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2nd symposium on Applied Atomic and Nuclear Technologies, (Thiès, Senegal)

Daily, humans are exposed to various radiations of natural and artificial origin. So-called ionizing radiation has harmful effects on human health and the environment. Since the creation of the International Commission on Radiological Protection in 1928, radiation protection and dosimetry have been at the heart of all medical prevention and public health policies in various countries. Like many countries, Senegal has created the Authority for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety (Decree No. 2010-893 of June 30, 2010) which, among other missions, ensures on behalf of the state, the control of nuclear safety and radiation protection in Senegal to protect workers, patients, the public and the environment from the risks associated with nuclear activities. In addition, artificial intelligence (AI) is coming its time to aid medical diagnosis, notably thanks to recent breakthroughs in optimization and the explosion of computers’ computing power.

It is in this context at the national and international level, that the UFR Sciences and Technologies of the University of Thiès, co-organizes with the Chrono-environment laboratory, the second edition of the international conference of Applied Atomic and Nuclear Technologies ( TANA2020), from November 2 to 7, 2020, on dosimetry, radiation protection and artificial intelligence in the service of biomedical in particular.

Call for papers

Abstracts of communications and posters must be no longer than 1 page (Times New Roman font; size: 12). Each abstract must indicate the title of the presentation, the name (names) of the author (of the authors), the contact details of the author (s) [name, first name, establishment, address and email] and the type of desired presentation (poster or oral). The projects for the TANA innovation grand prize will be the subject of a presentation and a communication

Submission deadline: June 30, 2020
Acceptance notification: July 31, 2020

Summaries in PDF will be sent to:
ibrahima.sakho at; mthiam at
jegroetz at; michel.fromm at
- The language of presentation is French or English;
- The selected presentations will be published in Journal of Physics: Conférence series.

To find out more about:
- * the inaugural conference on the state of radiation protection and nuclear safety in Senegal
- * the International Fair for Technological Innovation
- * the TANA Grand Prize for technological innovation
- * registration procedures

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