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31 January 2022

Volcanism in the Chaîne des Puys: new data from tephras

A study by Guénolé Jouannic et al. published in Quaternary International develops and extends the tephrochronological framework of France during the glacial and Holocene periods

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21 January 2022

Two papers in the Journal of Hazardous Material: a nice double for Chrono-environnement

Two publications in phytomanagement by Chrono-environnement researchers, Montbéliard branch

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4 November 2021

Impacts of environmental factors on the Covid pandemic 19

A series of articles by Lotfi Aleya on the impact of environmental factors on the Covid 19 pandemic

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10 September 2021

Pollution by trace metals: what impacts?

A new publication by Shinji Ozaki et al. in Environmental Science and Pollution Research

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8 February 2021

Biopic : Dexter French, a famous American chemist

Dexter French, famous American professor of chemistry and biology, pioneer in the development of knowledge on cyclodextrins

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9 November 2020

Pesticide residues in soils and earthworms: a silent threat?

Michael Coeurdassier and Clémentine Fritsch, ecotoxicologists at Chono-environnement, have just published in the journal Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

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