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VIEL Jean-françois

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Article Buscail Camille, UPEGUI Erika, Viel Jean-François - 2012 - Mapping heatwave health risk at the community level for public health action. - International Journal of Health Geographics

Article Tiv Michel, VIEL Jean-françois, MAUNY Frédéric, Eschwège Eveline, Weill Alain, Fournier Cécile, Fagot-Campagna Anne, Penfornis Alfred - 2012 - Medication Adherence in Type 2 Diabetes: The ENTRED Study 2007, a French Population-Based Study. - PLoS ONE

Article Viel Jean-François, FLORET Nathalie, Deconinck Eric, Focant Jean-François, De Pauw Edwin, Cahn Jean-Yves - 2011 - Increased risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma and serum organochlorine concentrations among neighbors of a municipal solid waste incinerator. - Environment International

Article Viel Jean-François, Lefebvre Annick, Marianneau Philippe, Joly Daniel, GIRAUDOUX Patrick, Upegui Erika, Tordo Noël, Hoen Bruno - 2011 - Environmental risk factors for haemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome in a French new epidemic area. - Epidemiology and Infection

Article VIEL Jean-françois, HAGI Mathieu, Upegui Erika, Laurian Lucie - 2010 - Environmental justice in a French industrial region: Are polluting industrial facilities equally distributed?. - Health Place

Rapport MAUNY FrédéricCorresp., PUJOL Sophie, Houot Hélène, Defrance Jérôme, Berthillier Marc, Lardiès Joseph, Viel Jean-François - 2010 - A quels niveaux sonores les enfants scolarisés sont-ils exposés lors du trajet domicile-école ?.

Article HAGI Mathieu, Schémann Jean-François, MAUNY Frédéric, Momo Germain, Sacko Doulaye, Traoré Lamine, Malvy Denis, Viel Jean-François - 2010 - Active trachoma among children in Mali: Clustering and environmental risk factors. - PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases

Article VIEL Jean-françoisCorresp., Fournier Evelyne, Danzon Arlette - 2010 - Age-period-cohort modelling of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma incidence in a French region: a period effect compatible with an environmental exposure. - Environmental health a global access science source [electronic resource]

Article Röösli Martin, Frei Patrizia, Bolte John, Neubauer Georg, Cardis Elisabeth, Feychting Maria, Gajsek Peter, Heinrich Sabine, Joseph Wout, Mann Simon, Martens Luc, Mohler Evelyn, Parslow Roger C, Poulsen Aslak Harbo, Radon Katja, Schüz Joachim, Thuroczy György, VIEL Jean-françois, Vrijheid Martine - 2010 - Conduct of a personal radiofrequency electromagnetic field measurement study : proposed study protocol. - Environmental health a global access science source [electronic resource]

Article VIEL Jean-françois, Cardis Elisabeth, Moissonnier Monika, De Seze René, Hours Martine - 2009 - Radiofrequency exposure in the French general population: Band, time, location and activity variability. - Environment International

Article Goria Sarah, Daniau Côme, De Crouy-Chanel Perrine, Empereur-Bissonnet Pascal, Fabre Pascal, Colonna Marc, Duboudin Cedric, VIEL Jean-françois, Richardson Sylvia - 2009 - Risk of cancer in the vicinity of municipal solid waste incinerators: importance of using a flexible modelling strategy. - Int J Health Geogr

Article Viel Jean-Francois, Clerc Stephanie, BARRERA Coralie, Rymzhanova Raouchan, Moissonnier Monika, Hours Martine, Cardis Elisabeth - 2009 - Residential exposure to radiofrequency fields from mobile-phone base stations, and broadcast transmitters: a population-based survey with personal meter. - Occup Environ Med

Article VIEL Jean-françois, Tran Annelise - 2009 - Estimating denominators: satellite-based population estimates at a fine spatial resolution in a European urban area. - Epidemiology

Article VIEL Jean-françoisCorresp., Clément Marie-Caroline, HAGI Mathieu, Grandjean Sébastien, Challier Bruno, Danzon Arlette - 2008 - Dioxin emissions from a municipal solid waste incinerator and risk of invasive breast cancer: a population-based case-control study with GIS-derived exposure. - International Journal of Health Geographics

Article VIEL Jean-françoisCorresp., Daniau Côme, Goria Sarah, Fabre Pascal, De Crouy-Chanel Perrine, Sauleau Erik-André, Empereur-Bissonnet Pascal - 2008 - Risk for non Hodgkin's lymphoma in the vicinity of French municipal solid waste incinerators. - Environmental health a global access science source [electronic resource]

Article FLORET Nathalie, LUCOT Eric, BADOT Pierre-Marie, MAUNY Frédéric, Viel Jean-François - 2007 - A municipal solid waste incinerator as the single dominant point source of PCDD/Fs in an area of increased non-Hodgkin's lymphoma incidence. - Chemosphere

Article Guis Hélène, Tran Annelise, MAUNY Frédéric, Baldet Thierry, Barragué Bruno, Gerbier Guillaume, Viel Jean-François, Roger François, De La Rocque Stéphane - 2007 - A multiple fine-scale satellite-derived landscape approach: example of bluetongue modelling in Corsica. - Veterinaria Italiana

Article Guis Hélène, Tran Annelise, De La Rocque Stéphane, Baldet Thierry, Gerbier Guillaume, Barragué Bruno, Biteau-Coroller Fabienne, Roger François, Viel Jean-François, MAUNY Frédéric - 2007 - Use of high spatial resolution satellite imagery to characterize landscapes at risk for bluetongue. - Veterinary Research

Article FLORET Nathalie, Viel Jean-François, LUCOT Eric, Dudermel Pierre-Michel, Cahn Jean-Yves, BADOT Pierre-Marie, MAUNY Frédéric - 2006 - Dispersion modeling as a dioxin exposure indicator in the vicinity of a municipal solid waste incinerator: a validation study. - Environmental Science Technology

Article FLORET Nathalie, Viel Jean-François, MAUNY Frédéric, Hoen Bruno, Piarroux Renaud - 2006 - Negligible risk for epidemics after geophysical disasters. - Emerging Infectious Diseases

Article MAUNY Frédéric, Grandmottet M., Lestradet C., Guitard J., Crenn D., FLORET Nathalie, Olivier-Koehret M., Viel J. F., Renseigné Non - 2005 - Increasing trend of childhood type 1 diabetes in Franche-Comté (France): analysis of age and period effects from 1980 to 1998. - European Journal of Epidemiology

Article Viel Jean-François, FLORET Nathalie, MAUNY Frédéric - 2005 - Spatial and space-time scan statistics to detect low rate clusters of sex. - Environ Ecol Stat

Article MAUNY Frédéric, Viel J. F., Handschumacher P., Sellin B. - 2004 - Multilevel modelling and malaria: a new method for an old disease. - International Journal of Epidemiology

Article FLORET Nathalie, MAUNY Frédéric, Challier B., Cahn J.-Y., Tourneux François-Pierre, Viel J.-F. - 2004 - Dioxin emissions and soft-tissue sarcoma: results of a population-based case-control study. - Epidemiology and Public Health / Revue d'Epidémiologie et de Santé Publique

Article Viel J. F., GIRAUDOUX Patrick, Abrial V., Bresson-Hadni S. - 1999 - Water vole (Arvicola terrestris scherman) density as risk factor for human alveolar echinococcosis. - The American journal of tropical medicine and hygiene

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