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Thesis defence of Marine Rousseau

Marine Rousseau is pleased to invite you to the defense of her thesis entitled The long time of the construction of the territories of the Croatian archipelago of Kvarner, on Wednesday, July 6 at 2:00 pm in room -107M, at the Chrono-environment laboratory, campus of La Bouloie in Besançon.

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Composition of the jury
Thesis director : DR. CNRS Emeritus Hervé RICHARD
Thesis co-supervisor : MCF. Morana ČAUŠEVIĆ-BULLY
Rapporteur : Pr. Vincent LEBRETON
Rapporteur : Pr. Christophe PETIT
Examiner: MCF. Philippe SORREL
Examiner: DR. Giulia BOETTO
Guest : Maja GORI

This paleoenvironmental thesis is based on multi-parameter analyses of the fill of four lake systems (Vrana, Omišalj, Punta Secca and Osor) located in the heart of the Kvarner Archipelago (Croatia).
Geophysical and geochemical measurements of sediments (density, Susc. Magn., XRF, 15N, 13C...) are associated with the analysis of pollen grains and spores, non-pollen microfossils and microcharcoal. About sixty 14C dates, associated with the activity of radioelements, allow to build very solid age/depth models.
The evolution of the changes that have occurred over the last 30,000 years in the dynamics of each lake and its watersheds is then precisely described, since the introduction of the first agricultural practices. A succession of fluctuations in agrosystems can be highlighted during the Neolithic and Protohistory. Then, an important mutation affecting one of the lakes and its watershed is visible since about 3000 cal. BP. Hypotheses are then put forward to explain the historical and climatic changes of the local environment.

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