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Conference GILLARD Morgane, EOST Strasbourg

October 26th 2017 at 1:30pm, room -107M

The distal part of the margins with low magmatism represents the transition between a continental domain and an oceanic domain. This complex area is usually represented as an exhumed mantle domain set up along a major detachment fault. However, the structural evolution of this area and the processes leading to the formation of an oceanic crust are still poorly understood, and many observations suggest a more complex evolution than the asymmetric models generally proposed.

 GILLARD Morgane conference
GILLARD Morgane conference

The study of sedimentary architecture and the organization of faults in this area of exhumed mantle suggest rather a polyphase evolution, with the development of several cleavage faults intersecting and ultimately leading to the symmetrical distal margins. The representation of the evolution of the distal margins in the form of a cycle with successive single shear exhumation and pure shear extension phases seems more consistent with the observations. There are, however, several questions: what parameters that favor the organization of deformation pattern? How does the composition of the base evolve to obtain a magmatic oceanic crust? Is it a sudden or a gradual transition?

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