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Séminaire Prof. Vera I. Slaveykova, Université de Genève

4 juillet 2018, Salle -107M

Bioavailability of mercury compounds to aquatic primary producers

Mercury biogeochemical cycle is significantly altered by the human activities, resulting in a significant increase of the concentrations of Hg compounds in the environment. What is more, Hg compounds bioconcentrate in biota, biomagnify along the food web, thus presenting a serious concern for the environmental and human health. The present talk focusses on the interactions of Hg compounds with phytoplankton. Phytoplankton is a major primary producer in surface water and important entry point of Hg compounds in the aquatic food webs. The interactions of inorganic mercury (IHg) and methylmercury (MeHg) with green alga Chlamydomons reinhardtii at transcriptomic and cellular levels, together with cellular Hg and MeHg contents in alga, as well as chemical speciation modeling will be present. The results of this basic research will be discussed from point of view of the improvement of the knowledge on Hg compounds uptake mechanisms and the adverse outcome pathways in phytoplankton, as well as development of sensitive genetic biomarkers in support to biomonitoring efforts of mercury monitoring programs in aquatic systems.

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