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Seminar: Man, Plant and Mineral Resources: The Archaeological Site to the Environment

Seminar organized in collaboration with the EPCC Bibracte, on the occasion of the incoming mobility of Maria Hajnalova (Archeobotanist at the Constantin University Philosopher of Nitra Slovakia) and in the framework of the SIDEROS program, financed by the Burgundy-Franche-Comté region. Action County Mining Environments: History, Biodiversity and Risks.


5June 2019

10:15 Introduction / presentation

I. The question of plant and mining resources for the archaeologist

10.30 1. Supplies at the Bibracte site. V. Guichard (Archaeologist, EPCC Bibracte)
11h00 2. The educated territory: organization, housing system and economy at the end of the Iron Age. P. Barral (Archaeologist, Chrono-environment)
11:30 3. From the ancient forge to natural resources: questions from an archaeologist to the environmental sciences. S. Venault (Archaeologist, INRAP, Chrono-environment)
12.00 4. Mining in the Vosges. J. Gauthier (Archaeologist, Chrono-environment)

II. Plant Resources

1:45 pm 5. The draft synthesis of archaeobotanical data at Bibracte. Mr. Hajnalova (Carpologist, Nitra University)
14h15 6. Agricultural and food plant resources in Bibracte, archaeobotanical data. E. Bonnaire (Carpologist, Archeology Alsace), col. J. Wiethold (Carpologist, INRAP)
14.45 7. "Extra-site" carpology and the environment of the sites. C. Schaal (Carpologist, Chrono-environment)


4.00 pm 8. Exploitation of the Morvan forest from the Iron Age to the Middle Ages. V. Chevassu (Archaeologist, Chrono-environment), V. Balland (Historian, ArteHis), I. Jouffroy-Bapicot (Palynologist, Chrono-environment)
4.30 pm 9. The architectural wood resources in Bibracte. F. Blondel (Dendrochronologist, Artehis / Chrono-environment), col. A. Fochesato (Archaeologist, EPCC Bibracte)
17h00 10. Anthracology at Bibracte: The Theurot de la Roche. V. Bellavia (Anthracologist, Eveha)

15h30 20. The Cantareus aspersus snail to assess the environmental risks linked to the contamination of soils with old iron and steel waste in Burgundy-Franche-Comté F. Gimbert (Ecotoxicologist, Chrono-environment), D. Radola (M2 internship, Chrono- environment), A. Amnai (Thesard Chrono-environment), F. Choulet (Geologist, Chrono-environment), M. Buatier (Geologist, Chrono-environment), H. Laurent (DRAC Franche-Comté), A. de Vaufleury ( Ecotoxicologist, Chrono-environment).

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