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The Chrono-environment laboratory regularly organizes seminars, seminars or workshops. You will find in this section all the announcements of these events as well as the defenses (HDR, Theses and masters backed by the laboratory).
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5 July 2019

Thesis defense of Arnaud Bolard

Arnaud Bolard vous convie à sa soutenance de thèse intitulée : Identification de nouvelles voies de régulation impliquées dans la résistance non enzymatique aux aminosides chez Pseudomonas aeruginosa (...)

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18 June 2019

EMME Master 1st year intership defenses

The defneses of the internships of Master 1 EMME students will take place in Amphitheater B, La Bouloie, Besançon.

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12 June 2019

Thesis defense of Loïc Gaëtan

Loïc GAËTAN will support his thesis entitled, (The ancient agglomerations of the Val de Saône: Emergence and mutations of an urban network from the end of the Iron Age to the early Middle Ages, on (...)

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28 March 2019

Spatial archeometry: seminars with Rachel Opitz

[Save the date] Rachel Opitz will offer two seminars and training at the MSHE Ledoux in Besançon in late March/early April.

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19 March 2019

Thesis defense by Méline Salze

Méline Salze will support his thesis entitled, «Interactions between geodynamic processes, regional tectonics and climate : the example of the southern Andes in the Neogene ", Tuesday, March 19, (...)

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12 March 2019

Lecture by Mario Novak, archaeologist and anthropologist

Invited by Morana Čaušević-Bully, coordinator of the IATEKA program of ISITE-BFC, Mario Novak, archaeologist and anthropologist of the Institute for the anthropological research of Zagreb, (Croatia) (...)

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15 February 2019

Simulations and zeolites workshop

Meeting of researchers in Physics and Chemistry who study the interactions of certain interests with a zeolite

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13 February 2019

Thesis defense of Thibault Minervini

Thibault Minervini ago Study of interactions between cisplatin and sulfur life of biological interest, Wednesday, February 13, 2019 at 10 am, in room -107 am, propaedeutic building, rue UFR, (...)

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5 February 2019

Stream restoration in forest areas

Technical and scientific day on registration

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