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Spatial archeometry: seminars with Rachel Opitz

Rachel Opitz to be a Visiting Professor at the UFC from April 11 to 10, 2019. She is a Master lectures at the University of Glasgow in the United Kingdom, space archaeometry specialist, lidar and hyperspectral remote sensing and more generally numerical techniques applied to archeology. She is invited by Laure Nuninger, archaeologist at Chrono-environnement and coordinator of pole 1 "Territorial dynamics" of the MSHE Ledoux. The two researchers had a long-standing collaboration: Rachel Optik two post-doctoral stays at the MSHE in 2009-10 and 2012-13, participating in several research programs (ModeLTer, Lieppec, ODIT). In March and April, Rachel Opitz was working on different aspects of forest history and presenting her work through two seminars, a training session and an inter-MSH research workshop.

- Thursday, March 28, 9h-17h, room 6, MSHE Ledoux: inter-MSH workshop Lidar ontology & Practices on the roads, in agrarian and forest landscapes, as part of the action Movescape. Workshop open to doctoral students, post-docs and teacher-researchers. Registrations before March 22, at Laure Nuninger

- Monday 1st April, 10h-13h, conference room, MSHE Ledoux: seminar Digital Archeology: feedback from the 3D publication

- Tuesday, April 2, 10h-13h, conference room, MSHE Ledoux: seminar New perspectives on the forest from archeology

The seminars are open to everyone.

- Friday, April 5, 9h-12h and 13h-16h, 1st floor training room, MSHE Ledoux: training New techniques of processing and visual interpretation of data Lidar. Training open to master’s students, doctoral students, post-docs, technicians, engineers and research professors. Registration with Marion Landré

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