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Licences, Masters, Doctorate

The Chrono-environnement laboratory take part in students formation. The laboratory offers research stages and participate in the University of Franche-Comté LMD

Doctoral school
Doctoral school Carnot - Pasteur
Doctoral school Health & Environment
Doctoral school Society, Area, Usage, Time
Master Degree
Archaeology, Sciences for Archaeology Master
Master Conservation Biology
Applied Geology Master
Master: Environment Long-terme Managment
Master: Water & Soils Quality, Handling
Master: Physical-Chemistry and Materials for the Living
Teaching Master Degree - Natural sciences
Teaching Master Degree - Phisic & Chemistry
Art Histroy & Archeology Degree
Managment & Protection of Natural Environnment Degree
Chemical & Physical Degree
Earth Sciences Degree
Health Science Technology Degree
Biology Degree

4 February 2021

PEPSAN project: an associated thesis

Pauline Bellot studies the role of triazoles in wildlife responses to a multi-resistant fungal pathogen Aspergillus fumigatus.

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15 October 2019

Wastewater and water chemistry, from education to industry

Les étudiants de la LP QSE à la découverte de la papeterie Gemdoubs

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7 November 2018

The chemistry of the water, the theory in industrial practice

Twenty-four students in the Professional Quality and Safety Environment License at the UFR Sciences et Techniques were welcomed by Soizïc Hein (health-safety-environment facilitator), Allyson (...)

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Master 2 EMME internship defenses

Two days rich in science and questioning, open to the public in compliance with the rules in force

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