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Chrono-environment meeting

General public lecture series at Petit Kursaal in Besançon at 8 pm

Chrono-environment gives you an appointment with science

Program 2019:

Thursday, January 24th Coal mining in the Chailluz forest since the modern era - Aurore Dupin
Tuesday, February 12th: Alveolar echinococcosis: from ground to treatment - Laurence Millon, Jenny Knapp, Carine Richou
Tuesday, March 26: It changes, it changes, we change: when the climate impacts groundwater and our uses - Guillaume Bertrand
Monday, May 27th: Pregnancy and urban environment: a study in Burgundy Franche-Comté - Nadine Bernard and Frédéric Mauny
Tuesday, June 25: Are our water resources inexhaustible? - Catherine Bertrand
Monday, July 1: The end of antibiotics? What alternatives? - Catherine Llanes
Wednesday, September 4: We play with fire and biodiversity since prehistory - Boris Vannière
Monday, September 23: An ecological crisis reflects a crisis of the man. At the roots of the Anthropocene - Michel Magny
Thursday, October 24: Ténias, moats and other worms through the ages - Matthieu Le Bailly
Tuesday, November 19: The adventure of mines: produce money in the Middle Ages - Joseph Gauthier
Monday, December 9th Are earthquakes in Franche-Comté anecdotal? - Julie Albaric

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