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Séminaire Darek Wysocki, Université de Szczecin

jeudi 27 septembre à 10h30 salle -107M.

During the seminar will be presented some of the results of a 22 years study of individually marked Common Blackbirds from an urban population in Szczecin (NW Poland) concerning the factors affecting their lifetime reproductive success.
This researches show the added value and scientific relevance of long term field monitoring to address issues related to biology and ecology of wildlife. The most important findings about this bird population survival and reproduction features are :
1.The mechanism of age-related changes in reproduction confirm the individual improvement and selective disappearance hypotheses.
2. Parental investment connected with early life fecundity impairs breeding success later on in females, but not in males.
3. Individuals with a high early life fecundity have a higher lifetime reproductive success than those with a low early life fecundity.
4. Exposure to lead is correlated with lower lifetime breeding success for females (but not males)
5. Exposure to lead favours longer lifespan, and results suggest trade-off between breeding effort and self maintenance.

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