal Caroline, Oudot-Canaff Jehanne, Cuenot Quentin, BEGEOT Carole, VALOT Benoit, GAUTHIER Emilie, BORNETTE Gudrun - 2018 - Reconstruction de la végétation actuelle et passée d’un méandre du Doubs à l’aide de marqueurs carpologiques, palynologiques et génétiques. - 13èmes rencontres d'archeobotanique (Station biologique de Besse (Auvergne), FR)

Article PFENDLER Stéphane, Karimi Battle, Maron Pierre-Alain, CIADAMIDARO Lisa, VALOT Benoit, Bousta Faisl, ALAOUI-SOSSE Laurence, ALAOUI-SOSSE Badr, ALEYA Lotfi - 2018 - Biofilm biodiversity in French and Swiss show caves using the metabarcoding approach: First data. - Science of the Total Environment

Article DURAND Alexis, Maillard François, Alvarez-Lopez Vanessa, Guinchard Sarah, BERTHEAU-ROSSEL Coralie, VALOT Benoit, Blaudez Damien, CHALOT Michel - 2018 - Bacterial diversity associated with poplar trees grown on a Hg-contaminated site: Community characterization and isolation of Hg-resistant plant growth-promoting bacteria. - Science of the Total Environment

Article Galland Marc, He Dongli, LOUNIFI IMEN, Arc Erwann, Clément Gilles, Balzergue Sandrine, Huguet Stéphanie, CUEFF Gwendal, Godin Béatrice, Collet Boris, Granier Fabienne, Morin Halima, Tran Joseph, VALOT Benoit, Rajjou Loïc - 2017 - An Integrated “Multi-Omics” Comparison of Embryo and Endosperm Tissue-Specific Features and Their Impact on Rice Seed Quality. - Frontiers in Plant Science

Article ROUZET Adeline, REBOUX Gabriel, DALPHIN Jean-Charles, Gondouin Anne, De Vuyst Paul, Balliau Thierry, MILLON Laurence, VALOT Benoit, ROUSSEL Sandrine - 2017 - An immunoproteomic approach revealed antigenic proteins enhancing serodiagnosis performance of bird fancier's lung. - Journal of Immunological Methods

Article PETITJEAN Marie, Martak Daniel, Silvant Alicia, BERTRAND Xavier, VALOT Benoit, HOCQUET Didier - 2017 - Genomic characterization of a local epidemic Pseudomonas aeruginosa reveals specific features of the widespread clone ST395. - Microbial Genomics

Article ROUZET Adeline, REBOUX Gabriel, DALPHIN Jean-Charles, De Vuyst Paul, CARDOT-LABOISSIERE Audrey, VALOT Benoit, MILLON Laurence, ROUSSEL Sandrine - 2017 - Usefulness of à la carte antigens for bird fancier’s lung serodiagnosis: total dropping extract and/or dropping’s microflora antigens. - Journal of Medical Microbiology

Communication FOULON Julie, ZAPPELINI Cyril, Durand Alexis, VALOT Benoit, Luglia Mathieu, Fourrier Camille, Criquet Stéven, Blaudez Damien, CHALOT Michel - 2017 - Environmental metabarcoding as a tool to reveal structure and composition of microbial communities in anthropogenic soils. - 4ème colloque de Génomique Environnementale (Marseille, FR)

Article ROCCHI Steffi, VALOT Benoit, REBOUX Gabriel, MILLON Laurence - 2017 - DNA metabarcoding to assess indoor fungal communities: Electrostatic dust collectors and Illumina sequencing. - Journal of Microbiological Methods

Article VALOT Benoit, ROGNON Benedicte, Prenel Anais, BRUNIER Alice, KNAPP Jenny, Anelli Mathilde, Richou Carine, Bresson-Hadni Solange, GRENOUILLET Frédéric, Wang Junhua, Vuitton Dominique Angèle, Gottstein Bruno, MILLON Laurence - 2017 - Screening of antigenic vesicular fluid proteins of Echinococcus multilocularis as potential viability biomarkers to monitor drug response in alveolar echinococcosis patients. - PROTEOMICS - Clinical Applications

Article Bouxom Hélène, Fournier Damien, Bouiller Kévin, HOCQUET Didier, BERTRAND Xavier, Guillard Thomas, Klein Frédéric, Reffuveille Fany, Bajolet Odile, De Champs Christophe, Laborde Caroline, Pechinot André, Le Moing Vincent, Piroth Lionel, CHIROUZE Catherine, Treepong P., Guyeux C., Blanc D., VALOT Benoit, GBAGUIDI-HAORE Houssein, Varin Amélie, CHOLLEY Pascal, THOUVEREZ Michelle, MULLER Allison, Rogues Anne-Marie, Péfau Muriel, Alfandari Serge, Dumartin Catherine, El Garch Farid, SAUGET Marlene - 2017 - Association between Pseudomonas aeruginosa positive water samples and healthcare-associated cases: nine-year study at one university hospital. - Journal of Hospital Infection

Article Varin Amélie, VALOT Benoit, CHOLLEY Pascal, Morel Camille, THOUVEREZ Michelle, HOCQUET Didier, BERTRAND Xavier - 2017 - High prevalence and moderate diversity of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in the U-bends of high-risk units in hospital. - International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health

Article Treepong P., Kos V.N., Guyeux C., Blanc D., BERTRAND Xavier, VALOT Benoit, HOCQUET Didier - 2017 - Global emergence of the widespread Pseudomonas aeruginosa ST235 clone. - Clinical Microbiology and Infection

Article SAUGET Marlene, VALOT Benoit, BERTRAND Xavier, HOCQUET Didier - 2017 - Can MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry Reasonably Type Bacteria?. - Trends Microbiol

Article DURAND Alexis, Maillard François, Foulon Julie, Gweon Hyun S., Valot Benoit, CHALOT Michel - 2017 - Environmental Metabarcoding Reveals Contrasting Belowground and Aboveground Fungal Communities from Poplar at a Hg Phytomanagement Site. - Microbial Ecology

Article Langella Olivier, VALOT Benoit, Balliau Thierry, Blein-Nicolas Melisande, Bonhomme Ludovic, Zivy Michel - 2017 - X!TandemPipeline: a tool to manage sequence redundancy for protein inference and phosphosite identification. - Journal of Proteome Research

Communication KNAPP Jenny, Gérald Umhang, VALOT Benoit, RAOUL Francis, DAMY Sylvie, GIRAUDOUX Patrick, MILLON Laurence - 2016 - Methods in genetics to investigate E. multilocularis transmission patterns. - Research and methods in ecohealth and conservation (Kunming, CN)

Communication RAOUL Francis, PERASSO Antoine, BAUDROT Virgile, VALOT Benoit, AFONSO Eve, KNAPP Jenny, Mariotte Justine, GIRAUDOUX Patrick - 2016 - New approaches to description and modeling of trophic interactions: reliable allies to study trophically-transmitted parasites?. - Research and methods in ecohealth and conservation (Kunming, CN)

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Article SCHERER-DIDIER Emeline, VALOT Benoit, VACHEYROU Mallory, NAEGELE Alexandre, KNAPP Jenny, Rocchi Steffi, ROUSSEL Sandrine, MILLON Laurence, REBOUX Gabriel - 2016 - Assessment of pets (cats and dogs) in homes using electrostatic dust collectors and QPCR: new tools to evaluate exposure and risk of allergies. - International Journal of Environmental Health Research

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Article Foulon Julie, ZAPPELINI Cyril, DURAND Alexis, Valot Benoit, GIRARDCLOS Olivier, Blaudez Damien, CHALOT Michel - 2016 - Environmental metabarcoding reveals contrasting microbial communities at two poplar phytomanagement sites. - Science of the Total Environment

Article ROGNON Benedicte, BARRERA Coralie, Monod M., VALOT Benoit, ROUSSEL Sandrine, Quadroni M., Jouneau S., Court-Fortune I., Caillaud D., Fellrath J.-M., DALPHIN Jean-Charles, REBOUX Gabriel, MILLON Laurence - 2016 - Identification of antigenic proteins from lichtheimia corymbifera for farmer's lung disease diagnosis. - PLoS ONE

Article Foulon Julie, ZAPPELINI Cyril, DURAND Alexis, Valot Benoit, Blaudez Damien, CHALOT Michel - 2016 - Impact of poplar-based phytomanagement on soil properties and microbial communities in a metal-contaminated site. - FEMS Microbiology Ecology

Article HOCQUET Didier, PETITJEAN Marie, Rohmer Laurence, VALOT Benoit, Kulasekara Hemantha D, Bedel Elodie, BERTRAND Xavier, Plésiat Patrick, Köhler Thilo, Pantel Alix, Jacobs Michael A, Hoffman Lucas R, Miller Samuel I - 2016 - Pyomelanin-producing Pseudomonas aeruginosa selected during chronic infections have a large chromosomal deletion which confers resistance to pyocins. - Environmental Microbiology

Article Karimi Battle, ZAPPELINI Cyril, FOULON Julie, Lacercat-Didier Laurence, Maillard François, VALOT Benoit, Blaudez Damien, Cazaux David, GILBERT Daniel, Yergeau Etienne, Greer Charles, CHALOT Michel - 2015 - Diversity and complexity of microbial communities from a chlor-alkali tailings dump. - Soil Biology and Biochemistry 

Article VALOT Benoit, Guyeux Christophe, Rolland Julien Yves, Mazouzi Kamel, HOCQUET Didier, Arnaud Isabelle, Maugat Sylvie, Jarlier Vincent, Astagneau Pascal, Lefebvre Annick, BERTRAND Xavier, Vanhems Philippe, Lucet Jean-Christophe, Chavanet Pascal, Astruc Karine, THOUVEREZ Michelle, Quantin Catherine, Aho-Glélé Ludwig Serge - 2015 - Detection of Temporal Clusters of Healthcare-Associated Infections or Colonizations with Pseudomonas aeruginosa in Two Hospitals: Comparison of SaTScan and WHONET Software Packages. - PLoS ONE

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Article VALOT Benoit, Guyeux Christophe, Rolland Julien Yves, Mazouzi Kamel, BERTRAND Xavier, HOCQUET Didier - 2014 - What It Takes to Be a Pseudomonas aeruginosa? The Core Genome of the Opportunistic Pathogen Updated. - PLoS ONE

Article Valot Benoit, Rohmer Laurence, Jacobs Michael A, Miller Samuel I, BERTRAND Xavier, HOCQUET Didier - 2014 - Comparative Genomic Analysis of Two Multidrug-Resistant Clinical Isolates of ST395 Epidemic Strain of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Obtained 12 Years Apart. - Genome Announcements

Article BARRERA Coralie, Valot Benoît, ROGNON Benedicte, Zaugg Christophe, Monod Michel, MILLON Laurence - 2013 - Draft Genome Sequence of the Principal Etiological Agent of Farmer's Lung Disease, Saccharopolyspora rectivirgula. - Genome Announcements