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The Chrono-environment laboratory regularly organizes seminars, seminars or workshops. You will find in this section all the announcements of these events as well as the defenses (HDR, Theses and masters backed by the laboratory).
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10 January 2019

ZAAJ in economics

First interdisciplinary day of the Jurassic Arc Workshop Zone

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3 January 2019

Chrono-environment meeting

Science within everyone’s reach, with the Chrono-Environment Rendezvous, every month at Petit Kursaal. We run there!

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18 December 2018

Thesis defense of Aurore Dupin

Aurore Dupin holds a doctorate in archeology Tuesday, December 18, 2018 at 14h in the amphitheater B, metrology building, campus of the bouloie, 16 route de Gray, in Besancon. Its theme is (...)

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14 December 2018

8th OSU conference 2018

The purpose of the OSU conferences is to bring together the members of the various federated instituts within the OSU and to present the results of the SRO projects of the year 2018.

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7 December 2018

Two days of seminars on landscapes and territories

Urbanisation à l’âge de Fer et modèles spatiaux

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6 December 2018

Charles Krebs Seminar

Petra Villlette and Patrick Giraudoux participated in the symposium Rodents 2018 which was held from 3 to 7 September at Potsdam. On this occasion Charles Krebs, a leading figure in rodent (...)

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11 October 2018

19th Cyclodextrine Days

Advanced research on the subject of cyclodextrins, natural substances derived from the biotransformation of starch

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27 September 2018

Conference Darek Wysocki, University of Szczecin

Factors affecting the lifetime breeding success of urban blackbird populations

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4 July 2018

Conference Prof. Vera I. Slaveykova, University of Geneva

Bioavailability of mercury compounds to aquatic primary producers

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3 July 2018

Thesis defense of Cyril Zappelini

Cyril Zappelini is pleased to invite you to his thesis defense entitled "Study of Rhizospheric microbial communities of woody native to anthropogenic soils, derived from industrial effluents". It (...)

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