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Post and interface program with FREDON Franche-Comté

A permanent position of interface between Chrono-environment and the Regional Federation for the Protection against Crop Pests (FREDON) of Franche-Comté has been set up since 2013. First supported by INRA (100% FTE) and since 2016 by the DGAL (Ministry of Agriculture and Food) up to 40% FTE, the mission was assigned to Geoffroy Couval, technical manager of the vertebrate pests office at FREDON Franche-Comté and national technical reference of the FREDON France network on the management of crop rodent pests. It includes an annual technical agreement signed between DRAAF and UFC-CE defining the operational objectives assigned to FREDON and CE. Chrono-environment researchers provide scientific support for monitoring and control protocols of mountain water voles and common voles in experimental areas set up by FREDON, which has a leading role in the field at national level. For example, national regulations and tools for integrated pest management methods are directly inspired by research conducted by Chrono-environment, FREDON and its regional partners.

This original configuration makes it possible to ensure a permanent and direct transfer of research results to agricultural organizations, regional and national, interested in results, and the rapid scientific problematization of questions raised by farmers.

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Pullulation de campagnols terrestres aux Combes, février 2012
Pullulation de campagnols terrestres aux Combes, février 2012

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