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9th day of OSU THETA Franche-Comté-Bourgogne

The 9th day of the OSU THETA Franche-Comté-Burgundy will take place Thursday, December 12, 2019 in Saint-Romain (Roland Thévenin hall, near the town hall).

8h00 Departure from Besançon (RV parking in front of the U Sport)
8:30 Departure from Dijon (RDV parking Technical Services).
9:15 am Welcome coffee
9:45 am Scientific presentations
11:45 am Presentation of the activities of the Heritage House of Saint-Romain
12.30 pm Lunch
14h00 Scientific presentations
16:00 Discussion / Roundtable on the operation of the OSU THETA
4:45 pm End of the day

Program of scientific presentations:
- 9:45 Rebeka Bögner (project carried by Julien Montillaud) Characterizing the low mass tail of the mass function of dense hearts
- 10h Nadège Lagarde The carbon isotope ratio on the surface of giant seismic stars: missing piece of the stellar puzzle
- 10:15 Jean-Michel Friedt Distributed instrument for the acquisition and generation of synchronous radio frequency signals for a passive RADAR application
- 10:30 am Cyril Richard Redesign of molecular spectroscopy data processing software
- 10h45 Philippe Rousselot Modeling the emission spectrum of CO + in comets
- 11h Matthieu le Bailly Paleoparasitology and PaleoGenetics - phase 2 (PPG-2)
- 11:15 am Olivier Fabbri Propagation of seismic ruptures from hypocenters to the surface: a structural and mechanical analysis of three thrust fault zones exposed in the Jura Mountains
- 11h30 Julie Albaric Microsismicity, tectonics and seismic monitoring of karstic aquifers: observations of the JURAQUAKE network

- 14h Valentin Essert (project led by Hélène Masclaux) Establishment of a study network of the deep zone of the lakes to determine the factors favoring the implementation of methanogenesis and methanotrophy
- 14h15 Boris Vannière PALEOFIRE-CALIB
- 14h30 Didier Bompangue Nkoko Democratic Republic of Congo’s cholera surveillance database: Development of a web application for data management
- 14h45 Christian Sue Interactions between mantle, crustal and glacial dynamics in the Southern Andes
- 15h Christophe Thomazo New isotopic tracers of stratospheric explosive volcanism
- 15h15 Irina Bundeleva MIcrobian CAlcification of Modified Lineage SOuches (CAMISOLE)
- 15h30 Nicolas Fatin Rouge Evaluation of geophysical monitoring for the distribution of reagents through foams in unsaturated zone contaminated by hydrocarbons
- 15h45 Pierre-Yves Collin Geochemical and mineralogical characterization of Cretaceous and Tertiary flints of the eastern Paris Basin. Palaeoenvironmental and archaeological applications

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