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First Symposium on Atomic and Nuclear Technologies Applied, (Thies, Senegal)

The International Symposium on Applied Atomic and Nuclear Technologies TANA_2019 was held at the University of Thies (Senegal) from 24 to 26 June 2019 with the participation of students, doctoral students, doctors, doctors, researchers and teacher-researchers in from the universities of Thiès, Dakar, Bambey, Ziguinchor in Senegal and Besançon in France.
The TANA are the result of a collaboration initiated in 2017 between Ibrahima Sakho, professor of physics at the University of Thies, and Jean-Emmanuel Groetz, professor-researcher in ionizing radiation physics at the University of Franche-Comté, which was concretized by a stay of guest professor of two months in 2018 at Chrono-environment.
The general objective aimed through the organization of TANA is to make the University of Thiès a center of excellence for the scientific outreach of three key sectors of sustainable development that are energy, health and the environment.
For this first edition, Michel Fromm, professor of physical chemistry, represented our UMR.

The state of the art that emerges shows both the immense willingness to act and the lack of training in relation to dosimetry and radiation protection in Senegal, even though diagnostic and treatment techniques using ionizing radiation is being established in the country’s hospitals. The DORA license (Dosimetry and medical radioprotection) animated by Régine Gschwind, teacher-researcher in physics (Montbéliard site, France), constitutes as such a first anchor point in the many future collaborative projects envisaged.

The rector of the University of Thies, Ramatoulaye Diagne Mbengue presented at the closing ceremony, confirmed the interest and motivation of Senegalese colleagues to consolidate the collaborations.

Without being exhaustive, here are some of the tracks mentioned and being consolidated:
- * The TANA 2020 edition will be devoted to dosimetry, radiation protection and artificial intelligence. Several members of the UMR should be present. An inaugural lecture by a "top" of medical dosimetry is planned at the Abdou Diouf International Conference Center (CICAD) in Dakar. Each year will be devoted to one theme in particular, generally related to energy, health and the environment.
- * The idea inspired by the quotation of Amadou Hampâté Bâ (UNESCO speech, 1960) "an old man who dies, it is a burning library" transposed to our contemporary time in order to go towards the opening of the House Sages TANA: a place of residence intended to receive retired scientists from all nations who will have the mission to accompany students (masters, doctorates), to write books, to participate in scientific animations (l acquisition of land for the construction of the building is underway!) ...
- * Set up exchanges: receive Master’s students and PhD students at Chrono-environnement to train them in the fields mentioned above; promote international collaborations; setting up diploma courses and creating scientific networks.

Michel Fromm
Jean-Emmanuel Groetz

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