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Séminaire Virgile Baudrot

Virgile Baudrot donnera un séminaire le jeudi 18 novembre de 11h à 12h dans l’Amphi Jacquemain sur le thème suivant " Tracking uncertainties when connecting heterogeneous models. Examples of two modeling projects of population control: (1) Effect of Bt-maize on Non-target Lepidoptera and (2) Treatment protocol and Resistance outbreak with the Fall ArmyWorm".

Virgile a soutenu sa thèse de doctorat au laboratoire Chrono-environnement en 2016, a réalisé des post-docs au LBBE à Lyon puis à l’INRAe d’Avignon, et est maintenant chercheur au Cesar Australia. Il dispose d’un profil très riche alliant écologie, écotoxicologie et modélisation.

A challenge for predictive ecological modelling is to link in silico different set of data coming from lab experiments and/or field observations. Without an ambitious landscape experiment, a mechanistic model picking up results from various disconnected studies is hardly able to reveal fine predictions. However, using global sensitivity analysis to explore the parameter space of numerous scenarios, we can decipher the most probable outputs and their underlying processes. We used this approach is two case studies: (1) to assess the risk of Bt-pollen on Non-target Lepidoptera and (2) to optimize the treatment protocol that reduce outbreak of resistant Fall Armyworm.

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